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  1. The source rests in emptiness OM “I AM” awakens The thought investigates the self The self divides itself: 1 2 4 8 etc. Creation is happening While the source rests in it’s own nature Still doing nothing This is the source that all that exists comes from. This is God. The divided self enquires: Who am I? The “I” comes from the source All the divided selves starts identifying itself as source. Here we are, now. Awakened. Enlightened. ThankYou Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Mooji and Eckhart Tolle. Please feel free to write your take on creation. Would love to hear what scriptures say, too.
  2. I think most christians misunderstand this term, because apocalypse means actually revealing, think it is a time when every truth will be revealed, and the kingdom of god will once again be seen on earth.
  3. from wikipedia: In Buddhism, the realization of emptiness of inherent existence is a "state of pure consciousness” in which the practitioner realizes all particular objects and images to be appearances of the subjective mind. Buddhism, which posits that the ultimate state is a Nirvāṇa of peaceful emptiness has one of the most developed philosophies of emptiness. In an interview, the Dalai Lama stated that Tantric meditiation can be used for "heightening your own realization of emptiness or mind of enlightenment". In Buddhist philosophy, attaining a realization of emptiness of inherent existence is seen as the permanent cessation of suffering, i.e. liberation.
  4. Think this is a good question, there is always something that is "needed", but I think if u go away from the desire, then you start seeing it in a different light, like, what do god want me to do?, is this beneficial for the consciousness?, and you act based on this, and not from the desire thought. So I don't think the feeling of "missing something" should arise, then there is no need to go hunting for something. When you don't desire, you have everything that is beneficial inside of you, and outside of you. And you get what is beneficial out of knowledge, and not out of desire.
  5. Desire is the origin of all miseries, because desire means that you do not have something, it means that you want something. Be happy with what you have, and the only thing you have is this moment, everything can be put into this moment. There is nothing to desire, nothing to look forward to, nothing that is going to happen. Even the desire for the self is wrong, the desire for God is wrong, the desire for enlightenment is wrong, because it is allready found in the now. When a person gets enlightened, he realises that it was allready there, he had just forgotten about it. When the desire for the “I” is extinguished, one merges into the ocean of Total Awareness. Who am I? Is a beautiful question and this “I” comes from the self turning against itself and wondering “what is this?” “it is I”, and in doing this one seperate one from the self, because one looks at oneself in the distance. And then one goes further away by desiring to get it back. So the reversal of this process is the upheaval of everything you have ever done, you surrender everything to God, and in doing this, you go back into emptiness.
  6. it helps me remember more sometimes, I always said that it is a help, not the way. I don't want this to be about entheogens, I posted this wonderful spiritual experience on this forum earlier and they deleted it, and they have closed the other threads, so I guess someone got an overdose of it. It's all about god in the end anyway, and whatever fruit you present with love to the lord he will accept. The best gift to the lord is the fruit of your actions. I always wanted to learn to travel out of my body and into the astral realm by meditation, does some guru actually know how to learn someone do this?, I know it is possible. Maybe I should just sit down meditating until it happens, how long would this take? I was incarnated in my past life on Neptune in a lower astral vibration, the main god there is Varuna, there is no wars, the education was perfect, and we had means of travel outside our bodies, so there still is some physicallity.
  7. I was meant to be awakened to my past lives in this incarnation, so it's not about entheogens, had a spiritual crisis that lasted for two months when I started remembering, I am here on earth now partly as a result of me killing a person in the 1700's. But other than that I have done good in previous incarnations, and from what I have heard, this may be my last incarnation in this sort of place, at least I have stopped killing animals and eating meat, so that should help. I am meditating everyday, meditation is absolute necessecary. When I was informed that I should come to earth, it is one of the worst thing a being can experience, but I am very happy now that I have remembered, and my whole reality seems so much brighter because of this. I still miss those other places, but I should try to learn to see this world just as I saw the world on those other planets I have been on, this place truly can be like heaven, if seen through the right eyes.
  8. Fine, I'll say it. I learned this from my past life on another higher planet. We learned about everything concerning the gods, yes I do remember past lives, and many of them, more than I can count. Sorry I didn't have the guts to say it earlier.
