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  1. When asking questions about your future please do not post your real name. These posts are indexed by google and they will show up when people search for your name. This may cause you trouble many years later when you apply for a job or for some other reason. It is better to be safe and not include your real name when asking questions related to your future, marriage, finanical problems, etc.
  2. "is it possible to delete my entires posts or the entire threads created by me? Also, i want to change my display name here, or get my username deleted" We will delete your posts (except the ones in this thread). Your username will be left for now, so that you can still log in to verify that your posts have been removed. After that let us know if you also want your username removed.
  3. Any post you want removed, send a PM to Admin5 and a moderator will remove it. There is also a report a post button at the right upper corner of posts that will send a message to Admin5 moderators so you can show them which post you want removed. It looks like this.
  4. Dark Warrior, You have been told, in the past by PM, to make your points with out the insults, or such posts will be removed or the the thread closed.
  5. The topic of this thread is "Sanatana dharma defined". Anyone who wants to explain their understanding of the term "Sanatana dharma" is welcome to. Some of the off topic posts have been removed.
  6. You could download and try using this browser (if you aren't already) http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ If you use Internet explorer, in the top bar, go to tools, then internet options, then privacy tab, then advanced. You may need to change the settings there for how cookies are allowed and handled (such as checking "allow session cookies"). You may need to experiment to see which settings fix your problem. You may also find some thing to help you here http://www.google.com/cookies.html Or download the latest version of Internet Explore here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/ie/default.mspx
  7. It has been over 24 hours, since post #450 was made, in which anyone who wanted to state their position, was asked to do so, before the thread was closed. The thread will now be closed.
  8. Most likely, there is nothing new to be said on this topic. If anyone wants to, they could post, or repost, what they think best explains their understanding. Anybody who wants to do this, please limit yourself to no more than three posts (per person ) (from this point on) and then the thread will be closed.
  9. We do not read everything. You can help us. If you see a post that you feel is offensive, please report it by clicking on "send a private message to admin5" in our profile. We will close this thread Vaisnava Bible Study - Is Jesus Vaisnava?.
  10. Sorry, i tought it would be good to keep the videos together, only becaus the it would bring the earlier ones up to the top again where more people would see them. As it was they were already pushed back to page 2 or 3. I have separated the last one Sunday Feast Discourse with Goswami Maharaja as you requested.
  11. Please do not start more threads on the origin or fall of the jiva, under new titles. There have been many threads already (some now closed). It becomes repetitive. If you have anything new to add, put them in a thread that is only on that subject. That is, do not start new threads on it, or introduce the same posts into threads not on the subject.
  12. Most likely it was too long, Try breaking it up into two or more smaller posts, within one thread.
  13. Most likely it was too long, Try breaking it up into two or more smaller posts, within one thread.
  14. We did not mean to selectively remove your reply and leave the post you were replying to. It seems the post you were replying to was post number 8 on an earlier page. The thread was going off course and would lead to people feeling insulted. The posts removed were numbers 25-30 (where we thought the thread started to take that turn). We will restore them, if you want to reply to any of them. If not, they will be removed again.
  15. Send them to Admin5 and a moderator will see it. Jndas often is not online or even has internet access for periods of time.
  16. Posts by Vigraha, Svarupa, Guest Bhakta, Gopa Gopishvarraya das, Bhakta dasa (Aussi) all proclaiming the same point of view in this thread, and often posting in the same large and colored fonts, all have the same ip. This will be your only notice. If you use multiple identities to bolster your views, you will be banned. If you want to continue posting here, pick one username and minimize the long copy and pastes with the large fonts.
  17. Often when a post is removed, a person can refer to it as if it were better than it actually was. There were no direct quotes as far as we could see. In the past we have removed remarks by you that were demeaning to others and let the post in which they were made remain. But there were so many, that now, we will just remove such post altogether, rather than edit out phrases. It is by far not the worst you have said, but there is no need to demean others by refering to them as having come up with their philosophy "behind a fat joint". If you want your posts to remain, just present your point of view on a subject.
  18. We will forward your post to jndas as he is not often online. The other thread was 13 pages long, going in circles over not a very important or talked about point. It does not seem a new thread is needed on it.
  19. Since you have put the following in quotation marks, attributing them to have been spoken by Prabhupada, please provide the verifyable source. If you are unable to do that, your post will be removed. To insure that you recieve this message, we will send it to you by PM, also. Srila Prabhupada – “Actually no-one falls down from Vaikuntha because their svarupa body never leaves Vaikuntha, they only ‘think’ they are fallen or ‘dream’ they are fallen but in perpetual reality one can never fall down”.
  20. JN das does not moderate the forums. He hasn't for a few years. He does not even have much time to visit the forums any more. We mainly remove posts that are insulting or lead to arguments. You notice the posts of yours that have been removed, since you are aware of what you have posted, but, when you come back, you do not see the ones of others, that have also been removed, which were insulting towards you. Any point of view on an issue is allowed, but if a post contain insults, or has the likelihood of moving the thread in that direction, the post (or parts of the post) will be removed.
  21. There is already a registered user "Vigraha" , please do not use the name.
  22. We are not sure why it happened, but the correction has been made.
  23. Moderator's note: We have merged two threads ( vaisnava guru and what i've learned) as one seems to be a continuation of the other. Most likely everyone has made any points they were going to make by now. At the end of this day we will close this thread. It is being left open so that anyone who wants to make any new points or summarize their points can do so. Please try to express your views without insulting others.
  24. direct links to part 1 and part2 of "The Birthplace of the Hare Krishna Movement" and other videos by Manonatha Dasa http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B933CA7CD61028D9
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