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  1. can some body guide me how to do apsara and yakshini & Swapneswari sadhanas . please guide me if u have any material in english please send me on anil.mantras@gmail.com
  2. Hello Iam getting answers to all of my questions in this Portal. This is great. I would like to know is there any mantras to get answer for our problem through dreams ? If any can also let me know, how to chant and how many times a day ? can any body please guide me. Thanks. Kumar
  3. Hi druv bhura ji Thanks a lot for your advice you are absolutely correct. Can you please give me some advice to get the Job, please guide me .. shall i worship Lord SHiva and Goddess Durga. Regards. Anil
  4. Hello I am anil kumar, D0B 04-Sept-1982 Time: 10:05AM I don't have job, i am facing lot of problems financially and personally. can Deepa bhandari or USR or some body please guide me to solv my problems. Is there any one to help me..
  5. Hi bravo Can u please ask lord shiva I need Job desperately please let me know where can i find gurus in AP to get spiritual knowledge. please guide me to get some sidhis like healing. please ask my GOD whether he will help me or not please give me answer to my questions. Thaks a lot
  6. Hello Mr Ravindran can you please tell me how to worship Goddess Durga..? and How to get boons from Durga Matha....
  7. Dear Ravindran Can you please guide me to learn tantric sidhis 1.Success in life,Wealth 2.Vashikarna,UCHCHATTAN, STAMBHAN, Asta digbandan 3.Baglamuki sidhi please guide me to get success in life. Thanks. Anil
  8. Chant this mantra when u wakeup "Thiru Neela Kantam" for 108 times while chanting concentration on vishudhi chakra
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