  9. We are all babies in the eyes of god.
  10. I just tried, and have to admit that the tulsi tea and the mantra goes very well togeter, made me laugh:) Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Still don't think that you should go calling one plant good, and another evil.
  11. Most people in this world doesn't even know about the existence of a god, this could be considered craziness, and the cure may well be a holy mushroom
  12. I tried Psilocybin once, one of the most ecstatic experiences I have had, at the beginning it started sorting my thoughts into different categories in tune with a rhythm. And then I felt my skin become one with the energy of the mushroom, and expanding beyond my body, maybe this is why it is called flesh of the gods.
  13. "By offering Lord Krishna a single Tulasi leaf, one attains the result of offering Him every flower and leaf that exists." why should it be old, and fallen? I am interested in all of this, can't seem to find where to order dried leaves on the internet. I have Tulsi Mint Yogi Tea right in front of me now, would this be just as good?
  14. I love all the plants, especially Blackcurrant and Strawberry. Salvia just happened to be the plant that I used yesterday, and therefore I have written much about it.
  15. Well I would never kill an ant. And I realised this from Cannabis use, over time cannabis changed me, and has with a lot of other people too, they go from war-mode to peace-mode. You talk about me as I'm addicted, I use entheogens rarely, I have only used cannabis 3 times for the last 2 years. Salvia does not have any addictive properties, and neither do any other entheogen, Cannabis is the only one that people have a tendency to get addicted to. Addiction arises because of the addiction to the body.
  16. There are a number of common names for S. divinorum and nearly all are related to the plant's association with the Virgin Mary. It is known to the Mazatecs as ska Maria Pastora, the leaf or herb of Mary, the Shepherdess. The name is usually shortened to ska Maria or ska Pastora and the sage is also known by a number of Spanish names including hojas de Maria, hojas de la Pastora, hierba (yerba) Maria or la Maria. The Mazatecs believe this Salvia to be an incarnation of the Virgin Mary, and care is taken to avoid trampling on or damaging it when picking the leaves, which are used both for curing and in divination http://diseyes.lycaeum.org/fresh/dvnorum.htm
  17. If you have a fully developed astral body, then you can just place your body in a cave somewhere and fly out into outer space, I'm sure there are very few on earth who have come this far. In a strong Salvia experience, you do fly out of the body, and into astral realms, but it is a guided trip, and you don't have the freedom that a yogi has when flying. Even witches used plants to fly, datura.
  18. I know I am not this body, I am the silent observer, I try to live out of this perspective, sometimes of course ,I get dragged into the ego, and forget, but that happens less and less.
  19. sant, I don't know what counts as samadhi, I have been in a heightened awareness to the emptyness of everything, what type of experience are you thinking of?, I'm sure many have had different experiences that they say is samadhi.
  20. Melvin1, how dare you talk about Salvia Divinorum this way, you show no respect for what is holy, this plant is considered to be an incarnation of the virgin Mary, and has a long history of shamanic use.
  21. "If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia" is common saying. I know it's not the normal standard talking to god, but seriously, why wouldn't god talk to you when you have reached the higher level of being. Schizophrenia is just a term for people that is outside the norm of normal behaviour, they have their divine revelations too, only they have it so much that they lose control of the "normal" world.
  22. sant, yes, I always have the guts to talk to Krishna about anything, anywhere, anyhow. Just with plants, I can clear my head, and start over, they are a good aid for a good person, but they turn against bad people, and give them nightmares, all acording to karma.
  23. "In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy the only means of deliverance is chanting of the holy name of the Lord. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way." So would you say that it is more important to just chant the holy name of the Lord, instead of for example, sacrifice your every moment to him? There are people who haven't even heard of Krsna, they should have an equal opportunity as we have, to be released, that's why there are different religions, and beliefs all over the world, so that everyone has a chance. And believers in Christ say the same thing "Jesus is the only way to be saved". What about those that haven't heard about Christ. But everyone know how to eat food, and through this food, salvation may arise.
