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  1. Hi, Can anyone please tell me what 'Kram Diksha' (क्रम दीक्षा) is ? Are there any powerful gurus who give this diksha personally? Please provide me with the details, thanx in advance
  2. First you need to understand why some recite only NAMAH SHIVAY... actually OM in sanskrit first prays respect to Vishnu and then to SHIV [it does not matter as far as GOD is considered ;-)]... so the ardent followers of SHIV (shaivites) recite only NAMAH SHIVAY. A true knowledge of Mantra can only be gained through a GURU... just placing OM in front or afterwards does not make a powerful mantra, for example most of the tantrik mantras don't have OM in them.
  3. Hi, Is anybody having idea in which book i can get "Mahakaal Sahastranaam" [i am not asking 1000 names for lord shiva but for Mahakaal] Thnx in advance
  4. Anyone ever heard of SADHVI PANCHI DEVI who belonged to MALIHABAD U.P. I want have some info her... i just heard her name, she was(is?) very powerful personality and given boon to many sufferers but mystreiously UP govt. sent her to US no one knows the reason. A GREAT MYSTERY SURROUNDS THIS NAME AND UP GOVERNMENT
  5. Hi divyarup, I just saw this thread... and i can fully understand your problem because my cousin brother also suffered similar problem... he came in contact with a Baba in village who gave him some mantra to recite (Gurudiksha), in span of 5-6 years my brother was completely obsessed with this man he lost his youth he lost his business he lost his knowledge and everything ... even then he was not ready to listen to leave this man (because as per Hindu ritual if someone leaves his Guru he will suffer for thousand of birth... BULLSHIT). Fortunately we met some other person a village and that person told us some strange things he told that that when a person do some recitation (japa) and if his kundalini start to awake then he start producing Amrit inside his body now if Guru is positive and morally correct then he will let this substance consumed by his discipile (who is creator of that substance) and it will lead to spiritual growth of shishya. BUT some (actually most of) GURUS they are weak both morally and physically and what they do is 1.make some disciples 2.give them gurudiksha 3.when disciples start making Amrit, GURU consumes it for himself so that he can attain higher siddhis (but this wrong doing will ultimately let that GURU to his downfall) but this also lets shishya suffer. So yes people can suck other people energies without the other person knowing (in scientific terms these people are called Psychic Vampires). As for the cure I am also searching for it because i do not want myself to know that most of the failures were not caused by my weakness but because of some person's wrong doing (which in this case is black magic). As for the case of my cousin ... that other wise person did some ritual and now brother has left that GURU (who i compare to weak maneater lion). Fact -> after giving GuruDiksha to my brother that GURU progressed for continuoslly 5-6 years his face was shining like sun he made more and more discipiles in that village on the other hand my brother lost everything After my brother left that Guru his condition stated to improve now he is married doing a good business and trying to continue his pooja (different from what that old bastard told him)... on the other hand now that Guru's face is blackened all his tej gone, many discipiles have left himbut along with it he took youth of my brother and gave 6 years of suffering to him.
  6. Hi, It is very difficult to find a strong spiritual person who at the same time is morally correct. Anyway keep faith in GOD and keep praying to HIM so that you can get rid of all evils. I am not sure if you are a Hindu... you can search for 'Hanuman Chalisa' on net in English and recite it atleast once a day and night before sleeping. One more common but strong trick - >Take seven dry red chillies >Circle it around the person (suffering) 7 times >Completely burn all the chilies (you can use some newspaper...) You can do this experiment on Saturdays OR Tuesdays at night if it helps then continue for 2-3 weeks. Thanks
  7. Will try to keep this thread alive... Most of the time people are discussing about Tips and Tricks to attract someone they (claim to) love.Sole purpose of tantra and any other sect is to reach God, If it is so I am asking senior members to come up and help spiritually weak people to defend themselves against these kind of Evil deeds done like Mohan, Vashikaran, Uchattan etc. Thanks
  8. Hi Friends... In This Forum I Have Seen Many Examples Of Sadhanas Describing Mohan Vashikaran Etc. In My Opinion It Means Possessing Others By Illegal Spiritual Means. Do You Guys Have Any Remedies If You Find Any Body You Love Is Possessed By Such Means. I Am Posting Here One Which I Know Take A Red Chilli (dry), Circle It Around A Person 7 Times And Burn It. Its Effect Are Immediate Anyone Else Having Such Tips Please Share Thanks
  9. How To Overcome Ill Effects Of Above Mentioned Sadhanas.for Example When You Come To Know That Someone You Love Is Affected By Vashikaran Or Mohan. Some Evil Tantrik Possessing Innocent Girl. Any Senior Member Please... Bhairo Can You Give Answer To This. If You Have Opinion That Tantra Is Not Understood Well Across India And It Does Good Only (feel Good Factor) Then Feel Free To Ignore This Question Thanks
  10. Any senior members can you please tell me some cure for vitiligo that is caused due to black magic
  11. Hi friends, I am suffering from some black magic done by family members for the past 3-4 years. 2-3 months I met a tantrik who performed some rituals for my cure... but in the meantime some of his activities left us suspicious... he did some peepal pooja and some pooha he performed in Shamshaan (cremation ground).. since he is friend of my uncle so we let him perform this pooja. After completion of the ritual no positive effect happened but one extremely bad side effect happened ... my grandmother age more than 60 is now suffering from Vitiligo or in hind Safed Daag (white spot). I know that she shown sign of this symptoms because of some malicious intentions of this tantrik and he left from hometown no one knows how to contact him. People who are aware of this disesase know that it occurs in young age (very rare in old age)..., also no one is having this disease in my family but now i don't know waht to do.... Please guide
  12. Can you please elaborate on what you are saying , I am also suffering from black magic since last 4-5 years and i don't know who is doing these things to me. So can you please give details or some examples on how to "make energetic strides for the good" Thanks
  13. Pitra Paksha is best for this purpose. Better you can discuss with some Pandit in your locality and he will tell you the best time for it. Also once again i will insist that doing shraadha in 'GAYA' for your pitras is best genuine way to get their blessings.
  14. Can you please tell us the name of website
  15. The only way to completely remove pitra dosh is to do shraadha for pitras at GAYA (in Bihar).
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