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  1. Namaskara Bheeshma Sanghani, Atul thanks for giving the details of the chart. As the pdf give the details only in the end and it is in the North indian style which i am not used to. Bheeshma you seems to be having good dhanayoga. Due to the moon mars aspect and together in navamsha. Langa, sun, venus, saturn and rahu are togheter and also in the same nakshatra - Purvaphalguni lorded by Venus. Sun venus and Rahu are vargottama - Making the langa lord strong despite being too close to rahu and other planets. You very luck that no planet is combust - when many planets are in same sign they can get too close to gether and loss there strenght - and if sun is in the same sign the chances of getting combust is also high - so in that sense u are lucky. Sun in its own rashi and vagottama - though rahu and sun are close to gether i think u wont suffuer much harm from rahu. ( will like to now ur feed back) Nandana
  2. Do the shati, accept the child , whole heartedly - sincer prayers have the power to give a good healthy, family and a from a healthy good well bound family - good citizens are formed - all have some good or bad combination - astrolgy is to make us aware and be prepared to the - hard time which is to come and also not to over joy in the good happy time we have - A new born have that intutive skill to read the mind of parents - - if you want you can - experiment with ur emotions and see how the child react to you.
  3. Namaskar HST108 Thanks for sharing your chart it looks fantastic - Ketu with retro jupiter - u will be like a saint -100% spiritual is it can u clarify If you are alredy in healing Can there be error of 10 or 2 mints in you chart ur navamsha has good Tapasvi yoga , but jupiter is 12th ie why i asked Nandana
  4. When a uucha planet becomes retro it does act as debilitated
  5. Sandhu ji thanks for the beautiful, articles you share. The 9th lord is afflicted all the cases refered - Dharma (the first chart does not have the month of birth) Deepa ji - 9th house is dharma and also father - that may be the cause father abandoned his child - the jupiter in uccha and retro make it act like in neechan and addition afflicted by rahu and rahu ketu in 9- 3 axis - Thanks for the information
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