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  1. I am so sorry to bring this topic here. Sincere apologies for that. I was wondering how I could start a thread. Couldn't find any help option to guide me through. PLease help. Sorry for inconvenience. SOmeone PM me please
  2. Please forgive me if I said something wrong, elders! And do correct!
  3. I believe "Hinduism" is the term coined to the religion which is in accordance with the Vedic Scriptures. Since the people beyond Indus were the only ones to practice it, the religion got the name. I don't know if its right and admissible for acceptance(not conversion, Hinduism is not a proselytizingone). But adhering to is completely allowed and is encouraged I would say. There would still be the problem of varna during acceptance, though unfortunately Varnashrama Dharma is not in practice.
  4. Once completely surrendered to him, he just wouldn't let you go. Come what may, he'll save you. As Geetha Charma Stotram says Sarva Dharman Parityajya Mam ekam Sharanam vraja, Aham tva sarva papebhyo, mokshaishyami mashushah.
  5. It may sound nice. But isn't in reality. it is the God who decides what should happen to us. That is based on your past karma.
  6. So now when I learn you are entirely opposed to my views and are not budging, I wouldn't bother talking to about this now. And yeah you haven't answered my questions. Not that I am in want of them. Now I know what I Wanted to. Me happy.
  7. Okay Sambya, I will stop it here. And PLEASE No one is no one's servant but GOD's. Thanks.
  8. By the same logic, Adiyen is here trying to remove that dvesha. And I hope I am communicating something cuz people(offended by me) in that excitement to counter, misunderstand and argue.
  9. I don't wish to reveal what I belong to. But why ASK? Or are you again the one who is against thenkalai iyengars?
  10. You people get the wrong the wrong end of the stick. 1) Did I ever say you got to ACCEPT others views? . I said the such arguements are poisonous. You don't argue back, it doesn't mean you have accepted defeat. It means you are quite wise to have taken the right way. You at fault there. Everywhere. 2) You know how much hatred we have for each other in the same religion itself? The same sect and so many other divisions. When we abhor people so much in such a grassroot level, talk about peace. And talk about friendly relations with OTHER countries. (Rolls eyes) You keep your view to yourself and practice it with utmost belief. Why go battle with people ranting about Greatness. Do you think the GOD would approve doing this? Do YOU think the god would, god forbid, grant moksha to you for this sin? 3) So you say you wouldn't give a damn to all those conflicts between religions, shaivites and vaishnavite and more in thenkalai and vadakalai. You know what? This kinda attitude STINKS. SO mean. SO selfish. Talk about whos greater. Talk about being "politically" correct. Correct in no world. Some, as you say, stay averse to him because of their karma. Perhaps they would know him later in the janma or god forbid again in the next janma. Its simple. And you, as i learn are a pessimist. I pray everyone does get moksha. Whats the harm? And yad bhavam, tat bhavati. As you think, SO you become. So you say everything is not predestined, eh? And shriman says he is not CONCERNED about others. You rock dude!
  11. Ugram Veeram MAhavishnum is the ultimate thing! Did you feel the difference? PLease lemme know.
  12. Discussion IS healthy but arguements are very poisonous. In India, there are so many religions, man-made communities, man-made castes, man-made sub- castes, man-made sects this that exist. Each one has views that are opposed to others. This only increases the tension within. People who can relate to that sect will resort to listening only to the glory of it. We must avoid dvesha. If you are destined to know something, you will. After all, knowing The Supreme is what matters, which essentially I believe every jeevatma WILL.
  13. Adiyen may not be knowledgeable, well versed in the shastras, vedas, puranas, prabandham, upanishads, Srimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavath Geetha and all the other scriptures BUT one thing I would want to tell you all is that The Supreme Personality of Godhead(I neither belong to ISKCON nor a Vaishnavite as you may think) will be far from being pleased with us for arguing incessently and in vain. Everyone does what she is destined to. And so was everyone who participated in this very important:rolleyes: debate. Adiyen feels sorry for everyone who argued to disprove each other and thus FAILING:( in the very purpose. It is something like if you are destined to preach and follow SriVaishnavism, you will and if you are destined to preach Saivism, you will and you will also try to do the same to Christianity, Islam, Buddhishm, Jainism, Sikhism, Zorastrianism if you are destined to . Ultimately it all comes down to karma. What I want everyone to do is, stop discussing the superiority instead respect others' sentiments and at the same time with utmost belief in acharya(guru) and your marga path) do your karma and give your fullest to get rid of this material world and attain paramapadam. Paramapadam= Steps to the highest Place. Its upto you what the highest place is. May Everyone attain the above! This is Adiyen's Vignyapana to "HIM" Matru Devo Bhava. Pitru Devo Bhava. Acharya Devo Bhava. Athithi Devo Bhava. Satyam Vada api Dharman chara. A message to all: Yad Bhavam, tat Bhavati As you think, So you become.
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