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  1. i think u've no need to wear neelam and gomed becz both r good in ur kundali.i mean in ucch rasi.anyway some1 can wear both.
  2. plz someone know then tell me janam kundali of rahul gandhi
  3. it can be bad fr ur eyes bt not sth u said..............
  4. hello sanjeevrao ji. i've heared much abt ur capability in astro plz sir predict my troubles which r happening with me .plz tell me abt my bad yog in my kundali .is ketu not good in my kundali and troubling me...i'll be grateful to u... my details r following- name-shyam date-10march1984 time-6:35pm place-kanpur sir i've passed my engineering in 2008 and going fr mba bt my mother's mental condition make us very disturb...tell me abt my future professional life? thnx
  5. hello her i'm not sanjeev bt predecting sth about u..now u r passing frm rahu antardasa in budh which 's till 2011 so this's not good fr ur health and ur heart so dont fall in love in this period .and i think u r gud one and u've great capbility of management so u should try for CAT,OR MBA FRM GUD INSTITUTE.u r very lucky girl.1 yog of ur marriage's between 2013 to 2016.and it may be frm ur choice andur parents means2say arrange bt u like that.he can b elder than u and not fair color(sawla). u r capable to go every where bt give attention in study and crack mba.1 remedy fr that u confuse many times so worship LORD SHIV ON MONDAY N SATURDAY and put rice white flowers on shivji on these days. gud luck shyam 08 kanpur
  6. Namskar Astrologers Is It Bad In Kanya Lagna Mars+ketu In 3 House And Their 7 Aspect On Moon And Rahu On 9 Hose Of Kundali.is Ketu Bad Fr My Mother N My Health?my Details R Name-shyam Dob -10march 1984 Place-kanpur(up) Time-6:35pm Sex-male.............if It's True Then Tell Me Remedies Fr It... Thanks
  7. I Think U Can Get Govt Service And Some Side Business Like Goldsmith Shop And Gem Shop..
  8. hi all of my frnds plz tell me abt my kundali and jupitur mahdasa and y this's effecting to my moth TIME OF BIRTH-10 mar 1984 DATE OF BIRTH-6:35pm PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY.kanpur (uttarpradesh) SEX male Your current status : student Educational background-engineer Work Industry and current salary.going for mba no salary Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember-my accident Family background-good Father : Business / Service / Industry etc..govt ser Mother : house wife Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details-no Sisters : younger /er...-1 younger 1 elder got marriage
  9. ur jupitur 's totaly influnced wth mars not saturn ..saturn's not playing with u this's mars .mangal ko SUNDAR KAND KA PATH KARO..GUD LUCK
  10. hi this's ishant dob-10-3-1984 place-kanpur time 6:30pm tell me abt kundali details are 6-lagna 7-retrogatory saturn (sani) 8-mars(mangal)+ketu 9-guru(jup) 10-empty 11-sun+ mercury(budh)+venus(sukra) 12,1-empty 2-rahu+moon(chndra0 3,4,5 empty
  11. rahu's in ur 5th hose then this'll be bad fr u specially fr ur education and lever and rest 2 planets r vakri then u should give water 2 the sun dialy and GAYATRI MANTRA(108 TIMES) on sunday.and for rahu shanti saturday ko kale kutte ko roti do the best way- sarswati kavach ka path karo ya locket me saraswati kavach gale me pahno .pakka labh hoga.
  12. my lagna is kanya(6).saturn is on second house on tula(7) but retrogatory(vakri) nd the lord of 5&6 house.and mercury ,venus and sun in 6th house of kumbh (11).saturn's of 21 degree.i'veread that if any planet is in high horoscope then house become good but after retrogatory it can be possible.plz tell me abt saturn role in my life andmercury venus and sun in 6 house.
  13. pratiksha dixit place kanpur fdob-7 nov1993 time12;30am
  14. hello some1 tell me abt my career i'm going to do mba.tellme when i'll get job and wat 'll be life.vakri sani ke baare me bhi bataye abhi mera jupitar ki mahadasa me accident bhi hua hai uska koi yog nahi banta tha..so tell me;my details are ishant dixit date of birth-10-mar 1984 place =kanpur time-6:30pm
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