  24. Thank you for your comments thehat, I will try to explain. The message on the top should not be compared to anything else I have written, I commented on the message I got, because this message did not come from me, it came from spirit. I should not be in the position to say anything about the message, to add anything, or remove anything from it. It happened, it was not my writing, I presented it to you as it was presented to me. If it is wrong, it may be, but I can't say it is wrong or right, more than you can, because it was simply not my message. I have my viewpoints on it just like others have, I was always sceptical to channeled messages, but then it happened to me, and it truly was a message from spirit like other channelers say. I have learned from spiritual mediums that they don't use words, thats why I wrote that. I do read Bhagavad gita and chant hare krsna mantra, I read in Rig-veda everyday, and meditate 3 times a day for 30min. Don't confuse me for a hippie just because I use powerful plants in my spiritual practice. I have many messages that I should share with the world, but don't know if I have the strength to go on a spiritual crusade just because I have learned original teachings that the world should know, all people will come to know these teachings after death anyway. But I will continue to share some info on these forums, and there are a lot that I have learned that I haven't dared to write yet. I even have learned a lot from past lives from higher dimensions. We haven't got that far on earth anyway, and there are always room for new prophets and new scriptures. I am very dear to Krsna, but that doesn't mean that I am meant to be a person who walks all over the world preaching what I have learned, I'm sure if god wants he will make me strong enough to do so, but I have been suffering from social phobia so it seems a bit hard. I am an old soul in a young body (30years), and I have still a lot to learn, I'm not without faults, and maybe some of my faults infected the message. If you would have been open to the learnings from Salvia Divinorum, then you would have been totally convinced that this is a holy plant, and that it's teachings are true. Entheogens are the greatest teachers on this planet, and it is not the Entheogens fault that we humans are not advanced enough to listen to the highest truths. I know I have learned alot from plants, and their teachings always is in accordance with the holy scriptures. Yes I became doubtful about my message later, but that was in a total different consciousness, than the one I was in, through the use of Salvia. And I have a tendency do so at other times too, there are a lot of truths that I learned in different entheogenic states, that I later destroyed with my doubt.
  25. When I started using Phalaris Aquatica I was reading the Rig-Veda, and it started to become very familiar, like the nature of the Phalaris was the nature of the Rig Veda. I started getting pictures about how this was the original Soma and one of the first plants that was found when they started discovering this universe. After that I have had this information more and more confirmed, and I feel very certain that Phalaris has it's place in the Rig-Veda, either as Soma, Amrta or the golden reed. ---- from wikipedia: Aditi is sometimes associated with or identified as a cow. As a cow, she provides nourishment, and as the cosmic cow, her milk is identified with the redemptive, invigorating drink Soma (1.153.3). ---- cows often chew on this grass, and therefore some of this energy goes into the milk The Secret of the Soma Plant by Dr. David Frawley: http://www.vedanet.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=173 This text describes Soma as being some sort of reed : "the main Rig Vedic Soma land also refers to a lake and means ‘abounding with reeds'" and "This again shows Soma growing in marshy or aquatic areas and being some sort of reed. Some scholars have gone so far as to identify Soma with the sugar cane, another Saccharum species cultivated in ancient India." I believe that this reed is Phalaris Aquatica, and as Dr. David Frawley says: "However, we must remember that the real Soma is a secretion in the brain from spiritual practices of Yoga, pranayama, mantra and meditation (an elixir prepared from the Tarpak Kapha or form of Kapha lubricating the nervous system in Ayurvedic though). Soma at a yogic level refers to the crown chakra, which is opened by Indra (yogic insight) and releases a flood of bliss throughout the body. This inner Soma is the main subject of the Vedic hymns, though outer Somas were also important. " This is an important thing to notice since Phalaris Aquatica contains DMT, and DMT is produced naturally in our brain. ---- from wikipedia: Dr. Rick Strassman also speculates that DMT is made in the pineal gland, largely because the necessary constituents (see methyltransferases) needed to make DMT are found in the pineal. ---- The pineal gland is the third eye according to wikipedia.
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