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    Helping everyone in Healing their physical, emotional and mental health problems; to help in healing of psychic attacks like Black Magic, curses, spells, occult energies, white magic, paranormal activities etc via Prana Violet Healing; To teach how to heal yourself with a simple healing technique, protect yourself from psychic attacks and how to increase your spiritual energy. Please contact us for free teaching and healing

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  1. Try this- " I AM THAT I AM " in Hindi it can be said as- " Jo Meain hoon voh meain hoon " which means I am the Soul Makes a lot of difference, can be repeated any number of times during the day we have full affirmation on this, can write it if you so desire but this one line in itself is very powerful, thank you
  2. If you say you feel dizzy then there is likelihood of cords in your crown chakra and may be in ajna chakra too. Feeling tired could again be a result of cords in these chakras or other body chakras as well because whenever there are cords your energy will get depleted and disturbed. There could be negative energy at home which could be sucking away your life force energy. There can be one or more of the abovementioned causes of your health condition. If you can get in touch with us we will help you identify the cause and also help in your healing. All our healings are free of charge.Thank you.
  3. We can understand your stress. We have been healing many people with all kinds of Psychic attacks and results have been good. Kindly contact us, we are healers and we have no charges, we will try to help you in the best possible way and also teach you how to protect yourself from such negative energies
  4. During the course of our healing we have experienced that in people who do a lot of meditation, headaches can be explained as follows- During meditation a lot of energy flows into the body through the crown chakra but the nadis( energy meridians) are blocked hence this energy gets stuck up in the head area, cannot spread to entire body; resulting in severe headaches. In many people the Earthing/ Grounding chakra is blocked, extra energy received during meditation cannot flow down to the earth, which again results in headaches and strong sensations at different chakra regions. As for pain in Ajna particularly, it can result from cords coming to that chakra or can also be because of chakra energy disbalance even if no cord. When cords come to any chakra/ body part they can really drain away your energy To heal you we will have to check your aura and chakras.
  5. By Pitrudevata I understand they are the ancestors who after they die ,stay on to take care of family descendents. But in doing that they stay in soul form and donot elevate.After elevation only soul can take rebirth. According to divine plan, every soul that takes birth should be go back and then reincarnate as per the karmas/ karmic account. Ideally these souls must also elevate and take Punarjanma at some point of time.
  6. Whatever is happening in our life may be a result of our karmas done knowingly or unknowingly... there may be energy blocks in getting a suitable job, we can guide you in identifying these blocks and hep in removing them.. sometimes there are blocks in success and prosperity which need to be removed, if you can contact us we can help you, check facebook- Prana Violet Healing India
  7. Only way to remove sins , in other words, balance your karmas is through FORGIVENESS...
  8. Pics from our various workshops/ healings
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