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  1. Your questions led me to explore more into Ayurveda - this is what Gurus call devotee association. How we (our concsiousness) benefit from each other
  2. LOGIC : Krshna is on the Shuddha Sattvic plane. He is all transcendence. Vishnu Tattva. So far so good. He is the friend of all living entities (Bhagvad Gita) If He is the chicken's friend and goat's friend He will not eat them. In fact He does not need anything from us , except Love. Yes, "Patram Pushpam Phalam Toyam with Bhakti " is not about diet , here Krshna is simply stressing on the fact that He succumbs only to Bhaava, Love, of His devotee. That's the bottom line. However, things go hand in hand. They are interconnected. Bhakti is not just for Krshna in the Deity. Its seeing Krshna everywhere. Compassion for all creatures means seeing the Lord in their heart. Where does it say this in Scripture ? Bhagvad Gita , Uddhav Gita , all Upanishads, Sattvic puranas......all over Vedanta. Now please don't start about breathing germs , stepping on bugs etc. One step at a time. He does not stop any of His children from eating another in the ecosystem. HE GIVES US FREE WILL. a) Illusiory pleasure OR b) spirituality. Choice One : Stay in the material plane and in the ecocycle. Free will and no interest in spiritual advancement. e.g. Maintaining or supporting the slaughterhouses. Something others in the ecocycle can't do. Tigers cannot maintain such houses. Choice Two : Spiritual advancement for one's own good. Its about being one's own friend and one's own foe (Bh Gita). Elevation of Consciousness includes 'jeev-daya'. Choice Two-and-a-half : Interest in spirituality but duty-bound to the material world. The meaning is implied, and even spelled out for us. ************************* Again, striking a balance between Parmartha and Vyavahaar i.e. spirituality and practical life, requires some tricks. Supersoul and spiritual leaders come to the rescue. Many of us cannot follow all these rules Galaxy has given , obviously. - Many of us have to cook with onion for our family, eat leftovers from the fridge (Anna - food is PUrna-Brahman'), - please our relatives and friends when visiting each other, - Make laddoos for the children, in the process eat at least some natural sugar as they wouldn't accept jaggery, to make sure they don't run to the store for Tamasic goodies. - sadly, some people have to even cook or buy non-vegetarian food for their near and dear ones. All this can be done neatly under sva-dharma (duty), Nishkaam Karma Yoga, not archana , and Krshna understands. ** He will answer their prayers, and gradually get them off undesirable duties. In this life and/or the next. Because they tried. ** So we only do the best we can without hurting others. Krshna will not like it if we simply throw up our hands and complain. This is not so simple to be put on paper. ~*~*~ The Absolute Truth is not black and white. ~*~*~ Finally, BG 18.67: This confidential knowledge may never be explained to those who are not austere, or devoted, or engaged in devotional service, nor to one who is envious of Me. Forgive me Lord, if i have commited this offense. I hope not.
  3. The original poster has posted injunctions for those interested in Hari Bhakti. Those who feel any preliminary inclination , fondness or love for Hari will find the reasons very obvious and not need any Manu Samhita or puranas. Hari will make it clear as Supersoul from within their heart. One may not feel a natural inclination towards Him, yet their interest in Sattvic Diet can be explained thru' Ayurveda. MILK Commercial Milk from unprotected cows is not Sattvic. DefN: Unprotected : whose calves get slaughtered, who are given hormonal injections to increase milk production, who get slaughtered when they are of no use as milk machines, who barely see any fresh air or lush green grass. Milk is Sattvic when it comes from happy cows who are protected, loved and treated correctly. I am vegan from my side. My arguments for