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  1. I don't have your details. Please introduce yourself here and in which way I can help you. Share your views.
  2. The herbal that we use for this should have grown in acidity crust, but with little alkali below two feet from earth surface. The pH of the soil and we live plays major role in curing cancer.
  3. I enrolled for my PhD with a University in India with whom I applied in 2007, and yet to get my registration number. But I complected my thesis titled "Vedas- A New Critical Analysis with Special Reference to Human Body and Health." Since I felt it is absolutely necessary that I should act fast and show a new way in research in Cancer, and my findings will help us a lot, I sent the dissertation to American Cancer Society, Research Department, Atlanta to carry out research. This specks about the science behind Hindu rituals, and wish our members and viewers who reside in U.S., to visit ACS research department and have a look at my thesis and post your comments.
  4. It is Max Muller Sayana Bhashya on Rg Veda 2nd Edition Vol I, preface p- XLVIII, Ravana wrote a commentry on Rg Veda. In Pada Patha of the Rg Vedaat the end of ts Astaka VII it is ascribed to Ravana
  5. I am a man in 57, who is doing research in Vedas and enrolled for Ph.D. When I was referring old magazines I found that Rawana had authored VII Ashtaga in Rig Veda and authored Araka Prakasa. This deals with Medicine and the same might have called Caraka Samhita in later days. Is there any Manuscript with you to establish this?
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