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  1. While we were preaching in Gujarat we meet many memebers of the Swami Naranya group thier Brahmacaris were the same exact dress as our sampradaiya and the same gopi chanda tilok markings.

    We were told that the assoicate of Lord Chaitanya known as the Mahastrian brahman in Shree Chaitanya Caritum rita was the saint Tukaram iniated this line of devottees

    but I have no real eveidence of this.

    It would be intresting to understand if this were true,then I would be able to understand why

    their dress/tilok markings are the same and why in all of thier temples one often finds Radha Krishna being worshipped


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  2. I lived at ISKCON Houston working with and serveing the Indian Community for 3 years 1978 79 80 .

    There was very nice sangam then Im sure it may of been greatly improved.

    What you have learned for the devottees who inspiried you there take with you .

    Act with those you met like those devottees acted with you .

    A sencere person gets sencere assoication by Krishna mercy on him .

    Please depend on Krishna to help with this and see where He leads you.

    That means if one day you want to turn left dont turn right


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  3. also Mahaksa I never enter a forum to offend

    I have carefully read almost every post I have ever seen by you .

    I am sorry tho I can not be 100% one with you in concludison all the time.

    I have no intension to uproot which within your heart .

    Iam intrested to hear all of your experences in Krishna Consciousness.


    Anything that I say which is offensive may Janavi Prabhu erase I sumbit my self



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  4. Dear Mahaksa and Theist

    Hare Krishna!Please acceapt my humble obeisances!All Glories to Shree Shree Guru and Gouranga!

    all Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    The lecture that was posted here was recorded over 20 years ago ?(true)the knowledge within is timeless and still relavant


    Our god brother tho closed the only temple in New Zealand that was set up by our brother Tusta Krishna Prabhu , it was set up under the system Srila Prabhupada showed us????It was very sucessful part and only ave of Krishna Conscousness in NZ at the time.?


    We are very interested in how he is preaching today.


    We say he seems to be following Kriya Yoga system as The dieties of Lord Krishna and worship of His murti is not being taught/shown as far as I know by our godbrother

    hatha yoga and diffrent kinds of yogic exercises are tho taught.


    If our god brother could make himself more advaiable we would like to hear from him ,his understanding of Krishna Consciousness it seems he is like a yogi in a cave only making advailable lectures and articles of 20 years ago.???


    If I am wrong please correct me.


    Mahaksa you haven't a clue of my relationship with Tamal Krishna Maharaja.

    What you may of read was before his depature it was inttended as a message to him.


    Goswami Maharaja was very critical of Shiddaswrupananda Prabhu but he noted his greatestness of placing the Holy Name on to the mainland Chinese television network along with his hatha yoga classes many many years ago like in 1981 .

    If I told what i have heard Goswami speak Im sure it would'nd go down very well with any one .



    We invite you to refom ISKCON as it hasnt gone to Hell as you say

    but it has major problems which many Goswami Maharaja made .

    He liked to hear what a persons opinon was .

    Most of the time tho it had to be submited in writing he wasnt able to hear another person in front of himself as he had such strong feelings.


    He at tho never stopped trying to make it better.



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  5. let us say it like this Mahaksa prabhu

    it is best that you also assit physically in Srila Prabhupadas ISKCON as well as ShiddhaSwarupoananda Prabhu in assiting that the building and Dieties that Srila Prabhupada estabished are maintianed and serve nicely and that devottees like and this other prabhu particpate in preaching in side Srila Prabhupadas temples not just in spirit for the great bennifit of Lord Chaitanyas movement.

    You are both important leaders in this movement but you both have not made yourselves present .

    In regurds to any one saying that they would kill any one A vashnava can not be killed Rather in fact by his strong preaching he kills irreligionus spirit.

    We are nearing our final days on this planet it is my wish that you both come into the mainstream preaching not to some small group on some islands in the sea.

    Or in a house behind a computor

  6. Lord Shiva has been intentional placed out of the lime light in Iskcon by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada because he established the Krishna Conscious movement in the west.

    So we all respects to Lord shiva and his wonderful quailties we respect and surrender to him in the mood of Srila Prabhupada.

    Lord Siva even he takes a form as a gopi does not enter into the ras leela he protects it.


  7. In Shree Chaitanya Caritamritya we see that Shree Adwaita Arcaya is mentioned to be

    the incarnation of Maha Vishnu.

    In Chaitanya Bhagavat Shree Adwaita is mentioned to be SadaShiva.