Dahi and paneer are applicable only for ahimsa milk, from protected cows who are not going to the slaughterhouses or seperated from their calves. I thought you would read that from my comment on feeding Krshna manasi Rasgullas with milk from His Surabhi cows. Sorry about not making this clear. The temples in Vrndavan and Mayapur use milk from their beloved protected cows. They have Goshalas and make milk sweets for Radha Shyamsunder. Other elevated Vaishnavas offer milk from unprotected cows only with a hope to bless and liberate the Go Matas who just fed Krshna by that offering. Not because they want to drink milk. Their pure bhakti enables them to do that. That doesn't mean we should apply this reasoning and keep supporting the dairy and meat industry. MASOOR DAAL From Ayurveda Rajasic food ...all whole pulses and dals, which are not sprouted... Satvic food is one that can be digested easily and brings balance ton one's mind. It helps in building immunity and improving the healing response in those who are unwell. Satvic food all food closest to the natural form and includes milk, milk products, fruits, most fresh vegetable except garlic, onion, scallions, and chives. While grain cereals like most lentils, sprouts and natural sweeteners like jaggery, honey are also included in Satvic diet. Also included in this category are the natural oils like ghee, butter and vegetable oils. Satvic food is moderately cooked with few spices and less fat. Chillies and black pepper are not used in cooking. Common spices like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, aniseed and cardamom are, however, used in Satvic cooking.... Ayurveda Food Types Satvic, Rajsic & Tamsic - AyurShop.com It says "grain cereals like most lentils". NOT ALL LENTILS. MOST includes mung daal and toor dal (list of Sattvic foods), and acharyas tell us it excludes masoor daal. One who is not interested in Hari Bhakti is free to either ignore this or do their own research if interested in Sattvic diet. RADISH Radish has a bad effervessence. Offensive for Krshna. It may have some chemicals and bad salts too. Plus it can be eaten raw and Ayurveda says raw from the soil is decease prone and not sattvic. Hing on the other hand, offsets the odor effervessence of mung , cabbage and other foods. So its Sattvic. Again this injuction was for those interested in Hari Bhakti. Those who are only interested in sattva can do the research. Turmeric is so medicinal that it prevents Alzeimers among other things. It is always well cooked. Similar is the case with ginger. Potatoes are never eaten raw, however some Ayurveda sites list them as rajasic. They are a comfort food for sure. Starch. Carrots - i never saw them listed as anything but sattvic. Perhaps raw is not recommended. I do not know. I am only trying to help you Sambyaji. So please look into any Ayurveda you can find. I have already given a few links. Granted, they are not direct scripture. Here is the wikepedia on Sattvic food : Sattvic diet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And OmHari Ji, why some vaishnavas distribute gulab jamun and samosa as Sunday feast or festival prasadam is an entirely different topic we can go into later. (Would you rather have a teenager come to the temple and eat samosa or go to a rock concert and drown in alcohol ?) Jai Sri Krshna
  4. What ? Of course i haven't gone thru' all of them ! I am not the one who is doubting what the acharyas have said. If i come across anything specific i shall post it. The Manu Samhita talks about onion, garlic, leeks. Onions & Garlic in relation to Vaishnavism The Lord has given us the guidelines, and He guides us from within. Please read post #42. Did you look at the "List of Sattvic Foods" and other links i posted ? It says some unsprouted lentils are rajasic. This could very well be masoor daal. Black-eye peas (chavli) is listed as Sattvic. The AyurShop website has good information. Let us first ask Lord Dhanvantari, the Lord's incarnation as the Divine Physician, for His blessings.
