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  1. Namaste Prashant sinha ji. Thank you very much for maa Bhagalaamukhi mantra. I will try to follow your guidelines in japa. Thanks again
  2. I have a old book about puja vidhi in telugu. i think it is no longer available in market .if you are lucky contact here: i bought this book from BALASARASWATHY BOOK DEPOT --CHENNAI BEST OF LUCK in your pursuit of Sri Vidya upasana
  3. Namaste all. I need a mantra to get success in court litigation matters.though my uncle won the case he is not able to get the possession of property. please help
  4. what dhruv and Durgaputra said above is true. the idea of controlling others minds with acquired potentials is not the right thing. i personally know a person who do this for selfish and lust purposes ended life miserably. As Dhruv said i am doing Durga upasana and Divine Mother takes care of all my needs. it' s my experience that once you got siddhi with any upasana one dont need any vaseekarana mantras. people flok to them even if the upasaka avoids them. right now that is my situation so dont go for trivial things in life. aim for high. hari om santi/ srini.k
  5. Really enlightening words Dhruv ji. is there any specific day and muhurta to start japa or it can be done on any time? please clarify. thanks
  6. Hello sheetal -Namaste, saw your request above. i am not a full time professional astrologer but your venus- [shukra graha] is at the sign cusp. so being ascendant lord and kalatra-[vivah] karaka he is unable to deliver the result. besides performing the rituals suggested by webyogi ji you should also sravan kanakadhara strotram or sri suktam. always consider your parents before asking love marriage or arranged one. do you love some one if you got advise from others to do so. love is natural and if your planetary positions warrant you might have involved in it long ago. sun and mercury combination in your rasi chakra shows you are shrewd person. take wise and good decision. be courageous. i have a pdf copy your horoscope. But cant post it here . send me pm if you don't have your horoscope already. om tat sat. srini.K
  7. Namaste MG, in your birth chart -rasi-,your lagna lord Sun has just entered the Mesha which is his exaltation point. but the Sun is on sign cusp at 0 degree and about 1 minutes rendering him some what powerless. as per Lahiri ayanamsa you are now running mercury dasa and rahu antara which will come to end in feb-09. mercury the second lord is in his debilitation point in exact cunjunction with moon. this may some times put you in a dilemma state. i think it is better for you to recite aditya hridayam on sundays and sri vishnu shasranama everyday for some time. this parayana may help your problems get solved. god bless you
  8. hi, the following are given in the astrological magazine long time ago.numbers in brackets are sargas of sundara kaandam. first dasa [lord] then bhukti [lord] chandra[moon] --->(5) mars-- jupiter--->(57) mars-- venus--->(63) rahu--saturn--->(47) rahu--venus---->(65) jupiter---->(1) saturn--saturn---->(48) jupiter--ketu--->(61,62) saturn--mercury--->(54) saturn--venus--->(38) mercury---->(35) mercury--ketu---->(15) mercury--mars---->(23) ketu---venus----->(65) venus--->(38) _________ may be of some use to you.
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