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    Durga Suktam

    I agree with Durgaputra
  2. Thank you for the information
  3. Are there any suggestions for generating wealth...like keeping some particular plants etc?
  4. Sandhuji, Thank you. These were very helpful
  5. Yes, Hanuman Chalisa also helps a person become confident and less fearful of day to day events also
  6. This is fascinating reading......can one determine if somebody has done Black Magic on them?
  7. Any further suggestions on my queries above?
  8. Nimi


    Thank you Bija...is amma goign to be visiting the US anythime soon?
  9. Are there any particular mantras that should be chanted while meditation...or should meditation be silent?
  10. Thank you Sir, all your help is very valuable. I cannot PM you because of some system problem. Please provide me information about the DakshinavratShankh. Also which finger should I wear the coral on, and what day and time? Can red 'akeek' be a substitute since I already have it? Can I do something to improve my bhagya..being able to enjoy my money, etc?
  11. Namaskar Webyogiji, I got your PM with the suggestions and remedies, but am unable to PM you because for some reason the system is showing my posts as less than 30. Anyway, you mentioned I could get more information about the Shankh for worshipping Bhagwan Vishnu and Laxmi Mata. Also, do I have to do anything to appease or propriate Rahu? I thank you very much for taking out time to provide your help and advice
  12. Can you please suggest a good mantra for getting a good job and wealth creation
  13. Can you please suggest any mantras for job and wealth creation?
  14. Dear Guruji, I have lost my job as well, and am not getting any luck in my search inspite of trying my best. Following are my details - DOB: 21 Nov 1980 Time: 13.33 PM POB: Dares-Salaam, Tanzania (Latitude: 6° 51', South. Longitude: 39° 18' East) Your remedies suggested to others ask for visiting certain temples...I live in the US and it is not possible for me to visit temples everyday. Is there something I can do at home? Please help me, I am very tense. When do you foresee my getting a job? I am wearing a diamond ring, an amethyst ring and an emerald ring. I have been told to wear 'akeek', shall I?
  15. Are the times mentioned IST? Can I just add or subtract hours to derive time for other countries?
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