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  1. I recently heard that the namam we see on Srinivasa Perumal's forehead was designed by the English as there was a conflict between vadagalai and thenkalai sects. When they could not decide which kind of namam thats supposed to be put, they approached the London court and they suggested this version of namam. Is that true??? Well, if thats really true, dont you think that we should put the namam as directed by Ramanujacharya? Cant the vadagalais and thenkalais resolve this problem themselves? Should we accept the intervention of a foreign authority in OUR religious matters and tirupati is one of the biggest religious centres in India. I dont know much about this issue, can anyone make things clearer about it??
  2. Are Sri devi and bhoo devi two forms oh mahalakshmi or are they different?? And is padmavati devi a form of sri devi or bhoo devi or is she different from both of them??
  3. If we want to have a vigraham of lord vishnu at home, what are the specifications of its size and the type of archana that has to be performed??
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