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  1. You know this guy and his Binaural Beats? What do you think about this? Just Google: Brainwave Meditation Movements Seems very interesting.
  2. I never get tired of this one, it's really funny.
  3. Medically they say based on research it regulates and improve the blood flow in our circulatory system and it can fight off arthritis and rheumatism.
  4. This one I really like. Freedom from the material word or materialistic world.
  5. Very nice post. Had a great time reading it. Posts like this one that are very detailed, always arouse my level of interest. Thanks.
  6. I also want to know more about this. Nice post.
  7. Nice post. Great read. Sorry if i can't share anything, really of value. I'm new to all this stuff.
  8. Very nice question. All the replies are very detailed and informative. Topics like this really interest me. Thanks for posting.
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