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  1. I use entheogens to glorify god, I think entheogens in itself is a glorification of god, they are miracle plants that show us a higher reality, and heightens the sensitivity to the spiritual part of this world too. Where would we be without the intelligence gained from certain plants, they were here before all the sacred texts and teachings. I think many spiritual teachings and sacred texts come from what is learned through plant use. In a place where there is no other source for spiritual knowledge, then plants is the way to go. Of course the teachings always come from god, and when you have opened to the spiritual reality, then you no longer need the plants, you can learn directly from god. But when I see every spring that the holy Soma Phalaris plants comes directly up from the ground, I see it as a gift from god to humankind. Cows love to eat them too, what else do they do for fun other than eating plants like Phalaris grass and Magic mushrooms, communicating with god.
  2. A good entheogen will learn you to stop eating meat, it will learn you to get rid of attachment, and eventually lead you to the pearly gates of heaven. You just can't take a lot of plants that have a powerful effect and put it in a bag called drugs, and then say: "drugs are bad mmmkay".
  3. I am a spiritual person and experience spiritual reality daily and entheogens uncover more and more of this reality. When I first started experimenting with entheogens I was always frustrated that I had forgotten most of it, but gradually I noticed that my thinking had changed, and I started to remember more and more after each session, and the more I learned from the experiences the more I awakened to the true spiritual reality. There is a reason that people forget, because the experience is so powerful, and different from the "ordinary" state of being. When you learn to integrate the experiences, then the permanent consciousness expansion can start to begin. There are certain stages of a entheogenic experience, that I would like to remain forever, but I am not ready to be carrying that type of consciousness yet, it takes a lot of practice, and purification of the body, to be carrying this sort of divine energy. If a person wants to go far in his entheogenic spiritual pursuit, then he should stop eating meat, doing yoga and meditate, and know that being in an entheogenic trance state is a work you do for god. I think an entheogen is a guru, and that may be why some human gurus require abstinance from drugs, because they don't want any competition from plants. If I would choose between a human guru and a plant-teacher, I would have chosen a plant-teacher, because they are far more evolved. Some plants can even be considered to be a god, one of them is Soma (Phalaris Aquatica)
  4. First there is the consciousness of a great being, then the plant manifests out of the consciousness. Every plant is a manifestation of a great being. It is not about the plant material, you can talk with and experience the plant-consciousness without eating the plant. This is why Soma also is seen as a god, first he is God, then he manifests his energy in plants so people in the material reality can get to know him. It's my body that eats plants, not me. It's my spirit that connects with the spirit of the plant, not me. It's my soul that is one with the soul of the plant, not me. I am the emptiness, I don't exist. I am the unmanifest, I cannot be defined. From Bhagavad Gita: "I enter into each planet, and by My energy they stay in orbit. I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables." The plants contains the energy of Krishna. Sure U can give up the Marijuana matter and sacrifice yourself to Krishna, and then Krishna gives you spiritual Marijuana for free. Give up everything, and you will gain everything. Like they don't have Marijuana in heaven, of course they have, only there it is made of spirit, and not matter.
  5. From wikipedia: An entheogen ("creates god within," en- "in, within," theo- "god, divine," -gen "creates, generates"), in the strictest sense, is a psychoactive substance used in a religious or shamanic context. Historically, entheogens are derived primarily from plant sources and have been used in a variety of traditional religious contexts. Examples of entheogens from ancient sources include: Greek: kykeon; African: Iboga; Vedic: Soma, Amrit. Entheogens have been used in a ritualized context for thousands of years. ----- For someone on the spiritual path, an entheogen can be of great help, it's like a guru, it teaches you, it talks to you, and in stronger doses lets you travel out of body to astral realms and higher dimensions. Here is what a famous shaman Maria Sabina says about magic mushrooms: "It's that in me there is no sorcery, there is no anger, there are no lies. Because I don't have garbage, I don't have dust. The sickness comes out if the sick vomit. They vomit the sickness. They vomit because the mushrooms want them to. If the sick don't vomit, I vomit. I vomit for them and in that way the malady is expelled. The mushrooms have power because they are the flesh of God. And those that believe are healed. Those that do not believe are not healed." "I take Little-One-Who-Springs-Forth and I see God. I see him sprout from the earth. He grows and grows, big as a tree, as a mountain. His face is placid, beautiful, serene as in the temples. At other times, God is not like a man: he is the Book. A Book that is born from the earth, a sacred Book whose birth makes the world shake. It is the Book of God that speaks to me in order for me to speak. It counsels me, it teaches me, it tells me what I have to say to men, to the sick, to life. The Book appears and I learn new words."
  6. From the Atharva veda: "We speak to the five kingdoms of the plants with soma the most excellent among them. The darbha-grass, hemp (marijuana), and mighty barley: they shall deliver us from calamity!" Note that on barley there grows a fungus known as ergot, and it is where LSD comes from, in older times they used barley to get high. I believe the Hemp is among the most sacred energies that exists, but in these times we are at war with it, so they use lies to keep people from knowing the truth about it. And because of the war, the prices has gone up so people have to smoke it, it should have been legal, and it should be growing all around in nature so people can use it for free. Rastafarians use cannabis to see through the eyes of god. The problem with cannabis is that it is so good, that you may develop a tendency to do it a lot, this is because of human greed. Use it right and it is a most holy experience.
  7. no problem sant, I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about these things, even good gurus wrongly judge people who is on the entheogenic spiritual path. Lucky are the people who have the possibility of learning from an enlightened guru, here in Norway we don't have gurus, the only way I can have a spiritual experience is by plants, and by learning from plants I learned to come in contact with a spirit-guru, that is a guru who is not in the flesh.
