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  1. My Prayers and respects go out to Kaumadaki and Murli... I used to stay at their house often as a guest when I would visit LA over the years, Murli is one of my very old friends and Guru Bhais from the old days in LA... Kaumadaki of course was one of the most sweet, sincere and caring souls that ever walked this planet, I stayed with them a while while she was going through chemo some years back and you would not think she was going through such a thing with the way she acted, always maintaining a positive demeanor and being her usual sweet self. I hate to bring up a negative, but I want to set the record straight, Kaumadaki was certainly always devoted to Srila Prabupada but did not stay in Iskcon all these years as cbrahma says. She will be missed by many, and we are all at a loss! Dravina
  2. This is getting more comical by the minute, this last quote from cbrahma is from Jagats article, 'The Parampara Institution in Gaudiya Vaishnavism', Jagat is not agreeing with Rupa Vilasa, he is only saying that is what he claims..LOLOLOL Talk about taking things out of context, this cbrahma, has a bit of catching up to do with this detective story, I recommend he start by reading the entire article by Jagat. HA HA!
  3. In this connection, it is also in place to mention that Gaurakisora Das Baba received diksa from Nandakisora Gosvami of Shantipura (Advaita Sampradaya), and later on bheka from Bhagavata Das Baba. Gaurakisora in turn gave the bheka of an ascetic to Bhaktivinoda.
  4. Bhaktivinoda was a disciple of Vipin Bihari Gosvami, not of Jagannath das Babaji. Though it is beyond doubt that Bhaktivinoda derived inspiration from Jagannatha Das Babaji, he wrote the following about his diksa-guru Vipin Vihari Gosvami. Bhagavat-arka-marici-mala: vipina-vihari prabhu mama prabhu-vara | sri-vamsi-vadanananda-vamsa-sasadhara || -- "Vipina-vihari Prabhu, the greatest of my masters, is the brilliant moon in the family of Sri Vamsi Vadanananda." Amrita-pravaha-bhasya: vipina-vihari hari, tara sakti avatari | vipina-vihari prabhu-vara || sri-guru-goswami-rupe, dekhi more bhava-kupe | uddharilo apana kinkara || -- "The eminent Vipina-vihari Prabhu, an avatara of the sakti of Lord Hari Who sports in the forests of Vraja, has descended in the form of the Gosvami spiritual preceptor. Seeing me in the dark well of worldly existence, he has delivered this humble servant of his." In the end of his Gita-mala (Siddhi-lalasa), Bhaktivinoda praises his diksa-guru in his manjari-svarupa alongside with Ananga Manjari and Rupa Manjari, submitting his eternal dependence on them.
  5. Kulapavana, This cbrahma clearly does not know the history at all, what he says is just uninformed mumbo jumbo, I have friends who are direct disciples of Lalita Prasad, I met him myself in 1974, he has no clue about this history, why waste time with this person, he has some major wires crossed.
  6. I never said such a thing wise guy, ok I was wrong about you going to India, my apologies, It certainly seemed that why with how you THINK about Radha Kunda and everything else. Maybe you were locked inside Iskcon gurukul all that time, because you certainly have a wacky understaning of Gaudiya Siddhanta it seems. You would think you would have developed a bit more respect towards advanced Vaishnavas and sadhus, but alas you seem to have the same 'we are the only ones' Iskcon mentality and all other Vaishnavas are Sahajiyas.
  7. First hand means you have witnessed, but then you say someone who lived there said this. You contradict yourself here. BTW ganja is smoked all over braja by the locals, it grows wild all ovet the place (I'm not endorsing it just stating fact), if there is a cloud of smoke over Radha Kunda who is to say it is the Vaishnava mahatmas smoking it and not the locals or riksha walas, your words are nothing but speculation to use your own words back at you, how people like you can believe in such heresay is beyond me, go there yourself and you will see 1st hand this is complete BS. You are just producing idiotic heresay and shows you yourself have never spent time there and I bet never even been to India, am I right? please answer
  8. speculating?? How silly. LOL, all I said is you can research on what points they disagree on as I am not inclined to get into all that. BTW I am not attacking rocana for not knowing history, I am clearly saying HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, you obvioulsly don't either
  9. FYI: Radha Kunda IS considered the most sacred place in all of Braja The other mumbo jumbo you say about ganja is nothing but heresay smear tactics, show us where you get this information from, usually people who say this kinda thing have never been to Radha Kunda at all, what about you? Have you even been there before or just trust everything you hear from fanatics?
  10. You can go research this yourself and draw your own conclusions
  11. cbrahma, puts everyone who differs from him on ignore, really he is just sticking his head in the sand.
