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  1. Me and my fiance have several tattoos and would like to get each others names tattooed on each other.... what's so insane about that? Since i was young i've always had an interest in tattoos and all my tattoos are meaningful! I don't go and get any old . done like snakes, roses, butterflies etc. I only have tattoos done that actually mean something to me.
  2. Hi. My fiance and I are Hindu Gujerati and we would both like our names tattood in Sanskrit. Is it true that Sanskrit was the first language? I don't think our names would look very good in Gujerati so we thought we'd rather get them done in Sanskrit. The names are: manisha neelesh Can anyone do them for me or does anyone know where I can get them done. Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help. Thanks! My email address is msevani@talk21.com
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