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    People are now speculating some tantric spell possibility. I would like to give a small background of how the spell on a person works and who all will become victims. First and foremost, a person who's chart is strong and the planets are in good position can never become a victim of a tantric spell. So a nadi reader cannot just like that create problems in a person's life. They are not the cosmic dispositioners to cast a spell in a person. Tantric spell affects like anyother bad things and it happens only under the particular bad Dasa-- Bhukthi period per the native's chart. Tantric spell effects are cirumstancial, temporary and another form of our own karma. So first, please remove the fear, a nadi reader cannot create your bad karma. We reap what we sow, nothing else. If your purva punya sthana is good, I bet, you meet N number of nadi readers, even Calcutta tantrics or black magicians, you CAN NEVER be affected by a tantric spell. Even when your planetery positions are not good, tantric spell effects can easily be overcome. It requires just one thing confidence and strength. Confidence in the Divine, strenght in your mind, courage and bravery. With the unyielding faith in the Divine (your personal God ), you can walk in the graveyard at midnight without fear. Faith and devotion are a protecive shield against all accidents, fears, threatenings, black magic etc etc. When your consciousness is elevated and you have noble thoughts and if you are connected to Divine by devotion and faith, then even if planets are not favourable, the tantric cast will bounce upon the one who spelled it. If they spelled death, it is they who will meet with death. The spell is nothing but a evil vibration, accummulation of passion,ego & lust, it is absence of light, it is darkness, it is not an existing entity, it is an illusion. So when knowledge comes, illusion goes away, anything that is absent is not a power, you fill it with presence and defeat it. Hence next time, you visit a nadi reader, he tells you to go to this temple or that temple and do this parihara, challenge him with folded hands,humbleness yet confidence -- "I can overcome whatever evil you have mentioned and get all I aspire for in this life, by a sincere surrender to the Divine who is present everywhere, even in the nearby temple to your centre". You go to nadi for a research and thrill, to study their psychology and infact to find out atleast one genuine nadi reader, thats it. Nothing more than that. They definitely cannot help or harm you. It is in our hands to better our situation. You bow down your head only infront of the Divine to nonone else, if somebody discourage by saying that you are a sinner, deny that vehemently by saying that "I might have been a sinner, but not now, I have started a new life with faith in the divine". Your planets may be afflicted, debilated or in wrong aspects -- you can overcome all these effects by faith and devotion. Hence if at all, you want to appeal anything to Nava Grahas, you ask just one thing -- a faith and devotion in the mind -- unyielding faith, strength of mind, devotion and surrender to the Divine. I have seen certain people's chart -- their Lagna is strong and good, aspected by beneficial planets -- this combination alone gives them the above mentioned positive attitude and inspite of all other negative aspects in the chart, they come out with flying colours. So whatever may be the planetary position in your chart, you can achieve what you want in this life, if you have the help and intervention of the Divine. It is always there my dear friends, so please call upon it. Your past karma will definitely try to hold you back, all the evil vibrations you did for others in enormous births will definitely try to hold you back, but if you fix your mind,thoughts and soul to the Divine, gradually, you will enter the Light and Source Energy. Once you elevate yourself to that level of consciousness, those evil vibrations and reactions of karma cannot enter that region. You will be under the protective shield of the Divine, when the Divine decides to interven, no force in this world can stop it from acting. It requires only one thing from your part -- absolute and unconditional surrender to the Divine. Who is Divine? It is the supramental highest conscious energy that is the source of all this creation. If you dont have a personal God where upon, you can that Divine,where upon you can focus your thoughts and surrender, no problem -- pray like this " Thy supreme will, who manages the Universe, let He protect me, by the supreme Will of Whom the sun shines,the plants grow, the river flows, let He protect me, by the supreme Will of whom I speak now, let that Force hear my aspiration, by the virtue of the Divine, the child earnestly call upon the Supreme Father." So only two things are required when it comes to peaceful and prosperous life -- unconditional surrender,faith to the Divine second and important, you have started to focus and surredner to the highest truth, so when you get answered with prosperity, manhood, beauty, fame, riches, health, children, vehicle, bungalows etc etc. please use them in the service of the Divine. Help the needy with your riches and fame. If you get influence and power as the answer, please use it in the service of the Divine. The Divine wants to act through you, to accomplish certain things in the universe. Hence please allow that flow. Dont arrest that flow by living in a small circle. That is the reason we are suffering now. I ask for riches and I get it. Then I stay within my boundary of family and friends, and use the riches lavishly without a definitve purpose. Slowly it turns into lust and when lust comes, evil or darkness forms around me and I have already started arresting the flow of the Divine. Then slowly you will start feeling tiredness, stress, depression, jealousy and anger because all these are indications that darkness(evil) has formed around you. So dont let that happen, when your aspirations are answered, it means Divine wants to act through you, so you please let it act. You want a beautiful wife and sex life, no problem, aspire for it, you will get a noble woman, you will feel satisfied and happy, you will beget good children, but engage your wife and children in the service of the Divine. So one multiplies into many, in this case, you were good, so your wife and children are becoming good. So the medium of the Divine multiplies by your initial wish -- sexual energy. But in the contrary, when you become lustful and greedy, passionate and restless, you starts covering yourself with darkenss and you tend to misuse your energy with so many illegal ways, and all misery follows. So from next episode, I will write on where to start and begin with, on this process of surrender and devotion -- I will show the method which I follow with Lord Maha Vishnu the all existing primeval Govindha.
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    Jahnava Nitai Das

    How to read minds?

    Thank you for writing with your question. Mind reading is not something taught, but something which automatically comes by expanding one's consciousness. There are several methods for expanding one's consciousness, but the simplest and most effective method is through meditation and mantra upasana. As one advances in meditation, one's mind is purified of various mental contaminations which limit our focus and concentration. Slowly one's mind becomes open to subtle channels of thought. At that point, one is able to experience the mental platform as one would normally experience the physical realm. Such experiences are not possible unless one takes up a very serious sadhana of meditation and mantra upasana. If you are interested in this I will provide you with more detailed instructions. Yours in service, Jahnava Nitai Das, Bhaktivedanta Ashram [This message has been edited by jndas (edited 08-29-2001).]

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