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  1. this post is for the benefit of those who wish to propitiate/strengthen SUN in their horsocope.. SUN/SURYA is the cause of life in general without which no living thing can exist HE is also called SuryaNarayana... HE is also called PrathyakshaNarayana or Prathyaksha Daiva as HE is the one God who can be seen by everyone, everyday with their physical eyes. SUN is a throne/position in divine hierarchy and not a single name. there are 12 Adithyas(DwaaDashaAdithyas) who occupy that throne.... The following are the 12 beeja names/mantras of SUN Out of these has emerged the beeja mantra of SUN ( Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah) Hraam Mithraya namah Hreem Ravaye namah Hroom Suryaya Namah Hraim Bhanave namah Hraum Khagaaya namah Hrah Pooshne namah Hraam Hiranyagarbhaaya namah Hreem Mareechye namah Hroom Adithyaya namah Hraim Savitre namah Hraum Arkaaya namah Hrah Bhaaskaraya namah One can chant these mantras daily as chores and also to gain blessings from SUN.
  2. common people who wear them on the left hand , most of them do not wear them on a purpose and they simply dont bother which hand it is.. thats what u see generally.. how ever there are many schools of thought regarding this left hand thing. one of them is below.... If the benefics which one wishes to strengthen are lords of the sixth, eighth (or twelfth if negative) then special care should be taken to wear the gemstone in question on the left hand. (source- visti larsen)
  3. i got ur birth details from another thread october 15th 1984 rourkela , orissa 4.07 am I dunno much about you, but I've been into astrology on and off for quite a long time now. Although, thanks for your advise. 1. For Virgo Ascendant, Moon is a malefic, Moon is in Maran Karaka Sthan and is hampered by Rahu as you said, but Moon cannot be strengthened by wearing a pearl as it is a functional malefic. i did not ask to wear pearl. thats why i said strengthen moon. .. mantras are the best form of strengthening 2. AtmaKaraka in my chart is Sun, which is also well placed. your atmakaraka is Venus , NOT Sun. AmK means Amatyakaraka, not atmakaraka. 3. Saturn is a functional malefic but is exalted and is debilitated in Navamsha, Shastiamsha of Saturn is good so there won't be any problem on that front. I didnt say saturn is causing problems in career. pleasing rajyapada/karmapada lord of A10 will give success in career. If Saturn is exalted, that doesnt mean he doesnt qualify to be pleased. 4. Mercury is the weakest planet in the chart, it has lowest Shad bala and it needs to be strengthened for profession. Emerald is the only stone I'm supposed to wear. Even in astakavarga Mercury is the weakest planet. one doesnt consider only shadbala. vimshopaka bala and other strengths are also to be considered. mercury's astakavarga strength is 7. very few people have that... forgive my mistakes. i wasnt aware that u were on and off into astrology
  4. wearing emerald will not definitely harm but may not bring about big changes..
  5. wearing emerald will not help. ur mercury is already strong although deep combust . deep combust or combust mercury naturally gives excellent memory. your moon is very troubled even though exalted. it is weakest in astakavarga strength and other strengths too. is afflicted by rahu(this creates a extreme decision making nature-( aar ya paar), even results in renouncing attitude. going into solitude also. imagine, ur worst period was rahu-moon i do not think your chart needs any gemstones propitiating rahu, strengthening moon might give better mental abilities and clear foggy mind etc fasting on saturday for rajyapada lord saturn might give success in career
  6. jhora is the most reliable available among free softwares. it was built in view of providing free good software by narsimha rao ji... fully loaded. it has many options. go into the popup menus and slowly learn by choosing different options/ preferences. the dasas will give different frames based on which dasa and ayanamsa u are choosing. also in most of the cases if u right click on any part of the screens, it will show u what u want to display... seach and join "jhora_help" and "jhora" groups in . You can raise questions there related to jhora software and members will answer ...
  7. could please do me the favour of giving the name of that learned astrologer? as more than one person seems to have explanied it in this thread.. please do give the name and i will learn and apply...
  8. namskar ram bhakth could u please tell me how u calculated isth , i thought karakamsa was in gemini , and taurus was 12th. i thought it was Goddess Lakshmi.....
  9. dear medical astrologer, dont thank me, we are supposed to participate. true gemstones are supposed to do good to the native. exclusively stones are suggested to the natives whose planets are benefic and weak and ill placed generally. Weight gain and obesity are too different things as u know. The former need not be the latter neccessarily. Even it is in some cases, it comes as a package. Just think of this analogy. If a person is being endowed with lot of good things in life at some point of time.. he/she will naturally be happy and it will give some extra pounds. we often find this happening. so if jupiter/yellow sapphire is giving some success and happiness in life during its period/ wearing and also giving weight, then what would the native prefer ? i do not think he/she has much of a choice.....has to accept both..
  10. dear medical astrology, i think this is easy to ascertain keeping in view ur first post in this thread. it is not likely that everyone who undergoes jupiter MD/AD and who at that time wears yellow sapphire will gain weight. but the conditions whihc u have mentioned, i.e. jupiter in first house/aspecting first house etc , if these conditions are met and if the person is wearing kanaka pusyaraag in jupiter MD/AD at that time, then it seems this could lead to weight gain....
  11. Sun is benefic for taurus ascendent and saturn too. but saturn's placement in 3rd(cancer) placement in not a good one. neelam can be worn if saturn is weak in shadbalas and other strengths. Diamond can also be worn.
  12. hello, the below line might be able to help... sounds true in case of taurus rising.... Lords of 4, 7, 10 reverse status--natural benefics turn malefic, and vice versa.
  13. dear medical astrologer, i have googled many websites and there is varied information regarding the chakras and colors and chakras and planets and deities. Colors--- I was always intrigued by the concept of VIBGYOR. There is no white color in it. I am sure white would be a result of mixture of more colors. But why attribute only th vibgyor colors to the planets. I was just thinking why not attribute the gemstones's colors to planets? is it not more relevant? Also regarding the chakras that are affected by planets i found some info but one place they mentioned the below MOON -- BROW MERCURY -- THROAT VENUS -- HEART SUN -- SOLAR PLEXUS MARS -- NAVEL JUPITER -- SEX SATURN -- BASE One more thing i feel is there are deities associated with each chakra. So if one could relate each deity to one planet then there might be some scope for study... those were a few thoughts....
  14. hello medical astrologer, 1) The seven planets control the chakras, are these excluding Rahu and Ketu? 2) Which planet controls which color? 3) Do the seven planets randomly control all the chakras or does a specific planet controls a specific chakra? regards,
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