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  1. They are using the crisis in an attempt to bring about a wholesale systematic change to America it appears. Like Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary Clinton say they hate to waste a good crisis. The course appears that they are going to eventually completely collapse the stock market and then all these international banking corporate interests will buy up America for pennies. I guess only time will tell. Amazing to see The US get to this point.
  2. In order to net get flatulence you cook beans with hing. Hing, asafoetida is good for digesting dahl. They make a chaunce with spices like cumin, hing, fenugreek etc. In India, people eat dahl by adding hing nearly everyday with rice or chapatis.
  3. Ashwagandharista or balarista 4 tea spoon asav and 4 tea spoon normal drinking water twice a day after lunch and dinner.. that is complete and best treatment for migraine and if you any doubt u can mail me.. regards adwait
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