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  1. "I have made sure that all public community libraries within a 50 mile limit have This book (and some further)since it is the greatest knowledge to gain on This planet" bhakta christopher I am sure this made not only me, but everyone on this forum smile, form ear to ear. Haribol!
  2. "This question, or confusion, often arises. Hindu's believe Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu." Trying to change a Hindu's mind, is like oh trying to teach an old dog new tricks...(only kidding) /images/graemlins/smirk.gif(I am Hindu!) I don't think it really matters 'that much' since Lord Vishnu and Krsna are the same, everyone has their own point of view though, anyway what about when Lord Vishnu as a baby form turned into Krsna eh?, that right there proves that Krsna is the original form of the Lord and visa versa, confuced? I should think so... I am /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  3. "mostly illiterate mudha for sure" For an illiterate person, you sure did right some good stuff prabhu! Radhe Radhe!
  4. Morari bapu Chants hare-krishna, gaura-nitai as well, he is great!
  5. Hare Krishna Mr Tatoo I only have tattoos done that actually mean something to me. Yes. /images/graemlins/cool.gif Ok ------------- The only tatoo I have is a birth mark on my leg. /images/graemlins/smirk.gif
  6. Hare Krishna You should have expressed your irritation earlier, Vaisnavas have feeling too! They are not robots! She would have understood that you needed a little time to contemplate whatever, be truthful, and tactful, in your dealings, that is my view. Hare krishna
  7. Hare Krishna My fiance and I are Hindu Gujerati So u should both know not to get you own names tattoed on your body r u insane!!! Respond why u want to do this, Come-on wakeup, I am a Hindu Gurerati myself, so I can say all these things ha ha. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  8. Theres a story/pastime, I will simplyfy it for text purposes, a person who is the greatest devotee, goes to his spiritual master, and expresses Himself as a fool, so the spiritual master says, just chant harinama, so the moral of the story is we are all in ignorance/fools and the only way to revive our original nature is by chanting: <font color="red"> HARE </font color> <font color="orange"> KRISHNA </font color> <font color="red"> HARE </font color> <font color="orange"> KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA </font color> <font color="red"> HARE HARE </font color> <font color="red"> HARE </font color> <font color="blue">RAMA </font color> <font color="red"> HARE </font color> <font color="blue"> RAMA RAMA RAMA </font color> <font color="red"> HARE HARE </font color>
  9. Hare Krishna I used to chant the Gayatri Mantra when I was younger, but stopped for some reason, I don't have sacred thread, so I can't chant, I have chanted Hanuman Chalisa since I was young, and prayed to Lord Rama and Krishna.. I have to say though ever since I have been praying more, over about 5 years, 2 years Hare-Krishna, I have become more weak, not so happy, before I was working in a Casino about 8 months and was happy etc, so becoming Krishna devotee is not easy AT ALL, many hardships but once you chant Hare-Krishna, u can't stop, like that pringles crisps advert on TV (LOL) ... Once you chant Hare-Krishna u just can't Stop! Ps In no way am I saying I am a Vaisnava, but I aspire to be, Radhe Radhe.
  10. Typos: /images/graemlins/laugh.gif We are seeing an increased friction between the Vaishnavas and the Shaivas on this forum. Obviously this is all the fault of the Vaishnavas, who as you know are wery /images/graemlins/smirk.gif fanatikal /images/graemlins/smirk.gif because they believe that only Vishnu is the Supreme God. They are such jealous people because they believe that there can be only one supreme God. Such fanatics! They should accept the enlightened wiew /images/graemlins/smirk.gif that Shiva is supreme God. But they say that Wishnu is supreme God. This is fanatickism! /images/graemlins/smirk.gif We Hindoos /images/graemlins/smirk.gif must band together and fight this dangerous idea! So what follows here is an algorithm to help the enlightened Shaivite people to teach these foolish Waishnawite Hindoos /images/graemlins/smirk.gif the trooth. /images/graemlins/grin.gif Guest you cannot really be a Shaivite, you have no idea what you're talking about, Jai Bhola-nath & Hare Krishna! Also whenever I see/think of Lord Siva I think of Krishna. ------- <font color="red"> nitai-gauranga, nitai-gauranga </font color> <font color="red"> jayasacinandana, gaura-hari </font color> <font color="blue"> All glories to Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya! </font color> <font color="blue"> the son of Saci-devi, who is Krsna Himself in golden hue. </font color>
  11. Hare Krishna The only problem comes when Lord Siva devotees say he is best, and Lord Krsna devotees say he is best, THEY BOTH ARE!!!! I have no idea about this, so please forgive me for offences: Won't Krishna be pleased if His devotee is being worshipped, even if the particular devotee, has a view that Lord Siva is supreme.. Will Lord Siva be pleased that the particular devotee, has a view that he (lord Siva) is greater than Krsna? Ok, so lets say Lord Siva is greater than Krsna, he is supreme(Lord Siva), then what position is Krsna in NOW??? Is Krsna Now a servant of Lord Siva (I'm taking about Krsna for now and Not Lord Visnu (2 handed form and 4 handed from) These are some of the questions which have been bugging me, I'm expected maybe quotes from Siva purana etc, but I don't know??????