  5. I try to use jaggery when possible, otherwise organic raw-cane-sugar (or Turbinado). You may be aware of the fact that refined sugar in some western countries is processed thru' bone. This is a problem for some , and not for others. Some organic cane sugars which are naturally crystallized do not have this problem. Jai Sri Krshna
  6. * Eating in haste , gulping swallowing , is Rajasic * Overeating is Tamasic
  7. **Good Document - List of Sattvic Foods : http://www.myralewin.com/Documents/List%20of%20Sattvic%20Foods.pdf AYURVEDA says ... Ayurveda Food Types Satvic, Rajsic & Tamsic - AyurShop.com * Aged cheese is tamasic - not in the least surprised. However, freshly made paneer can't be , right ? Fortunately i don't eat any of these things. Please note that all paneer, rasgulla, kind of food has to be offered fresh, then it becomes Prasad if the Lord accepts, then it can be refrigerated and chilled. Not the other way around. Offering Krshna paneer and rasgulla in the mind - from His own Surabhi cows of Gokul, also should not be a problem * Refined processed sugar and flour are rajasic - hmmm understandable - as against whole grains and whole grain flour. How about Mishri - crystallized sugar , and Jaggery ? Krishna eats Maakhan Mishri first thing in the morning : "Maiya, Mohe Maakhan-Mishri bhaaye ... Meetho Dahi Meethai Dadhighata ...." Pandurang Vitthal of Pandharpur takes a break during His daily abhishek to eat sugar candy. Wheat is Sattvic. So then what about whole wheat flour and Semolina ? SatyaNarayan Shira , Semolina Halwa with bananas and Tulasi can't possibly be Rajasic. Lord Narayana Himself instructs how to make it and offer to Him 11/4 rava 1 1/4 sugar 11/4 ghee 1 banana. ---------- Its better that people turn towards spiritually gradually, even if they do not offer all their food, rather than simply leading a fruititive materialistic life. However, its definitely good to look into lists of foods that are Sattvic acc. to AyurVeda. My exploration into Ayurveda has begun thanks to you, OmHariJi, and SambyaJi. More links : Sattvic Food In Yoga Diet Are Predominantly Vegetarian, Pure, Light And Simple | Yoga Health Benefits
  8. Yes, food offered to Sri Hari (Vishnu Tattva) as well as other devtas , has to be Sattvic. I agree that one should not go overboard with chillies - to the extent of "Daaha" for Krshna. Then the food is not Sattvic anymore. Any chilly added is generally removed later, or seeded before adding. Imagine little KAnhA going barefoot into the forest with a spicy lunch box - or also when He is all grown up. Hard to think about. It would be nice to avoid chillies as well as mustard seeds when possible. Cumin and dry corriander bring good taste. Food offered on special occasions was to be made without mustard seeds and chillies, but with cumin. This is the practice in families that do not offer their food daily, only for special Puja or Holy days (Typical menu : potato sabji, sweet shira/halwa, toor daal rice, cucumber raita). This means that tadkas of mustard seeds and chillies were not considered pleasing to Sri Hari. However, if we are offering food daily and sharing it with others , its better that it keep some acceptable balance and not get rejected as 'bland'. So that people will be encouraged to include prasadam in their lifestyle without drastic changes. As long as we stay within the guidelines of nature of Sattvic food (BG 17.8, 9, 10). This seems to be the message of acharyas of past and present. ====== * Dahi has probiotics, and Krshna tiptoed into Gopis' houses to steal it. * The idli dosa fermentations can cause stomach-aches for some. That means it wasn't Sattvic. Urad daal may be soaked but drained long before fermentation. That's what we do - no sour idlis and dosas. *Breads like Chapatis and cakes are to be offered fresh,warm. If offered appropriately, and once they become Prasad, they do not become tamasic after 3 hours or refrigeration. Yeast and fermented breads are not offered. *Finally, those interested can always give up tadkas, fried foods, gulab jamuns, all sense gratification. It will only bring them closer to Krshna. Jai Sri Krshna
  9. Thank You Chanduji. Those who want scriptural ref. can skim through Varaha Purana,Padma purana,Garuda purana, and Hari BhaktiVilas (as Galaxy has already mentioned) , also read Ayurveda (Foods inducing vata pitta kapha ... ) . Food offered to Sri Hari (Vishnu Tattva) has to be Sattvic.
