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  1. Hi emperor, Received with thanks. have downloaded everything. hopefully I will be free by tomorrow. regards Appolonius
  2. HI Emporer, Thanks for your help. My e-mail id is pratapsarma@gmail.com. Please send me the mp3 so I can try out. meanwhile how we can we prevent spirit re-entry? if u can guide me. regards Appolonius
  3. Hi Akshay, I tried the method suggested by you. You are right ...the sounds are stopping...but it is stopping temporarily only. Why is that? I suppose in my case the spirits have some way of re entering my body even if I remove them. This could be some boon this asura has obtained..i dont know what it is? u have any clue? Regards Appolonius
  4. if u are getting black magic attacks on the eye try this manthra Sarvagopi sthambhavaasa phalam me rakshathu dhvanim narasimho me drishapatu soma suryaagni lochana I think narasimha is the best one for this .Jay narasimha regards Appolonius
  5. Hi khadga, What is udamaresvara tantra ? can u help me to learn this? ...if u can help that will be really good... Regards Appolonius
  6. Hi all, I have done some experiments and found out this. try this protection manthra whenever you feel the attacks are more (that is when the sound is more ...) bhuje va thala pathreva kavacham likhitham shubham Kara mule dhrithamyena sidhhyeyuh karmasidhayah try this ..its good regards Appolonius
  7. Tej narayan ji can u provide me ur e mail id..probably I can use an apsara to get rid of my problem . Regards Appolonius
  8. Hi, I have sent you a private mail. Pls check it as I have many things to reply..Also I have sent the manthras . Regards Appolonius
  9. Hello, please refrain from doing any Saadhanas.You know what a Saadhana is . Like chanting a manthra say some 100000 times repeatedly. Please dont do too much of prayers in a day to solve this problem. This will infuriate the spirits and they might cause some damage to you like removing your eye sight or even killing you. So dont do Saadhana. If you need the manthras I mentioned please send me your email id and I will sent it across. Also I have some manthras for spirit removal as mp3 with me. These did nt work for me but may it will be useful for you. If u need them tell me and I will send it. Regards Appolonius
  10. Hello Anjali, First of all sorry to here that you are also in a very pathetic situation like what I am in. Well if you consult psychiatrists they will all come to the same conclusion ...that is auditory hallucination and schizophrenia. If you take the medicines for that the condition wont change becoz this is a spiritual issue which is beyond science:)(sorry to say this..many might deny this..and we have all been taught to believe in science in our schools..but nature has its own ways ..which is of course beyond our understanding:(.. Well to solve the problem..hmmm...I myself tried different techniques to solve this ...like meeting great spirituall masters ...conducting certain poojas and exorcism etc...but u knwo my problem is just way too severe:( ...and problem is not going...this is famous in kerala u know(its called kshudhram and it is deadly..lucky to be breathing now ...u wont belive it these spirits have power just like gods!!)... Any ways since u have asked I will tell u some techniques which I am currently using. 1) chant Narasimha kavacha manthra and Narasimha sthothra every day morning after taking bath. 2) chant Sudarsana kavacha manthra and sudarshana sthothram. 3) chant purusha sooktham (This is prayer to Lord Vishnu) 4) chant Sreekrishnatotharam 5) chant Shiva Sooktham All this should be done in the morning. This is very effective in controlling the physical attacks to your body and also lessening the noices. In my case the noice never goes completely as this deity "Kshudran" is just too powerful!!. Trust in Narayana ..thats all I can say. Also when the spirits use abusive langaugae dont react to it. keep your mind empty as far as possible. At the same time dont be too submissive as otherwise they will get encouraged. In my case if i react sharply to the abusive languga e of the spirits their strength increases!! and they start attacking very fiercely. Also stick to a vegetarian diet and also dont drink alcohol or any drinks. This will reduce the god power of your body . This is called yoga shakthi.Thats all. I cannot assure you 100% relief. You will get some improvement(I knwo it is very difficult) . Thats all. May lord Lord Narayan save you. Have faith. All the best Appolonius
  11. Hi , am back after a long time:) . Am currently trying out the steps suggested by godsentfriend..The Narasimha kavacha is really helping me and it is capable of keeping the spirits quiet to certain extent. BUt my condition is not completely cured. The spirits keep talking to me . But from their talk it is obvious that they are finding the stay in my body very difficult. Now they are threatening to do some severe damage before they leave if I continue to prey the way I do. (like destroying my vision) . Any ways I am still (alive) and trying. Thanks for all the help Regards Appolonius
  12. Hi all, I f any one can send me a copy of " Kaali Kithaab " by M/s Randhir Prakashan, Shravan Nath Nagar, Hardwar – 249401 written by Baba Aughar Nath "Tapasvi". Please note that this book has thanthra remedies for almost all problems including black magic. Please send through VPP and I can make the payment at my end. Regards Appolonius
  13. so is it like the man was serious before marriage and after marriage it turned into a joke (as usual;) )?
