Was the Christian Vatican Originally a Temple to Lord Shiva?

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All religions are one and are derived from Vedic Sanatana Dharma. Famous historian P.N. Oak claimed that the word Vatican originally came from the sanskrit word “Vatika”, that “Christianity” came from the sanskrit words “Krishna-neeti”, (“ethics of Krishna” or “the way of Krishna”), and that “Abraham” came from the sanskrit word “Brahma”. He further claims that both Christianity and Islam originated as distortions of Vedic beliefs.

Vatican Church Compound Shaped as a Shiva Linga

Compare the two pictures below and you can see a striking similarity between the shapes of a shiva linga and the vatican church compound. Further if we look closer, we even see a perfect tripundra and bindu incorporated into their design.


In the following pictures let us compare the tripundra (three lines worn by Lord Shiva as tilak).



The word ‘Vatican’ itself is derived from the sanskrit word Vatika or Vatica, which means vedic cultural or religious centers. In sanskrit the word Vatika is used to describe a place, such as Ananda-Vatika, Ashrama-Vatika, Yagna-Vatika, etc. Such words and discoveries prove that the Vatican was a Hindu (Vedic) religious center before its incumbent was forced to accept Christianity from 1st century AD. Also, according to some reports, a Shiva linga was found during the excavation and is kept for display at Gregorian Etruscan Museum in Rome (details below). Hindustan indeed was Virat.

Siva Linga at Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican City (Vatika)


This Siva Lingam is exhibited in Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican City. This has the most important Etruscan collection in Rome, starting with early Iron Age objects from the 9th century BC. Encyclopedia Britannica mentions under the headings “Etruria” and “Etruscan” that between the 2nd and 7th centuries BC, northern Italy was known as Etruria. During archaeological excavations many such “meteoric stones mounted on carved pedestals (Siva Lingas on bases)” have been discovered in Italy. This Siva Lingam was dug-up from Vatican City itself. Many more must be lying buried under the Vatican’s massive walls and numerous cellars.

P.N. Oak’s Theories on Vedic Roots of World Religions

P.N. Oak claims that Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Hinduism, and that the Catholic Vatican, Kaaba and the Taj Mahal were once Hindu temples to Shiva. In his book, “Some Missing Chapters of World History”, Oak claimed that the first civilisation was developed in India from which all world civilisations grew. He wrote books on this subject in three languages.

Intent on rectifying what he believed to be “biased and distorted versions of India’s history produced by the invaders and colonizers”, Oak has written several books and articles on Indian history and founded the “Institute for Rewriting Indian History” in 1964. According to Oak, modern secular and Marxist historians have fabricated “idealized versions” of India’s past and drained it of its “Vedic context and content”.

Oak claims that Christianity was originally a Vedic religion following Krishna and claims that Christianity was originally known by either the names Chrisna-nity or Krishna-neeti (with Oak stating these meant “The way of Krishna” or “The ethics of Lord Krishna”). These generally follow in line with Oak’s other theories and claims that the Vatican was originally called Vatika and that the Papacy was originally a “Vedic Priesthood” until Constantine the Great around 312 A.D killed the “Vedic pointiff” and installed in his place a representative of the tiny Christian sect. Oak also makes the claim that “Jesus went to India between ages 13 and 30 to learn Krishna-neeti (Christianity) from sages.”

Amen comes from Aum

When the Christians say “Amen” at the end of their hymns or to emphasize something, what they are saying is a corrupted form of “Aum” or “Om,” which is the standard Vedic form of addressing the Supreme Being through sound.

In the bible it is said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” That primordial divine word, which is one with God, is the Vedic syllable “Aum”. God manifests in creation as the Cosmic Vibration, which expresses itself as Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Light. The Cosmic Sound or Aum is the synthesis of all the sounds of the universe.

94 comments on "Was the Christian Vatican Originally a Temple to Lord Shiva?"

  1. Suresh S says:

    These are unnecessary things.
    Our motto is to save Dharma.
    It is none of our business to poke into christianity.
    If other religions have negative traits, God will certainly correct them.
    Our life is short and we have to correct ourself.

  2. SOPHIA dalle says:

    OH BOY IS THIS A LOADED subject. While many of The learned P.M. Oak has some truths and interesting theories. Im afraid overall his claim of Christianity an dIslam coming from S.D. is incorrect. It would dyak evolves of an extensive historical dissertation to refute, .What an extraordinary mission to undertake in three languages no less. I’m sure it is worth reading
    kindly thankyou

  3. Guru says:

    Dear Sophia,
    When SD is claimed to have eternal way of life, any other religion is just a sub set of the universal set of SD. Thence logically we can prove SD is the Ananya.

