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  1. Dear Adi Shakthi and MSR I was also interested in Gayatri Kavacham and Gayatri Shaap Vimochan Mantra. But your both the sites are not opening. Could you please write the correct sites addresses. If they are available in MP3 for, I would like to have those also. Thanks Sapnarani
  2. Thanks Durgaputra Ji for ypour suggestion. Sapnarani
  3. Shri Durgaputra Ji Thanks for advicing others. I also took note of your advice. Should we just recite "Aim, Aim, Aim" for 15 minutes, or we should recite "Om Aim Mahaa Saraswataye Namah" for 15 minutes (or 108 times a day or two times a day)? Or is there anything else to do? Thanks sapnarani
  4. Maharish Ji Thank you very much for your reply. You have written two Beej Mantra of Hanumaan Ji in your two e-mails, Hum Aum Hum Hnumantaaye Namah, and Aum Hum Hanumantaaye Namah Which one is correct? The second thing, if one is doing Jaap of this Mantra for how long do you think or do you suggest one should do Jaap (maybe 108 times a day) to fulfill one's desire? By the way which one is the Vaidik Mantra for him, which could be recited daily for long term effects or to get Siddhi? Does one have to follow certain rules pr procedures to get Siddhi of some Mantra? If yes, then what? I hope I have not asked you too much. Thanks sapnarani
  5. Is it true thatthe Mantra given by srimbs will not work without going to Ganesh emple? Can't Ganesh Jee be worshipped in home? sapnarani
  6. How to do Viniyog methodically as it is necessary to do. As what to do of the water taken in one's right hand after one has recited the Mantra of Viniyog The second question - One has to do everytime whenever one is reciting the Stotra? I mean if somebody is continuously reciting the Stotra, should he recite the Viniyog everytime he is starting the Kavach afresh? Sapnarani
  7. How to do Jap of these mantra? in a certain number? for certain days? or what? What is the difference in Beej Mantra and n other Mantra? Are they more powerful or what? sapnarani
  8. Do you mean Khadga Ji that to siddh this Hanumaan Mantra (Manojava....) I should recite 108 times Mrityunjaya Mantra and one time Kaalee Kavach daily? Could you also tell me that how long does it take to Siddh this Mantra? How to know that this Mantra has become Siddh? And then what we can do from this Mantra? And one more thing : Does this Kavach come under Vaamaachaar worship? Is there no other way to Siddh Mantra except any Devee Poojaa? With regards Sapna
  9. Dear Bhushan Deshpande Ji Some astrologers say that I have Maanglik Dosh in my Kundalee, could you help me to ascertain this, and if it is there, should I do some remedy for it. Perhaps because of this reason I was married in 1999 and then got divorced 2 years later. Since then I have been living alone. Is it rue? My DOB - 15 Mar 1968 Place of Birth - Dehra Dun, UP, India Time of Birth - 9.46 PM I feel obliged if you can tell me something about this - my marriage. Thank you very much With regards Sapna
  10. To Devi Bhagat I would like to know if I have Pitra Dosh - DOB - 15 Mar 1968 Place of Birth - Dehra Dun, UP, India Time of Birt - 9.46 PM If I have it can I do any of the remedies given above? Do I myself have to do these remedies or can anybody else do it on my behalf? Normally Pitra Paksh ceremonies are not done by women in our culture. Then how to do those remedies? Please guide me Thanks With regards Sapna
  11. Dear Khadga Ji Om Namah Shivaaya Thanks for your suggestion. I have been chanting Mrityunjaya Mantra for about 6 months, 108 times. But what is this Kaali Kavach? Is this the same as Durga Kavach from Durgaa Sapt Shatee? If it is so, then there are Argala, Keelak etc also, so do I have to recite all of them or just the Kavach, only once in the morning? Please guide me. I have been reading Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, Sankatmochan (7 times), Bajarang Baan (on Tuesdays and Saturdays); Raam Rakshaa Stotra also. Bu nothing seems to work. With regards Sapna
  12. Dear Bhairo Ji I am still waiting for your reply. You look like good at Mantras. Is there any Mantra for getting relief from an untreatable disease. I have heard that Atharv Ved has many of such Mantras. If you have any knowledge of any one of them which could give me some relief, please let me know. Thanks very much Sapnarani
  13. Dear Bhairo Thanks for writing this Mantra. Could you please write how to Siddh this Mantra? What is the method to do it? Thanks Sapna
  14. Dear all, Just now I read the following passage written by a good astrologer. This passage shows that one cannot any Mantra of his own. It means that whatever people write in books or Puraan, one cannot take them as verbatum. Then how one can find a Mantra for hisown problems? It is not easy always to find a Guru and get initiated by him to learn a Mantra; secondly it will depend on him what does he give you? YOu have no choice? Is it all true? Gaayatree Mantra should not be done by anyone and at will ... Gaayatree should be given by a Guru, and should be practiced in a certain way. However during the Brahm Muhoort time, no rules apply, and if you are a Braahman, it specially becomes a obligation to perform it ... Mahaa Mritunjaya Jap can be done by anyone however it should be instructed by a guru ... Stotras and other Mantras like Lalitaa Sahasra Naam, Vishnu Sahasra Naam or Saundarya Laharee don't need Gurus instruction ... Lastly, Mantras are only means to an end and not the end in themselves ... even Gaayatree Mantra when done correctly will only lead you to higher goals by giving you direction ... Experimenting with all possible Mantras to see which suits you is not a very good method of practice ... and sometimes it can have negative effects .. especially if you are chasing Mantras like Lakshmee, or Ganapati, or the other Taantrik Mantras ... Please remember that the Taantrik Mantras that are practiced by Taantrik are usually performed after elaborate initiations by Guru ... Tantra believes that Mantras are more powerful than gods who preside them because by performing the Mantras you are creating an obligation for the presiding Deity to do what you want them to do ... spiritualism seeks to do the reverse of this .. that is to submit to the will of god and go where he takes you with faith and determination .... With regards sapnarani
  15. Thanks jeosparky, I will try to look for this book, if it can help me. I have a couple of more questions, anybody answer them. (1) I believe that Mantra, Stotra etc have tremendous power. I have been doing this for several months, but then why don't they work on me? Is there any thing wrong with the advice of Mantra? or in my doing those Mantra? or do they work whaenever they want to work, not all the time? What is the secret of this? (2) People advise that eve if you cannot chant Mantra yourself, you may go by listening to its CDs. Purpose is only that its sound vibrarions shuld be in the environment. Now if we take this as verbatum, it means that one has to chant them a bit loudly, not in heart or not by just moving one's lips, because these wuld not create sound vibrations. HOW FAR IS THIS TRUE? (3) If the Mantra are not giving the desired effect, does it mean that those Mantra are wrong for the purpose I want to use them? (4) How people Siddh any Mantra? What is necessary to do that? I am sure there is something wrong somewhere. What is it, I am unable to know. I request here if smebody is aware of all this, please let me know. With regards sapnarani
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