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  1. The greatest god is Vishnu, Shiva comes next. Others come after them.
  2. This book is available in Sri Rama Krishna Mutt's book stores.
  3. Brahmins according to the rule of veda must definitely preform this 324 times a day after thread ceremony. Wisk. I do this 9 times presently, but want to increase in future.
  4. Frankly, you dream such things because people around you are extremely devotanal talking. Next time when you go to bed think what else they discussed and then see the charms if you want to stop dreaming such things. Your soul is so pure that you think about spirituality even in sleep with no concentration. You are lucky I would say!
  5. Don't know such works from great people exists. Hopefully I find it for myself aswell.
  6. There are no negative effets to my imagination, but make sure you chant the mantra with meanings fully understood.
  7. He was cursed by Sage Bhrigu
  8. Listen to Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra written by Sage Vashistha.
  9. Love the picture quality so much. GOD bless Prannoy Roy and his Team.
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