  12. This is what Rocana dasa has to say on the subject of Jagadananda Das <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> Quote: <table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td style="border: 1px solid rgb(102, 102, 102); padding-left: 3ex; padding-right: 3ex;" bgcolor="#e0e0e0"> Srila Prabhupada stated that the whole purpose of education and advancement in civilization is to cure yourself from the 'dirty mind'. 'Dirty mind' means that you have lusty and greedy desires in the mind, and it requires a great deal of dedication to Krsna consciousness, as Srila Prabhupada himself is presenting it, in order to get free from this. Of course, ISKCON history is replete with all sorts of examples of how true this is. In fact, during these last few days of March 1976, Srila Prabhupada was inquiring into a meeting with Lalita Prasada, who is Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur's brother. Lalita Prasasda had a strong disagreement with Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, and instead of preaching Krsna consciousness in the same mood as Srila Prabhupada's Spiritual Master, he took to babaji life. By staying around the Mayapur area, he got possession of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur's house, which is situated just across the river from the Mayapur land. Srila Prabhupada was interested in making an arrangement with him to take care of Srila Bhaktivinoda's house, because obviously Lalita Prasada didn't have the men or money to do so. Little did we know at that time that Lalita Prasada had convinced two of the most prominent, scholarly members in ISKCON at that time, Nitai and Hiranyagarbha, to renounce Srila Prabhupada, and of course BSST, and come over to his way of thinking. They took the fall and did so, and they're still preaching Lalita Prasada's position to this day. Although they both went onto become Sanskrit scholars, they are preaching against both Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati and Srila Prabhupada. In fact, Hiranyagarbha (Jagadananda dasa) has gone so far as to call Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur a fraud.</td></tr></tbody></table> Here's another piece of half truths from rocana, really cbrahma you are quoting someone who is completely uninformed about certain facts, For one at the 1st Mayapur festival Srila Prabupada HIMSELF sent ME along with several other Iskcon devotees to have lunch at Lalita Prasads ashram after he had kindly extended an invitation for some of us to come and take prasad. Srila Prabupada and Lalilata Prasad didn't want the old family fued to continue that was there between GM and Lalita Pradsads ashram was the feeling I got when this was arranged and we went there. You numbskull he took babaji directly from Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, people like you who don't know the history, were never around then, spread nothing but false propoganda and do nothing but a disservice to Srila Prabupada. I met Lallita Prasad and he was as kind and loving as any real Vaishnava you can find, unlike so many fakes who make up stories to bring glory to themselves. It was his fathers house LOL, Srila Bhaktivinode loved Lalita Prasad very much as we can see quite clearly in (Sva-likhita-jivani) fathers leave their children their houses and yes Lalita Prasad was his favorite. I cannot believe how rocana just talks any thing off the top of his head, yes Jagat took diksha from Lalita Prasad into the diksha line from Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, but Nitai did not LOL, Nitai took diksha from Tin Kori Gosvami in Braja and learned of all this from Doctor Kapoor. It seems after all these years rocana would get the facts straight. Most who left to take diksha in other lines were bitter no doubt and spoke against IGM yes but that is water under the bridge now and much of that has subsided and I know Jagatji has great respsect and affection for Srila Prabupada even though he may disagree on some points. Nitai does not spend time attacking IGM as he once did, he himself has softened up a bit in this regard as well. As far as fraud is concerned, Jagat has questioned the authenticity of the Chaitanya Upanishad that was brought out by the Thakur and it being an ancient work from the Upanishadic period. He certainly does not consider Bhaktivionode to be a fraud but his own Parama Guru. I would be careful using rocana as your source material on so many things, he is just uninformed and exaggerates on so many points and makes claims about things with having only bits and pieces that he has heard second hand.
  13. Following this line of logic Sri Chaitanya would be the Sampradaya Acarya in the Gaudiya Sampradaya.
  14. This is historically inaccurate to a large degree omiting certain facts that only gives the reader part of the picture. The statement here for instance: "His own brother, Lalita prasad, sided with the representatives of traditional diksa lines that traced their linage clear back to the Caitanya Lila" The reality is Sri Lalita Prasad Thakur sided with his father Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur who gave him diksha into the same line he had taken diksha into going back to Ma Jahnava Devi, he gave him mantra diksha and siddha pranali just as he had been given by Bepin Behari Gosvami. Srila Bhaktivinode did not give this same mantra diksha or Siddha Pranali to Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, of course there are a multitude of opinions as to why he did not. Also worth mentioning here is the fact that Srila Bhaktivinode wrote his memoirs (Sva-likhita-jivani) which is the primary source of information on BVT's life as we know it to Sri Lalita Prasad Thakur as he had great affection and love towards him.
  15. They are not smear tactics at all, it is just showing people what is behind this constant fight you have going on in every single thread you participate in, regardless what your philosophical stance happens to be from one year to another that clearly changes from time to time. Again, you are one of these angry people who want to fight with everyone and be right, your being right is more important than what is true. very pathological
  16. All glories to Rocana Prabhu
  17. " I haven't found any need to move 'laterally' from Prabhupada" You have only waffled between him and Jesus! HA HA
  18. BTW, I am an old guru bhai of Gopal long before he came to LA and I know for a fact he would NEVER go along with your invented Siddhanta and idiocy.
  19. " BTW he thinks Gobal batta is a not a good example of a Vaisnava." Here he goes with his stuffing words in peoples mouths, I never said this all, I said was he thinks that serving under Ramesvara and Gopal was proper sadhu sanga, I can assure you at the time IT WAS NOT as Ramesvara was completely messing up things and offending Prabupadas other disciples and Gopal was going along with it, of course he was being manipulated by Ramesvara, BUT had the sense to move on after a while, Gopal Bhatta is a Vaishnava very much worth my respect. I was referring to that period which was the INSANE zonal Guru madness in it's heyday. Oh twister of words, you don't fool me at all, nor anyone else who has half a brain.
  20. Exactly, those who try and preach a one and only Guru show a lack of understanding and small mindedness, completely against Gaudiya Siddhanta and the teachings of Srila Prabupada AND the Gosvamis. These are usually people who have never spent time in Braja and seen the mood that is prevalent there among various Vaishnavas.
  21. Here lies cbrahmas problem, he is so bitter over this zonal guru stuff after all these years, and he has never let go of it, what it has done is eaten him up inside, As a result he has gone bonkers and thinks we are all part of the plot, along with other Advanced Vaishnavas in Braja, very paranoid indeed. (cbrahma I know when you see that I have posted you will unblock me to see what I say, you don't have enough self-control to do otherwise! HA HA HA!)
  22. Can't take the heat you dish out hey?
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