  10. Naivedya, Food offered to God , has to be not just in the mode of goodness (Satvic) , but in Pure Goodness (shuddha sattva) i.e. transcedental. But, how can we cook material food made up of the 5 elements - earth water fire air ether , and call it transcendental ? Not. So, we do our best to offer Satvic Food to God, and as soon as He accepts it, it becomes His transcendental Mercy for us - Prasad. ------------- About the list of foods you mention - Its the final outcome , preparation that has to be pleasant for the soul and light on the stomach. Then it means God liked it. Following is what i have learnt from A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad and disciples in the line : Foods like Onions, Garlic , Mushrooms are Rajasic/Tamasic . Onion and Garlic belong to the allium family whereas mushroom grows in the damp dark - darkness = mode of ignorance (tamasic). Try cooking without onion (and garlic ! ) for a few days and see the difference. Masoor Dal - Rajasic , mode of passion. Personally , whole masoor or red daal also , does not feel very calming when eaten - unlike toor and mung daal. Carrots and Radish - i have no idea , someone said its given in the Manu Smriti right ? Lets ask them about it. It could be some chemicals in them OR the hygene - they come from the soil, have to be peeled right as they can be eaten raw, whereas potatoes and ginger get peeled and cooked. Hing , mustard seeds bring flavor to the food. If they were rajasic we would have been told. Otherwise, the ultimate Yogi will eat boiled veggies, fruits, and nuts. Peppers - if it were just for Krshna and me, i would skip them completely. In Bhagvad Gita Krishna says BG 17.9: Foods that are too bitter, too sour, salty, hot, pungent, dry and burning are dear to those in the mode of passion. Such foods cause distress, misery and disease. So one small pepper will not make the whole dish Rajasic. We have to follow this guideline while preparing the food. BG 17.8: Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one's existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart. BG 17.10: Food prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things is dear to those in the mode of darkness.
  11. Thanks for your guidance TheistJi. That does give me confidence while talking to others. Ideally of course, a Vegan diet is perfect when cows are not protected. Milk , ghee if at all should come from protected happy cows only. We can simply pray for the other cows - hoping their numbers will decline. I do not understand the need for ghee frying in today's world. Plant oil is good enough for healthy cooking. Just wanted to be cautious about taking milk away from children who have been raised to drink milk, although research has been showing that they don't necessarily need it as a prime source of calcium and protein. I suppose B12 is all vegans should worry about. Children whose parents have raised them vegan are lucky - they won't miss the frosting on cakes. Hare Krshna
  12. Sorry. I was the one who went off track. I apologize. Did think of starting another thread , but also wanted to refer to the quote here by Chandu_69.
  13. I agree with this at least at the individual level, that is if consumers are buying milk and products from unprotected cows. Of course , temples are a different thing totally out of this. The dairy industry of unprotected cows is totally out of hand. Its not like the Vedic society where a cow gives milk because she happens to have a calf. Its the other way around- she has a calf because humans have to get milk, ice cream, creamy creamy desserts and tiramisus. I am almost vegan now, but pray for the unprotected cows and make a manasi offering of milk sweets to Krshna. For young growing children, raw-milk sources, cow-protecting farms, and as a last resort organic milk can be options ? At least organic farmers let the cows graze on lush green grass in the open. Go Mata can surely feed her human calves. However, the misconception that a lot of dairy is required for kids has to be removed. Too much dairy can lead to adverse effects too. I haven't read much about it but there are doctors that advice against dairy for kids. Yes, its hard, and who am i to judge ? Sarvetra sukhi na santu sarve santu niramaya sarve bhadrani pashyantu ma kashchit dukha mapnayat Om shanti shanti shantih O Lord, May all be happy May all be free from ailments May we see what is auspicious May no one be subject to miseries May there be a Peace! Peace! Peace! Everywhere.