  4. Russell says:

    I was born Christian, & believe there is much merit in at least considering these issues. The Bhavishya Purana’s account of Isha Masiha (Ieshua Messiah) in Kashmir at the same time that Yeshua (Jesus) is missing from the New testament scriptures is at least in my view compelling. Any one who wishes to look dispassionately can see that the Christian Faith was distorted & corrupted, when the Emperor took it over in ~300AD, & it became a political instrument. The so-called “Church” itself murdered many more Christians than the Romans ever did.The apostle; John named it in advance “the Great Harlot” & predicted its eventual destruction. This Purana, is not very complimentary of the origins of the other faith mentioned. The less said the better.

  5. Ashim Das says:

    All this is a piece of imagination on the part of learned Mr.P N Oak. He desire es to get the Best Story writers prize for this. Let us not take our great religion- Hinduism to such levels as this is one of the most involved religions in the world and has come to stay as a ‘Way of Life’.

  6. Ashim Das says:

    All this is a piece of imagination on the part of learned Mr.P N Oak. He desire es to get the Best Story writers prize for this. Let us not take our great religion- Hinduism to such levels as this is one of the most involved religions in the world and has come to stay as a ‘Way of Life’.

    Rise above all such narrow theories and learn to appreciate what other Religions have to offer, as they all preach Peace n Love for All.

    Kindly spread only one thing…Love – Love – Love

  7. robert says:

    Religion is really a matter of faith. Faith makes the religion.
    Any scholar, if he pokes around in ancient archeology and
    languages can find similarities by the bucket full.
    That does not make fact. It makes theories.
    And theories are like elbows, most everyone has one.
    Was Jesus God? I don’t know. But anyone who can walk
    on water and raise the dead gets my vote.

  8. white40 says:

    In my childhood about 65 years back, I had heard my father’s friend telling me that “Christianity” comes from “Krishna Neeti” and “Jesus Christ” from “Yashoda Krishna”. After so many years, I am coming across the statements from Mr. Oak.

  9. Gab says:

    I thought this was very interesting article and there is no such thing as a coincidence! Hinduism has been around for thousands of years longer than Christianity, so this does make a lot of sense. Aum to Amen… Wow. Never thought of this, good article to discuss.

  10. mafran324 says:

    It is obvious that the philosophy of Christianity comes from the tradition of
    Bakti-Yoga. No one ever talked about “love each other” before in the Western Tradition. The confusion persists as the word “love” in the West is mostly related to “sex”. From this certainty everything else can be derived easily.

  11. ravi says:

    this is all so unnecessary

  12. chitra says:

    There should be a greater need to explain the ambiguity of our religion and not try to try and compare it with other religions.

  13. Balarama_das says:

    “Amen” to that, Dr. Swamy.

  14. Tamarapu Sampath says:

    Ultimately every religion teaches humanity to lead a moral life.
    There are different version to follow. Let us not analise the origen
    but follow the principles, and avoid unnecessary fights on religion.

  15. DAFFA says:

    Even Muslims / islamic scholars came to India to study, that is why chennai / kanchipuram was called Madarsa patnam meaning university town on banks of sea.

  16. Jyotindra Jhala says:

    Does it really matter? If you really practice Vedic teachings, there is only one religion – the practice of TRUTH, Dharma, Divine Love, Non-Violance (in thoughts, Speech and Actions) resulting in to Caring, Kindness, Compassion, etc. as stated in the famous Vedic “Sandhya Vandana” prayers to the Supreme below. This prayer is the universal oneness of the Brahma through the many manifestations.

  17. Jyotindra Jhala says:

    Does it really matter? If you really practice Vedic teachings, there is only one religion – the practice of TRUTH, Dharma, Divine Love, Non-Violance (in thoughts, Speech and Actions) resulting in to Caring, Kindness, Compassion, etc. as stated in the famous Vedic “Sandhya Vandana” prayers to the Supreme below. This prayer is the universal oneness of the Brahma through the many manifestations.

    आकाशात् पतितं तोयं यथा गच्छति सागरम् सर्व देव नमस्कारः केशवं प्रतिगच्छति

    (AkAshAt patitam tOyam yathA gacchati sAgaram sarva dEva namaskArah kEshavam pratigacchati)

    Translated from Sanskrit – “As all raindrops falling from the sky ultimately meet their end in the ocean, prayers offered to all (forms of) gods ultimately reach the one Lord”

    Jyotindra Jhala
    Vancouver, Canada

  18. Babu M L says:

    I don’t know the claims are correct or not. If as claimed, Hinduism is absolutely right, why Hindus are going back at every step.Tolerance has to be practiced. The real setback for Hinduism is practice of Chathurvarnya in modern times. If we accept others as human beings and co operate with them, we will grow, or else perish as it is now. Respecting others faith and beliefs are equally important, because they have followed centuries long faith experimented by their forefathers. Making claims on others is just blabbering….try to rejuvenate our self and live peacefully.