  12. Hare Krishna Another Krishna Bhakta /images/graemlins/grin.gif I have seen Niruben on TV, talks about marriage etc, I like Krishna talk more, than 'women talk' /images/graemlins/smirk.gif No disiplic succession, it seems so I'd just offer my respects, and pray to Bona-Fide Guru in-line from Lord Krishna. The site seems very nice and truthful at first glance, so I like it. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  13. Hare Krishna There was a Hindi film called Bhagavan Dada (comedy), in which this person was acting as a guru, so I think it means 'who is Guru' (Spiritual Master), Dada meaning authoritative, or it could mean somebody thinks of himself as Bhagavan..not sure really.
  14. Hare Krishna You need To install the new Sanskit fonts: Click on Control Panel/Fonts/Help..That should be enough. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  15. Hare Krishna I just read that again, it makes great sense, Maya is in Lord Krishna's service, so why should't she be picky! Make's me want to try more for Krishna's mercy.. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  16. Hare Krishna Yes, you know even Kamsa thought of Krishna, ok he was not in the mode of Bhakti, but still, we have to find a way where we can think of Krishna all the time, also that story about the Govardana Robber is inspiring as well, also associating with Vaisnava's is non-different to Krishna, so if you think of Srila Prabhupada/or your spiritual master, then it is the same as thinking of Krishna, this is something which I tend to forget (a lot).
  17. Hare Krishna By Yashodanandana In my opinion you are a sincere soul and a devotee You are very humble to say that /images/graemlins/smile.gif In my own opinion I am a complete fool. Anyway, my ears/eyes are always open for signs, I hope when I get them I can read them well. I_L_K you are right about getting depressed (sort of) at first, I have found that, although Krishna <font color="red"> made me </font color> give-up the dreaded cigarettes and alcohol, thanks my Lord.. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  18. Hare Krishna By Theist Why don't we beg Lord Caitanya for a real taste of nectar? I seem to find it easier to ask/beg Sri Radha for help, because she is after all the supreme mother (jai) I find asking Lord Nityananda for help easy as well, but Lord Caitanya I'm a little wary of because of that incident with that devotee who was looking lustfuly at a women, and Mahaprabhu banished him, I don't know that preys on my mind a lot. I guess I don't know or cannot realise the mercy of Lord Caitanya yet, but I would like to ask, how should we look upon Lord Caitanya & His 4 Associates, like when you say Prem Sa Kaho Sri Krishna etc..how do you look upon Mahaprabhu, could someone please elaborate (as in no one word answers like oh just chant Hare-Krishna, please leave that to Utama-Adikari devotees like Srila Prabhupada, if u know what I mean, I mean I know to just chant Hare-Krishna, but without HELP from Lord Caitanya/Lord Nityananda, theres no hope. ------- <font color="red"> nitai-gauranga, nitai-gauranga </font color> <font color="red"> jayasacinandana, gaura-hari </font color> <font color="blue"> All glories to Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya! </font color> <font color="blue"> the son of Saci-devi, who is Krsna Himself in golden hue. </font color>
  19. Hare Krishna I am finding the extent of my impurity, when I live by the 4 principles, it's like oh just forget it, but you have to live by them otherwise, you can't make progress.
  20. Hare Krishna I have no Diksa guru, so that is my main problem, but in the mean time, I would like to become little qualified, I hope Bhakta/Mata's can help, if not then I'll just do what I'm doing. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  21. Hare Krishna I have been living by the 4 regulative priciples strictly for about a week now (please no lol's), and I am finding that my mind is rebelling against me more, than before! This is a very serious matter for me so.... Could I please have some advice from Bhakta's/Matas, on this matter, any tips, experiences, what to look for? Thanks....Haribol!
  22. Hare Krishna Divine stupidity! And get lost! Ha Ha But don't you think we should be caring to these poor souls? Krishna devotees know people are ignorant, so I think we should 'try to' help them at least. Maybe them hearing Hare-Krishna can change their minds, but once you start on the soul etc, you loose them completely. /images/graemlins/frown.gif Ps /images/graemlins/ooo.gif but they to make you /images/graemlins/mad.gif Maybe I need to learn some /images/graemlins/cool.gif ------- <font color="red"> nitai-gauranga, nitai-gauranga </font color> <font color="red"> jayasacinandana, gaura-hari </font color> <font color="blue"> All glories to Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya! </font color> <font color="blue"> the son of Saci-devi, who is Krsna Himself in golden hue. </font color>
  23. Hare Krishna They don't believe in the exsistance of the soul, how can you convince them? also how to convince them God exsists, is there a way? Or are they beyond help? But then I think why should I care, these morons are so convinced of themselves, also how should we think of them, what is there destination after death, they say 'we'(thats atheists) are good people so why should we go to hell (repeated birth & death has no value to them) Anyway I am going on...what do you think /images/graemlins/confused.gif
  24. Hare Krishna By Guest: Krishna has given up on me for what I did last night. YES, he has, so what you gonna do now? NOT live by the 4 regulative principles, STOP chanting 16 Rounds of Hare-Krishna, become an atheist? I have no idea whether it is Krishna testing you, or is it Maya? People make excuses that Oh Krishna has forgotten me or has given up one me, NO YOU have given up on Krishna. Sorry Prabhu, all this is not directed at you, but to myself as well. ------- <font color="red"> nitai-gauranga, nitai-gauranga </font color> <font color="red"> jayasacinandana, gaura-hari </font color> <font color="blue"> All glories to Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya! </font color> <font color="blue"> the son of Saci-devi, who is Krsna Himself in golden hue. </font color>
  25. Hare Krishna I got this link from Dhaa on another thread: Fasting Ps, don't read the Japa link... /images/graemlins/ooo.gif
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