  14. First , Deuteronomy - found this online : "13 If, in any of the cities which the LORD, your God, gives you to dwell in, you hear it said 14 that certain scoundrels have sprung up among you and have led astray the inhabitants of their city to serve other gods whom you have not known, 15 you must inquire carefully into the matter and investigate it thoroughly. If you find that it is true and an established fact that this abomination has been committed in your midst, 16 you shall put the inhabitants of that city to the sword, dooming the city and all life that is in it, even its cattle, to the sword. About Abrahamic religions - my view 1] All this about "those others who worship other gods" or "do not abide by Allah's will" etc. is in the context of the geography , history , times and culture of those regions/nations. Here , worshipping other gods could mean yaksha-rakshasaas in raja-tama modes who oppressed people around Egypt, Europe and mid-east. OR , divine beings who are not the Supreme. ( Bhagvad Gita Chap 17 - different kinds of faith. ) 2] Jesus said "reach God only thru' Me" - that was perhaps meant for the nations in vicinity of Rome who had trade / war relations. Some say the original Hebrew said "only thru' one of God" which was taken to be : one of God = Jesus of the Christ. Also , "Me" can mean so many things. Certainly not the historical body that walked on earth. However, Jesus himself can bring Krshna to those who consider Krshna as the Supreme Lord, Bhagvad Gita as their prime scripture, but also accept Jesus's teachings and/or have taken his shelter. (Krishna brings saints, devotees ; Saints , devotees bring Krshna). 3] The animal sacrifices of Judaism and Islam seem to have a lot to do with the desert location and undeveloped agriculture of those times. Tailormade. Just a step in spiritual evolution. Relatively better on their conscience than just being raw hunters (which is what the meat industry today boils down to). Today's followers of either religion have advanced agriculture and agricultural products. Some take all of this out of context. Obviously, we do not look upon terrorists as representatives of their religion. This is simply my understanding. I do not have anything to back it up, but it can help those on either side of the fence. Jai Sri Krishna
  15. From Shrimad Bhagvat Purana : SB 7.11.25 , 26 To render service to the husband, to be always favorably disposed toward the husband, to be equally well disposed toward the husband's relatives and friends, and to follow the vows of the husband--these are the four principles to be followed by women described as chaste. SB 9.3.10 Cyavana Muni was very irritable, but since Sukanya had gotten him as her husband, she dealt with him carefully, according to his mood. Knowing his mind, she performed service to him without being bewildered. However, as described above, this is only half the equation. There is only so much an Ardhangini can do from her side. Her other half has to abide by the niti norms too. The ideal best is when both are devoted to God and trying their best to please Him. Bhagvat Canto 7 Chapter 11 is about Varnashram Dharma and how it leads to Nishkaam Karma. Jai Sri Krshna
  16. The bowl for the animals is mentioned in SaiSatCharitra of Shirdi SaiBaba. He would go from house to house , really to give His blessings, and the ladies would fill His jholi with fresh food. He ate only some and left a lot for the birds, cats, dogs. He really showed by example that we must not forget to feed them. Many times there have been leftovers - if the birds eat it , that's great, but it can be hard to find animals who may be hungry at that time. I think having a bird feeder at the right place is also an art. One can also take food to the local animal shelter. The stems and shoots that we throw away - never thought of leaving it out for the birds, that's a great idea. However, dogs and cats can get allergies from some foods. Jai Sai Nath Jai Sri Krshna
  17. I agree. He wants to say something or wants us to figure it out, or just spend time with us. Today , i would not regret staying up with Krshna. (How absurd that sounds - 'regret' ??? 'staying up with Krshna' ???) However, a few times in the past i have requested , begged Krshna to put me to sleep. "Please , Krshna, i will not be able to function tomorrow - and do my duties right." After a few minutes i found myself camling down and drifting off to sleep (as He gently (reluctantly ?) put me to sleep). Later on i regreted doing that, instead of staying awake with Him, unless of course one is over-exhausted and needs the sleep.
