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  1. I don't have a swamiji; don't need one when I know the Swami. How many swamiji we keep promoting and make people wander in different direction in different season, and different imaginary teachings! These teachings are all about having 'power' in human soul - do you think each soul seek 'power'? Is that what satisfies? Or is every soul seek more 'knowledge' and 'new revelation'? Is that what satisfies? Your soul and my soul needs peace and restoration - that creates revival in you and me - which will reflect in the world. Talking of power and knowledge will only seperate further away from this needed peace and restoration. Learning has no end - it can't satisfy. By the way, asking question makes us think and drive to find the answer - and protects innocence from 'simply' beliving and going astray.
  2. Man... what interest you to post this??? I don't see or sense any "revolution", other than you guys promoting some junk swamiji as super hero and looking for a way to advertise and arrange meeting with the goose who speaks meaningless confusion. Are you really satisfied in doing this???
  3. Poor IIT folks who heard this looong speach, was there any impact at all other than yawning and people going to sleep after hearing, reading this??? He should be the only one heard himself speaking? By the way what IIT has to do with this???
  4. Amazing, no one agree or obey even those 'swamiji' pictured people. Guess everyone understood its lie and trying to find some acceptance to become majority. 'swamiji' pictured people you're not sure either, won't you???
  5. Sorry to see that no one responded to your urgent call for help. Don't worry! Good that you lost it, you don't have to recite this year - what good it does to go on a same circle every year??? May be we need to recite/say/do something that you and others and God understand???
  6. Very funny! You were a Christian, then Jew, then Islam and now Hindu and soon something else. You've a problem, go back home and obey your own people (father, mother, siblings) rather than giving your ears to other confused people like you. Can a blind lead another blind???
  7. I think what you feel is 'bakthi' - devotion to worship God, but you're trying to 'do' something to feel occupied and know that you're doing something which would please God. What you feel is a good thing, but why you want to buy stuffs and throw it into fire??? Good question - why to tie a thread in hand and then place it under a tree? One of those meaningless ritual to fool yourself and make you think you're doing something 'spiritual' and not to grow in knowing more on what you really want to know.
  8. It already affected India's image and brought a disgrace to us. On top of this idiots like swami Thayalan still trying to stir what is trying to settle finally. These murderers shouldn't be called Hindus in first place - they're cheap animals, uneducated simply go and destroy madly other people after hearing to lunatics like swami Thaylan. So funny to read his understanding of Hinduism and other religion, and others applause on this outrageous idiots writing. I stand with other Hindus and declare that we don't support what's going on in Orrisa. Do Indians not have right to believe in what they believe is correct???
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