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  1. The point being that sannyas is related to one's actions pertaining to sadhaka deha. It is functional in that it encourages the saranagati so much needed for the divine mercy. Sannyas (in Gaudiya) functions to encourage faith in the raksha of Krsna. Siddha pranali being given becomes a mockery of the confidential nikunja lila considered to be the upper most sanctity by the Gaudiyas when the receiver acts in an unbefitting way. Falling down from sannyas becomes of mockery of the sadhaka system which is established to purify one's soul of anarthas. While falling down from this point is undesirable, it does happen and is understandable. A sadhaka can fall down, a siddha cannot. If one is a Siddha, how can there be anartha? Siddha deha is functional through Prema, which is the goal of the sadhaka. One need not have prema to be a sannyasa...one must have prema to be a siddha. This is why the two are not comparable.
  2. This is unsubstantiated. I'd love to go into this particularly some more. BSST considered that the Lila, Guna, Rupa, and Nama of the Lord are all vested with the same potency (albeit Nama having the quality of audarya not able to be influenced by the mind's entrapments). Lila Smaranam may be subject to the mind's entrapments where our mind may add or subtract elements according to its desire which can substantiate hell rather than heaven. Our mind is constantly bombarding us with what it deems desirable and when we alter lila to suit the mind we are not close to lila at all. It becomes our imagination. Nama, however, can bestow glipse of lila out of audarya. Sannyasa is an ashram not a bhajan It has nothing to do with what is sahajiya.
  3. Catholicism, with its attention to nativity, saints, etc... would have been the closest runner-up. They pay attention to [their] parshads. And the Name was particular as well (chanting on rosaries). I felt it was a progressive form of Abrahamism which incorporated God and those particularly affectionate to God, having personal relationships there (similar to the parshads of India). This all stemming from the new Testament. The new Testament had many common elements with Hinduism. I've often admired the Christian prayers to Mary and her particular relationship with Jesus as being similar with Yashoda and Krsna. Krsna being known Yashoda-nandana etc... Now there is a resurgence in Old Testament doctrine, which is essentially polarized to Hinduism. I can only consider it as an act of sensitivity toward the contemporary religious "victims" of the world, who is notably the most polarized toward Hinduism, Hindus long suffering at their hands for having faith in their vision of God and the spiritual universe, having their places of prayer torn down to establish the "approved" temple on top, and risking death for the continuity of sri-vigraha-aradhana. Lets see if Catholics will be able to sacrifice their "idol worshiping" as well.
  4. Seems Hinduism and Abrahamism are drifting further apart
  5. There was an exposee here in the Pacific Northwest that showed levels of pharmaceuticals in the municipal water along with flouride.
  6. There are many theists, who feel that God is personally and directly involved with our pleasures and pains. There are many theists who don't feel that way. All you can do is represent your understanding of God and the system we are involved in. Personally, I believe in karma. Because of my belief I will incorporate karma in my explanation of why I feel God is good, and the sufferings we experience are due to our choices. Karma inherently involves sin in past lives. The constraints you have placed on the answers you seek on this forum likely belong on a forum of Abrahamic base since they don't believe in karma. When discussing God and our suffering, karma is arguably the only way to support the notion of a kind God.
  7. Taliban being freedom fighters may just-as-well be Taliban propaganda. The question arises, "Freedom from what?" Are Taliban persecuted or are they cultivators of persecution. Or are they both?
  8. Hindustani is right though, this should be posted in another forum.
  9. You are not ready to trust the person who "shot" you. Although you feel that they may be malicious toward you, you have deep hope that they will be helpful in the end. If you develop keen awareness, you may be able to draw benefit (removal of bullets) from your questionable relationship (being shot) with them. Some dreams are not interconnected. You'll be the one to know if the person giving advice was interconnected with the shooter. As "abmind" said, advice should be considered upon careful deliberation. When you cannot deliberate, trust in fate.
  10. Well put. Megha Varnam is not necessarily black or blue. Literal interpretations can be difficult. No one will ever know with their physical eyes what color Rama or Krsna is in comparison to the color spectrum we experience with our physical body. Megha Varnam is that of a rain cloud. For persons whose life depended on a good crop yeild, there can be nothing more refreshing, enlivening, joyous, or celebratory than a rain cloud, bringing life giving rain to the fields, streams, and mountains. They are seen with eyes colored by preme...prema anjana churita. Those who see Rama or Krsna with eyes not colored by prema will see something else.
  11. Would you like it in sanskrit letters, phonetically reading as it would in english, or would you like the phrase translated into the sanskrit language itself?
  12. Yes. Scientific understanding is important. Philosophy must be consistent and thorough.
  13. Interestingly, this sounds akin to the war cry, "Death to the Infidels!!!" Who is right? And on what basis? When it comes down to it, we can all go around pointing our fingers at the other people who are infidels. Christians (Catholics, Protestants...), Jews (Reform, Orthodox...), Muslims (Shiites, Sunnis...), Hindus (Shaktis, Shaivites, Vaishnavas...), etc...
  14. In love, at one of its poles you find the personal, at the other the impersonal. At one you have the positive assertion - Here I am; at the other the equally strong denial - I am not. Without this ego what is love? And again, with only this ego how can love be possible?--Rabindranath Tagore
  15. This is an age where people are unsure of what valuable discretion truly is.
  16. An issue at hand is that the science of matter is touted as the only verifiable science, as primate highlighted. The science of spirit is often considered unverifiable. The motivations of material science must be scrutinized. Motivation falls under the science of spirit.
  17. If fitting is a problem, you can always use your elbows to make more space
  18. priti and krtijnata प्रिती , कृतिज्ञता
  19. सत्य , अहिंस , निष्काम कर्म
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