  18. This is really a response to : http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/spiritual-discussions/454492-wisdom-chanakya-pandit-part-one.html Thank You galaxy for the post. That thread is closed for some reason. Wisdom of course, will lead to better life. Gems of wisdom should be picked out from wherever one can. If however, one who has taken the shelter of Bhagwan Sri Vishnu(Krshna)'s Lotus Feet , lands in any bad situation either due to past karma or lack of wisdom, he/she will be oblivious to the misery , embarrassment , criticism or insult at the soul level, and look at things as a passing cinema screen. Miseries will fade in contrast to the Beloved Lord's Lotus Feet, Lotus Face, His beautiful smile, His calming glance and loving embrace......to the extent to which they are surrendered to the Lord. Will the extent of Vairagya (renunciation) and detachment hinder one's learning from past ? While staying unwise is certainly not recommended, indifference to the reactions of the material world may perhaps lead to dissolving emotional duality of good bad, happiness sorrow ... showing highlights or symptoms of a 'trigunateet', one who has begun to transcend the modes of material nature (goodness-sattva, passion-raja, ignorance-tama). Plus , the Lord will make sure the devotee is worldly-wiser in the process. BG 14.22-25: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O son of Pāṇḍu, he who does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present or long for them when they disappear; who is unwavering and undisturbed through all these reactions of the material qualities, remaining neutral and transcendental, knowing that the modes alone are active; who is situated in the self and regards alike happiness and distress; who looks upon a lump of earth, a stone and a piece of gold with an equal eye; who is equal toward the desirable and the undesirable; who is steady, situated equally well in praise and blame, honor and dishonor; who treats alike both friend and enemy; and who has renounced all material activities — such a person is said to have transcended the modes of nature. BG 10.10: To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me. BG 10.11: To show them special mercy, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance. Sri Krshna Govinda Hare Murare He NAth NArAyana VAsudeva
  19. Shri Yamunashtakam Namami Yamunamaham sakala siddhi hetum-muda Murari-pad-pankaj-sfurad-amand-renutkatam Tatastha-nav-kanan-prakat-mod-pushpambuna Sur-asur-supujit smarpitu shriyam bibhratim ....... MADHURASHTAKAM Madhurashtakam | Vedanta Spiritual Library Indeed, Madhuradhipater akhilam madhuram
  20. Hello Sir, The provision for animal sacrifice or meat does not justify the horrendous act of the mass slaughterhouse industry of today. Factory farming of animals for our luxury and palate is cruelty - a far cry from the occasional procedures of the past ages which are not applicable in Kali Yuga. I request you to please watch this video - it has been posted on Krishna.com, it is the 2nd part of a series , and quotes the Holy Quran. Courtesy - Krishna.com WARNING: THERE ARE OCCASIONAL SCENES NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU CANNOT WATCH SOME CRUELTY - I CANNOT WATCH THEM. It talks about cows too - 'take the milk from their bellies if you want , but don't kill them'. If possible i urge you to watch PART I as well. Here is a website that will tell you why vegetarianism is the way to go. My Lord's Garden It is an amateur site. You will find better, authentic info on other sites made by those devoted to the Lord. Thank you
  21. Point noted. You are compassionate about the guests' feelings of being 'at home' and welcomed. Something i had not thought about. Then, in the post-dinner discussions , will vegetarianism get some priority ? Arguments could be health, environmental issues, global warming , completeness of veg nutrition .... I wonder how Christians react to this : "Are we being good stewards of God's creation ? (CVA) " : http://www.all-creatures.org/cva/honoring.htm I would really like to know their views. As for the Pope himself - he says he would rather not kill even an ant. I read that on CVA. I have heard from a minister that it is very hard to talk to people about animal rights. Hope i am not bugging you. Just some thoughts
  22. Dear Pope Melvin, That's a great noble idea - about having the banquet and peace discussions. I would not encourage the Christians and Muslims with animal food, unless there is some mandatory dish as religious (which would have to be a man-made idea). Instead , the Pope should take this opportunity to introduce how good vegetarian food can be - a New Menu for the times, which considers the spiritual , mental, emotional and physical well being of all. Do you know about Christian Vegetarian Association ? In any case, my best wishes for the banquet, and here you may find something about spreading vegetarianism : http://www.geocities.com/ekbhakt8 Jai Sri Krshna And since Ashadhi Ekadashi is coming up , Vitthal Vitthal Jai Hari Vitthal
  23. Hare Krshna Bhaktajan Ji, I accidentally came across this definition of ParaBrahman' and remembered your question (in another thread). Beautifully explained in this wikepedia article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parabrahman For the sanskrit breakdown, please read paragraph titled "CONCEPTUALIZATION". para = beyond. It is consistent with BG 14.27. Further, it goes on to say : "The Absolute Truth is both subject and object, so there is no qualitative difference. Terms like Parameshvara, Ishvara, Bhagavan, Brahman, Paramatma are held to be synonymous with ParaBrahman." Interpretations by various sects are also explained. Tum Purana ParamAtmA , Tum antaryAmi, PArabrahman' , Parameshwar, Tum sabke Swami, OM Jay Jagadish Hare In one video of this aarti, at the point where the line " Parabrahman' Parameshwar" is sung, it shows Damodar being chased by Yashoda holding a stick. Very cute.
  24. Pranam Kali_UpasakJi Thank You so much for this treasure ! "Majhe Maher Pandhari" and "Gyaniyancha Raja" are especially familiar , bringing nostalgic memories. What a wonderful website.
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