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  1. Hi Kaushal Wadhwani, I would like to add some more tips for you. See that you dont indulge in extra sex matters. The kundali shows that you have little control over it which can in future, bring in problems in your married life. Dont mistake me
  2. Hi, Atmakaraka is the planet that has advanced the most in any sign or rasi. Hence there is only one Atmakaraka in a chart.
  3. Hi, Manish, Have you been very choosy in the initial period of searching for your partner.? Sun dasa did not bring in your marriage during 2001 to 2006 end. There is a semblance of chance in 2010 .
  4. Hi, Srinivas, I am not a guru, but I think you will allow me to look into your chart. Sun, the second lord ruling family is exalted in a Kendra. Did the status of your family , especially your father rise in his profession ?
  5. Hi, kampand, This is one of the pitfalls in astrology. Prediction is very tough. Astrologers will give explantion for the past. But when it comes to futre, the job is really tough. It is very difficult to analyse and predict which planet can give birth to a child. Moreover different answers will come from different astrologers. So it is better you do not loose confidence. With a little bit of knowledge, let me attempt. Ketu, normally denies children. But it joins Jupiter , who is generally considered good for all matters of vridhi or expansion. Mars, who is the fifth lord is weak in the sign of cancer. But this Mars's weakness is nullified since it attains what is called as Langa kendra. It is also aspected by jupiter and Saturn. While the aspect of Saturn is bad, the aspect of Jupiter is good. So God alone has his agenda. Both positives and negatives are there. However the period of Mars is there now. So hope for the best. Nothing is ruled out. Have a nice girl child !.
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