  8. This is like Soma, yes, it opens you up to the higher realities, and gives you temporary spiritual powers like healing, remembering past lives, heightens the sensitivity to holy texts, like rig veda, and chants, it attacks ignorance, and it learns you true spiritual wisdom, it confirms the bhagavad gita and makes it easier to understand. When you are in this type of trance, you are working for god, you can't be greedy using it for yourself. All this is true for all plants called entheogens. But the main Soma is Phalaris Aquatica, containing DMT. DMT is also produced natural in our brain, and can be activated by concentrating on the third eye, or the center of the head, the pineal gland. --------- yat tad agre viṣam iva pariṇāme 'mṛtopamam tat sukhaḿ sāttvikaḿ proktam ātma-buddhi-prasāda-jam That which in the beginning may be just like poison but at the end is just like nectar and which awakens one to self-realization is said to be happiness in the mode of goodness.
  9. All plants have a spirit, and the spirit is connected to the Total Hawaiian baby woodrose energy and to god, like a banana is one with all other bananas, and all humans are connected to the Total human consciousness. What matters is the emptiness of the seed, this makes it not about matter, but about the soul.
  10. first of all I am not american, second: God can talk to you if you're mind are open to it, whatever kind of food you eat, third I don't use chemicals, I don't eat meat, I am all natural, I am an old soul, please show some respect.
  11. I have learned much from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds lately, it has taught me how to quit many of my desires. The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose spirit doesn’t want me to eat anything while on it, it doesn’t want me to go into usual habits at all. I know that some of you think using entheogens is about desire or a craving, I think it’s the opposite. It’s the desire that has to be stopped, not the drug. If u are addicted to cigarettes, then stop being addicted, stopping the smoking helps a little, but soon the addiction finds something else to be addicted to. It’s the desire-thought that has to be extinguished, not necessarily the thing that you are desiring. So when the desire thought is gone, then u can see when to use a substance, and then sacrifice it and the experience to god. In a Hawaiian Baby Woodrose state I talked with Krsna, and he told me that even chanting the Hare Krsna mantra can bring about a form of addiction to it. Plant-energies are always a good thing, and even better when used in the prescence of god.
  12. This is the vision I have seen about Hiranyagarbha: All the universes lies in Hiranyagarbha, Hiranyagarbha has all within it, there is nothing outside of it, so that means we are in Hiranyagarbha and Hiranyagarbha is not in us, but at one point, in the beginning, we were one with Hiranyagarbha, so it is a part of us, and it is our first self. Hiranyagarbha has a shining center, like a star, and there are four gods who teach the beings in Hiranyagarbha before they start their journey in some universe, two of these gods are Krsna and Shiva, I can't identify the other two, Krsna is also the lord of this universe, I think Krsna speaks out of his Hiranyagarbha-self. When this universe started, they built it out of one being, that I have recognized as Búri from Norse mythology.
  13. I am not god, but a servant of god.
  14. I think our true self is Hiranyagarbha, we share the same self, but most of us don't know that we are god, therefore we live in that reality where we don't know who we are. So we are not god in the illusion that we live in, but when the illusion dissapears, and it will for everyone, then we are one with god again. We are god and we are not god at the same time.
  15. I'll stick to the Rig Veda and say that Hiranyagarbha is the god of gods and none beside him, but if Brahman is used instead of Hiranyagarbha that is equally good. Hiranyagarbha is the "I am", the first thing that came out of emptiness.
  16. Every one of us is Hiranyagarbha, if Hiranyagarbha thinks that Hiranyagarbha is something else, then that is ego.
  17. From Rig Veda 10.121 IN the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, born Only Lord of all created beings. (1) He is the God of gods, and none beside him. (8) ------------------------------- Hiranyagarbha is really all that exists , and all the universes lies within it. All the other gods knows Hiranyagarbha as their ultimate self.
  18. rig veda 10.97, 6-7 can point to Soma being a quality: --He who hath store of Herbs at hand like Kings amid a crowd of men,— Physician is that sage's name, fiend-slayer, chaser of disease. Herbs rich in Soma, rich in steeds, in nourishments, in strengthening power,— All these have I provided here, that this man may be whole again.-- earthly soma was used on earth, and heavenly soma was used by the devas, different plants, same divine energy, Soma. I have used Phalaris the last three summers, so I can say for sure that you don't need a mao-inhibitor, it's a short but good experience, good for meditation. If you want a long trip, you can use a mao-i, but it's very strong.
  19. This is the truth of Soma: Soma is manifested in various plants, it is a quality that a plant can have, this is the connection to the divine. The first Soma was Phalaris Aquatica, it was the heavenly Soma, it is available for all, and it has now returned, thanks to the huge interest for dmt containing plants. The earthly Soma was Amanita Muscaria, and later other plants was found that was full of Soma. The Amanita was also Soma Christou (body of Christ), used by Jesus. Jesus was not the mushroom, but was one with it. The blood of Christ was Acer Palmatum. Cannabis was also a Soma, together with myrrh, cinnamon, cassia and olive oil, in the form of the holy anointing oil. The holy anointing oil was also used with Acer Palmatum instead of Cannabis, and it is called the fire baptism. Jesus made water into wine, by adding his own blood to it, he was not crucified on a cross, but on a tree. For those interested in trying Phalaris Aquatica, do not make extracts, do not use mao-inhibitor, it is powerful enough as it is, 20 phalaris tops is enough. It is probably the most holy thing that grows on earth, and use of this grass should be considered a sacrifice for god. And read in the Rig Veda under the influence, and you will soon realize the thruth of the Phalaris. Keep your body pure, stay away from meat, and also cow's milk, as heavenly law prohibits it.
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