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    whats the point

    i feel ike whats the point to being born to this world............alot of people would say the point of being born of this world is to become god counsiese. but everything is just so repetative u wake up u go to work everyday u come home do it all over again, then u get married and have a bunch of kids then u die of old age. u work ur whole life so all u could do is retire and die. what the point of all this, its repetative boring abd not worth it at all. whatsd the point?
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    whats the point

    I think the point of life, in general, is simply to follow our nature. As we do this it inevitably leads us onwards. It is when we deny our nature that we feel life is 'pointless', for truly it is. Experiencing unhappiness and happiness are just part of that path of following our nature. A seedling seeks the air and then the sun. If it is unable to find what it seeks, it is not only 'unhappy', it will die. Truly we are 'happiest' when we are Being and fulfilling who and what we really are. Our spirit, likewise, must find what it seeks, must follow it's nature, or it too will never grow.
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    whats the point

    The point of being born in this world is relative to the value one sees in this world. Many persons are joyous to wake up and sleep, brush their teeth, meet new people etc. This world can be viewed in 2 ways. Real and Unreal. And there is validity to both.
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    whats the point

    There's no point at all, just like a dream has no purpose or meaning. It just is; that's all. But, because most people can't accept this, they invent gods and related fairy tales.

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