    My question to the assebled devottees is can any one show me stratic defination of 'SadaShiva ?

    He would seem to me not the same as Lord Shiva

    Thank you

  8. Lord Shiva is not under the material engery Maya He is Dira always deep in mediation.

    When Srila Sridhar Maharaja refers to many Shiva his reference must be that in each Universe Lord Shiva appear the is only one Lord Shiva and one Goddress Parvati and from Kailash they expand and enter each Universe To serve Lord Govinda.

    Lord Shiva is not affected by the mode of Tamas he resides over it and this in itself places him into a different tatva of his own.

    When Krishnas take up his Chakra this is not Krishna He becomes Naranya.




    Atam the last time I was on my way to Shree Vrindaban Dham there was a Plague alert and travel warnings do not let these obstacles hold you back.

    Service to the Dieties is tansendenal to even nuceluar war prabhuji.


  10. In Bhakti Rasa Amrita Sindu The Nectar of Devotion of Srila Prabhupada Rupa Goswami

    the perecentages of the qualites of Lord Shiva are given in comparisoin to Lord Krishna .

    I do not have the N.O.D. here with me to refer to but I seem to remenber them to be 75%.

    Lord Shiva is in a speical position and is a creation of the Lord He is Maha Deva meaning he is deva a termenously powerful one the greatest of all Devas.

    He is greatest because he is the controller of material energy in the form of his eternal consort Parvati.

    He is also transendental to this material world with his abode even beyound the Brahmananda spiritual effulegenced place in between the Vaikunta Planets.

    In Chaitanya Bhagavat there are many instances where Lord Chaitanya reveals His effection to Lord Shiva

    Once where He sees a Shavite mendicant and rides on his back declaring I am Mahadeva I am Mahadeva.

    Lord Chaitanya also reveals that Bunaneswar in Orrisa as being given as a speical place of worship for Lord Shiva


  11. the pure vashnava has children to help bring the world to the point of total God Concsiousness ,they therefore preform the proper samscaras that only very highly elevated saintly jivas take birth within thier mits.

    Many great acaryas are waiting in que to assit in furthering Lord Chaitanyas movement

    they do not fall to earth like the rain.


    They take birth in highly evouled sainty families


    specuatation on why the Lord does this or that action is fruitless therefore the words prehaps or maybe are never used in scriptural discriptions.

    He reveals why personally or threw His intament servants why He preforms actions

  12. Both Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are like milk turning into yourgart curd .

    When Lord Krishna expands to preside over the mode of Tamas he becomes Lord Shiva as milk is transfer to yourgart curd by the action of an agent.

    Both are milk one being produced by another but when milk become yourgart curd it can not be changed back into milk.

    and when Lord Krishna expands to preform service in mangnement of material nature and becomes Lord Shiva He does not change back.


  13. God being the first being before anything exsited was compelete and happy with and in Himself being the sum bonum Srila Prabhupada has explained to us He is Bhagavan processing all quailties in full all beautiful full of all knowegde all famous full of all strength and fully renounced of everything all blissful and ever enceasing in all of these quailities.

    This is the criteria of the Supreme Absolute Truth know by us as Sri Krishna Bhagavan.

    At one point in the Lords mood and blissful enjoyment He desires relationship

    out of His own sweet will and personifies He internal emotions His pleasure potenty in Srimate Radharani and then there are two

    Out of His sweet will He latter again expands into a compelte dupicate of Himself and this is Lord Balarama found this point all His expansions appear of 3 varities Vishnu tatvas Shiva tatva and jiva tatva.

    At the same time the oringal Superme Abouslute truth never becomes less as all of these expansion imanate from Him.


    The 3 varitey Jiva tatava are different from the others .

    This Tatva is of a marinal quailty being haveing a nature of which in rare cases is defective due to the freedom which the realtionship they were created for demains

    and some jivas become at once indepentant of thier source like a screw which has fallen from a machine in a factory.


    because the form of jiva decides to indepentantly search for its enjoyment away from its source Krishna then glanecs at His material engery known as Durga and She goes about makeing a place in which this jiva may live in the illison of indepenance.

    so that engery which the jiva decides to enjoy and controll milking out enjoyment in a separate way becomes its jail .

    The Good new is that only afew screws fall to the floor of the factory most are eternally willing to enjoy with Thier Source Shri Shri Radha Krishna and enjoy with them.

    The bad new is we are the fallen screws

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