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  1. Do you mean seventh mandala there is nothing called seventh ashtaka in rigveda. Also, I don't think it is possible because Rigveda is supposed to predate Ravana. Let me know the mandala because the chapter 7 of mandala 7 is all authored by Vasistha and the chants are to be done by Maitra-varuni priest.
  2. Since a no. of rs have answered the first part of your question. Here is the answer to the second part - The verses that you see that are from other parts of vedic text are chanted because they are considered "Phala-sruti" for the Rudram. The same thing is done for Srisuktam as well (the phala-sruti for sri-suktam is longer than the sukta itself). Also, the verse Namastestu Bhagavan Vishveshvaraya.. is only chanted during Rudra Abhisheka not during Rudra homa or any other Rudra rituals. It has a ritualistic significance in Abhisheka (you need to see this done in person to find out what it is).
  3. Don't belive this, the fact is it doesn't matter. It is said in Mahabharata how can you insult something which is the truth. It will always shine through..the person who does this is agyani. In sum total of all things that is his biggest punishment.
  4. Excellent example - there are many verses in Arunam (Taittiriya Aranyaka prathama kandam) which will have you thinking - what did they know and how much did they know.
  5. Can you quote the verse from Purusha sukta..I don't recall it.
  6. The verse is not in Rigveda. Sayana said that it's known that sun travels 249 yojans in 1/2 nimesha. The computation to actual speed of light is pretty accurate.
  7. Sivaramakrishnanji - I have a small suggestion, even after obtaining the veda in pdf files, please try to buy the books. This would go a long way to encourage the publishers to keep on publishing the books.
  8. There is an organization called Veda prasara samiti they have the entire KYV & RV recited by real knowledgeable pandits. You can buy it from them.
  9. I would be very interested in the answers that you gave him. The only question I would ask him is: "Who does he think is a Brahmin" ? Is son of a Brahmin a Brahmin ? or Is it somebody who devotes his life to investigate the nature of the Brahmin. If he/she answers this question then I can answer and explain his issue with Taittiriya Samhita, Sathapatha Brahmana etc. Also to answer shvu - No Veda is not an obsolete religion, first off it's not a religion. It's pramanam or proof all things that we know. The Sanatana dharam has been built on top of these pramanams. This is the reason all the scriptures be it Itihas, Dharam Shastra etc, sing the praises of Veda.
  10. This is the beauty of veda that even if people don't understand the meaning of the sutras, they still feel it. This sutras occur in a section called "Dahara Vidya" of the MahaNarayano Upanishad. The first line says: Neither by actions, nor through progeny and wealth, but by renunciation alone is immortality attained The second line says: This State is far beyond the highest heaven, and the sages perceive it,hidden in the cave of the heart, shining brilliantly therein. The third line says: Those, who have a clear understanding of the principles of science of Vedanta,who have purified themselves by means of the yoga of renunciation,and who are (thus) established in the state of supreme are totally liberated in the Brahman. Read Gita, where Bhagawan talks about karma sanyas and he shows the path of mukti.
  11. Yes it is OK for ladies to chant Suktas provided they have learnt with the proper intonations from a Guru. People who disuade you are short sighted and have zero understanding of there own scriptures. Vedas tell us about learned women like Maitrayi..who have made contributions to veda itself. To verify what I am saying, look at sections of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad where the great Maitrayi poses questions about "nature of Brahmin", to the great sage Yagyavalkya.
  12. Understand the meaning of the mantra and focus on the divine. This mantra is chanted for desire to have a beautiful and good wife.
  13. Durgasansara - There is an inherent a sound and 'n' is correct. Also why do you have an 'e' at the end it's Sagarasya. Hope this helps.
  14. No whatever you do, don't alter the mula mantra: Add swaha after the Namah . To pronounce use the rule of sandhi and pronounce it as: NamasSwaha. (Replace the (h) by half (s)). Hope this helps.
  15. The gayatri mantra chant is wrong, also it's not meant to be chanted this way: First rule is one needs to chant Gayatri mantra dependent on the shakha that you belong to. For instance Gayatri is chanted differently in Yajurveda Taittiirya shakha compared with Gayatri in Samaveda Kauthuma shakha. Also, chant should not be set to any external music because Gayatri being a vedic mantra the swara (Udatta, Anuddata and Swarita) are specified in the mantra itself. Finally, Gayatri is a sacred mantra which the Guru will always advice the disciple to chant silently. Hope this helps.
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