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  1. good..its gud to read all the predicted data but let me remind,we are in just the first phrase of kali..so..2046 cannot end kali.
  2. Gothram,pravara are the dairies of our forefathers.for e.g my gothram is Harithasa which means he was either the founder or greatest person of my family tree and other great saints/great souls (incl him) are said in pravara for eg my pravara says :haritha,ambarish & yavanashya..
  3. the vigraham/idol should not be bigger than your palm (rather thumb to middle finger).in case its bigger than that you need to pray as its done in a temple..i.e everything viz prayers,prasadam,etc.Normal procedures as instructed by your gurus are ok.i prefer laxmi narayan idols in place of narayan idol,i am sure learned souls here agree.adiyan Rramanuja dasah:
  4. hii,i have a small request specifically to chinnajeeyarji, kindly change your name bcoz h.h tridandi sriman narayana CHINNA JEEYAR is my guru and its difficult for me to bear sme1 say anything against the name..its could be a vaishnav vz shava siddhantas or anything else,but people are referring you as chinna jeeyar.hope you and the moderators understand my feelings.sorry if i troubled youAdiyan ramanuja dasah:
  5. good one..western world are turning vegg..and we are becoming....why not wall think for a second and be god loving souls
  6. go to a guru and get Narayana mantra.its the only solution
  7. plz recite sri vishnu shaharsanama..it helps.
  8. dear frnd,you seem to be iI illustration.do you watch tv/movie..did u ever hear anyone becoming mad..no correct..Trance is nothing but mind control.when u increase volume on ur remote..vol increases bcoz its tv control.in trance,you meditate and try to control ur self..then the later stages..you see visions.some may see visions by birth..its their karma thats helping.
  9. Hii all, I recently listed some old mobile and PC monitor and hence i would like to comment on this topic. I was never charged anything as many think. List for 7 days-Its free add ur(icici,hdfc,etc) bank account for paisa pay-its free do not go for bold or any decorated listings-they charge for this. else everything else is free..You can certainly try selling your product. there are many more sites like ebay (for eg freefew.co.cc,indiatimes auction,rediffauction,auction.com,etc) but ebay is one of the best as far as my experience goes. All the best
  10. Sir, I purchased a yellow sapphire (pukhraj) of 4.5 carats since,I could not afford anything more than that..This one itself costed me Rs 15000/- (incl of gold ring and stone) and I am unamployed since last 10 months...no improvement. Plz let me know what else could be the problem.I am herewith sending my details for your reference Name:-bhargava data of birth:- 23.July.1975; 1722 hrs place:- nuzvid (near vijayawada,Andhra-pradesh) Anticipating your reply at the earliest Regards Bhargava
  11. Namaskar Acharyaji, I am Bhargava BVN-male born on 23/July/1975 at 1722 hrs in Nuzvid near Vijayawada,Andhrapradesh,India. My present location:- Mumbai Married and expecting a kid within 10-15 days Sir, my problem is that I am jobless since March 2008,I get interview calls very rarely and I get selected but still,they never show their face again. I really dont know why. I was working as a factory manager and was earning 30k a month and being jobless for 10 months made my life misserable.I am unable to pay for my daily needs as well. Please help me Regards Bhargava
  12. Sir, I am unable to see your attactchment (3gp file) can u ple repost it or mail me at bvnbhargava@gmail.com Thanks&regards Bhragava
  13. Sir, I had asked when i would I get a job and you suggested the below in July 2008 but unfortunately, till data I am still unemployed.Plz read the below details of mine for your reference Name:- Bhargava bvn date of birth:- 23rs July 1975 time:- 1722 hrs place of birth:- vijayawada,andhrapradesh Sir, Kindly let me know the remidy,I tryed everything but still jobless. I was previously was working as a factory manager and was earning 30k every month an dam jobless since March 2008 hence, my condition is misserable.It has become a problem for everything. Please do let me know what can I do.Employers call me an dsay I will get appointment letter and dissapear..I even got an appointment for a job in UAE 5 months back but no visa till date..I am worried how to continue.. Kindly reply Regards Bhargava
  14. Sir, I was working as afactory manager and all was fine but unfortunately, since, last 4-5 months, i am jobless. Can you please look into my details and let me know my status. Name:- BVN Bhargava date of birth 23rd July 1975 Time:- 1722 hrs Location Nuzvid (near vijayawada,andhrapradesh) I am unable to bear the money issues.some asked me to wear pushyaraj(yellow sapphire) but i need money even for that. Plz advise Regards Bhargava
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