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  1. Do you mind contacting me directly at lagna27@? I am from USA currently in India on a matrimonial trip.
  2. Mr. Ganesh, Can you send me a msg at lagna27@? I am from USA as well and currently in India for matrimonial purpose. By qualification I am a Gujarati and have done my MBA in Finance and IT.
  3. Thank you for your answer. During 2001-2006 I was involved in higher education. My focus was to obtain a degree that will provide me a good job and I can stand on my feet. Now I am able to focus on my personal life but I am unable to find potential mate. No, I have not been choosy. I am willing to accept a person with any Bachelors degree as long as she has a good moral values and character.
  4. Hi All - I am attaching my kundli for analysis. I want to know if and when will I get married? I have been trying very hard but have been unsuccessful. Any analysis, tips will be appreciated.
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