  14. hi, the Keezhkavu temple is a part of the famous chottanikkara temple...wHere are u put up? Any ways just come own to Cochin and hire a taxi to chottanikkara temple..it is around half an hours drive to Chottanikkara temple. The temple is around 15 kms from Cochin. And yes this temple has remedy for black magic. regards Appolonius
  15. Hi all, here is one suggestion..I have tried wearing himalaya rudraaksha...I do a japa of "Om namah sivaya" 108 times by puring water to rudraaksha...and u wont believe it I found the results very very good...now the intensity of the attacks has drastically reduced...please remeber to remove the rudraaksha during night and during sex. If ur karmaas are good then the effect is really good. Try it!! Regards appolonius
  16. Hi Krishna, can u provide me with the exact url of the rdakshina murthy web site. Becoz when I tried I was getting "page cannot be displayed". regards Appolonius
  17. Hi , I am currently doing a one week saadhanaa here in chottanikkara temple (which is famous for removing possessions) . Once I complete that I will go to Sarangpur...the trouble I am facing in going to sarangpur is that it is too far away from my place and since I have a problem now it will be slightly risky to go for a long journey. Another problem I am facing is that none of my family members are ready to accompany me to Sarangpur..(they are total non believers) ..So these factors are pushing me back..(since it will take approximately two days to travel to Sarangpur... ) Regards Prathap Chandran
  18. Hi aghora, Thanks for the link..if u can provide more experts that would be great..I am trying gayathri manthras every day...but the attacks in the night are just too intense to withstand:( Applonius
  19. Hi ---, See i am convinved that black magic is a form of inderjaal.......(if u check athrva veda there are three forms of abhichaara inderjaal is one amongthem. So all the events associated with black magic appear to be wonders(beyond scientific explanation) ....So if any one has original material of athrva veda (I need only abhichaara and nothing else) please provide me that..in it is mentioned how to cure the effects of black magic as mentioned by bhairo ji... Thanks & regards appolonius
  20. Friends, looksa like it is bad time for me...not able to go now to amdavad...bomb blasts:mad: ...and thanks bhairo..lemme check locally whether I can get any expert in Atharva veda or Indrajal.....if some body catches me trying to learn atharva veda:eek: ... Regards Prathap
  21. Hi , does anyone know how to stop the effects of Indrajal? I suspect my problem comes as a part of Indrajal in athravaveda......If anyone knows this please let me know... thanks in advance Appolonius
  22. Hi Junior Member, Thanks. since u r reiterating the goodness of the temple I will surely visit there. I have made up my mind. any ways I am getting immense relief by using the other techniques that u had suggetsted like dhoop and hanuman song...I am also reading chaleesa every day.... but the problem is that when we try somethings these negative beings get really provoked and start doing very harsh black magic:( ..but any how due to god's grace nothing is happening to me..any ways I really thank u and appreciate ur efforts to help me...(not many people do that now a days) and I also appreciate your knowledge in spiritual things..also I found shivasooktha and shiva prayer very effective...but the condition is not cured the sounds are still there but atleast I am able to sleep and the attacks are less... regards Appolonius
  23. Hi Junior Member, No i did nt go to Sarangpur..thing is that one of the people who is having a real problem (user name Gramopatti) told me that even he had gone to Sarangpur some two years back but even after the poojari performed the rituals his condition has not improved...also this site is suggesting us to do Saadhanas..but these spirits wont let us complete the saadhanas. I know that the solution suggested by you may work in the case of simple possessions but I dont think this will work out in the case of complex possessions like what me and Gramo are having. This problem called "Kshudhram" is like a full stop to my life. So I am wondering whether I should go all the way to Sarangpur... Regards Appolonius
  24. HI Bhargava, Please provide me with the name of the daththathreya temple. I will be visiting bangalore soon. So at that time I will be visting the temple.And I thank you for the info. Regards Prathap
  25. Hi Gramo, I totally agree with your views. Even I have experienced this. If I chant Vishnu and Siva manthras then I find that the intensity of the black amgic attacks and the sounds of the spirits is little less. BUT even if we pray with all our faith the condition is not completely cured.I agree that the god is powerful than the demons..but the demons are able to bring all their power into attacks whereas even after praying hard the gods do not use their full quota of power to protect us.So we are unable to get full protection against the demons..now if we want to turn all the gods attention to us then probably we need to do som sort of a penance for several years like what Viswamithra and Bhrigu maharshi were doing. This is practically impossible in today's context..The truth behind this is that we dont know the exact way to cure possessions..probably some body is out there who knows this technique but we dont know who it is? or may be nobody is there who knows the techniqe...Probably we have to find a way by ourselves? Take for instance my case...the third agent which the evil shakthis (in my case it is not ghosts but shakthis..they are called kshudhra shakthis..traditionally called in Kerala as "Kshudhra prayogam" ) is a asura called kshudra(this may be a fake name) ..what they are claimimg is that this asura has obtained boon from lord shiva and now this asura is the king of all three lokas(that is bhoomi,paathaalam and devaloka) and that this asura is more powerful than any god.so no matter how much we pray we cant beat Kshudra as the gods will find it difficult to find beat this asura presently..but probably at the end of this yuga or something may be one of the thrimurthis will find a way to kill this demon..but by that time we would be dead meat ... and even when I tried to get rid of this using some pujas I could break the spell temporarily for somedays but after that the black magic again started. Phew.... This simply means that this could be the end of the road for me..by the way if somebody knows kshudra prayoga please let me know.. Thanks Appolonius
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