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  1. dear learned people, i would like to know about my future in specific areas: 1. will i get an opportunity to serve in south india or western india? 2. will i get a promotion in my job or will i get a new and better job? i have been serving in a remote place for last 25 years away from my native tamilnadu. my details are time : 00.20 hrs date : 01/02-03-1954 place: thanjavur tamilnadu thank you pranam umbaba
  2. dear guruji, my troubles have come to an end and i am a relieved now. Thanks for all the guidance and help. pranam umbaba
  3. dear sir, i have been to this temple. very good atmosphere( in 1980s) kanchi is the town of temples. many people do not wear chappal for fear of stepping on idols (it is believed that many idols/temples are buried under the town) pranam umbaba
  4. daer velu, i agree with astroseeker. it is better if you sit down and settle the issue with your wife on one to one basis. it is the intermediaries who complicate the tender relationship called marriage. pranam umbaba
  5. dear madam pl go to mantra tantra vijana forum inthis site and look for MATA bhagalamukhi photos. u will get the photos. pranam umbaba
  6. dear sir, can one chant the mantra at home. what about keeping her picture at home and worshipping. same in respect of chinna masta. kindly clarify. pranam umbaba
  7. dear sir, i too would be interested to know about past life!! pranam umbaba
  8. dear bhairo, i agree the potential of this mantra, can it be chanted at home without initiation??(diksha). pl confirm . Ditto for bhogulamukhi mantra. pl clarify. pranam umbaba
  9. madam, thank you. iwill pass on the message to her. pranam umbaba
  10. madam, thank you. i will tell her to follow your advice. her questions are: will she get a good job? will she be able to look after her parents after marriage(if she decides to marry) general financial health thanks pranam umbaba
  11. madam, she is not interested in marriage. butall the relatives are pushing her but she is adamant. financial security would be the best help. pl advice. pranam umbaba
  12. deepaji, she is religious and caring towards all the people irrespective of religion etc., probably one among the handful of people left with human values. it pains to see her sufferings because she takes as if it is her fate?! i have never seen her talk back to her parents or any body including children. kindly help pranam umbaba
  13. respected learned ones, in another thread i had written about a lady relative having this dosha. her details are date of birth 26/08/1968, time 4.55 AM, place Kanpur. she migrated to chennai as a baby and completed post graduation and is a teacher now. she has no perfect job(no monetary and mental satisfaction), she could not get married, she ahs one elder sister (married) parents are alive but dependent on her. it ahs always been slip between the cup and the lip always for job. she is now not inclined to marry (dejection)? can you please help and provide some solution. pranam umbaba (i am posting again as ididnt get much response )
  14. dear atro seaker, she is employed. but the monetary compensation is low. she has to take care of aged parents also. she has lost interest in marriage due to these things. may be things will change if she gets good service. is there any chance for that. i will tell her about the puja as suggested by you. thanks pranam umbaba
  15. dear sir, grt thank you pranam umbaba
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