  20. Nerkuai thumbi says:

    I would appear that Christianity and Islam have in the last two millennia took the place of all religions/cults/beliefs (and made all else extinct) in the whole of populated world, barring the East (Buddhism) and South East (Hinduism). The history of the pre-Christian world is not well documented; the local theories/fables/beliefs in the various civilizations/areas/regions have not reached the rest of the world; they are dying in those very areas; the growth of Christianity is not understood even to the extent of Islamic conquest of West Asia and Europe. With the Western domination over the rest of world being what it is, with English becoming the prime language of international communication, any attempt to reopen the by-and-large “accepted” history, would be very difficult, well neigh impossible. All the same, we appreciate scholars such as P.M.Oak taking up cudgels. We wish them all the best.

  21. Anish says:

    Thanks a lot great article.

  22. venkat says:

    whatever the intellects can say by study or research shows something
    extraordinary to the world that generally can’t accepted by one and all. through research in all systems of human life is very hard aspect . we can enlighten the history undiscovered early a.d. by persons like p.n. oak. let research can go far behind. .and we all human beings and must obay and know new things and researchs.

    valuable research.

  23. Rajesh Dhamu says:

    Dr. Subramanian swamy,

    What if all this are true? This is not complete spiritual knowledge. Everybody know that ”God is one” but nobody know who is that God. some people think Shiv is God, Some think vishnu some brahma ji some think Allah Khuda and some think Jeasus.

    In fact we all are living in 21 universe of ”brahm God”. above mention God are his son. but supreme God live out of these 21 universe.

    I know mr swamy will not publish my comment.

  24. Krsanna says:

    Brilliant work by P.N. Oak! Constantine candidly wrote about needing a religion that would unite the many local cults acquired with conquest as the empire grew. He finally accepted Christianity in gratitude after winning the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312. If Constantine had not won the battle and owed a debt to the Christian god, the Christian religion might not have gotten off the ground. Rome and Israel were expansionists, and focused on winning wars. These were practical matters and had little to do with religion as Rome defines itself today.

    Also, by the way, Oak is correct about the Etruscans, who taught engineering to Rome. I’ve been following threads on the Etruscans for a long time.

    I find that the earliest symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism originated BEFORE India came together as a political entity. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is the earliest source of many of the earliest symbols later incorporated into primary religious practices.

    There’s a huge difference between God and the political structures that use the name to further their own objectives, like winning battles, etc.

  25. Ashwin says:

    Hi All

  26. Ashwin says:

    Hi All

    Suresh – stop it

    You should be proud that our Hinduism was the link to genesis of other religions.
    Nobody wants to take a poke at any religion here.
    It is just another view of some one else….so learn to respect it.
    I must say that people like you are the actual troublemakers!


  27. krisbrao says:

    This bit of information is only for our understanding that Hindu or Vedic dharma is a way of universal life rather than practice of some “ism”. Shiva or Bhrahma or Vishnu are just the Vedic names in Sanskrit language of the Universal Soul and does not have anything to do with any ism. One can practice any ism and at the same time be a Hindu in his outlook – every life as Vasudaiva Kutumbaam or his prayer – Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinava. By hypothesizing the theory that the Christianity or the Islam may have roots in Vedic culture, we need not feel guilty that we are trying to usurp the greatness of the cultures of others.

  28. farang says:

    I respectfully disagree with Suresh S. it is “history’s business” to convey the truth, however “inconvenient.”

    I respectfully disagree with SOPHIA daile: If you have evidence to the contrary about Islam and Christianity (left out Judaims for some odd reason), that they are NOT derived from Hindu myth, provide evidence, please.

    I can provide page after page that they indeed are blatant ripoffs of the Mahabarata. EASILY PROVEN to reasonable people with open minds and minimum Comparitive Myth background.

    It is indeed Shiva’s lingum. It is indeed Shiva’s lingum that is the 5th Dynasty of Egypt’s “Delight of Ra” shrine at the Abydos’ Temple of the Sun. The 5th dynasty cartouche they claim says “SaRa” (son of Ra) they are reading left to right! If read correctly, right to left? RaS(h)a…RaCha….RaJa. These “Egyptians” came from Rajastan.

    YHWH was a Hindu king.

  29. farang says:

    SOPHIA daile:

    We readers have plenty time to read any “extensive historical refutation” you have to offer. Just “one” piece of evidence would have been greatly appreciated, but you seem quite certain this author and all his evidence is “incorrect.”

    So, where is your evidence? We will patiently await it, thank you.

    Meanwhile: The Tribe of Yadu is the Yudisthira-Tribe. In Urusalim (“Jerusalem” is found only “one temple”: To Asherah, Queen of Heaven. Pottery found in Canaan from 8th century BC shows YHWH, Asherah Ba’al and a golden calf. Some other regions of Palestine show temples to YHWH/Asherah. Duality.

    Yud Ishthira is YHWH Asherah worship, “Yadu” is Juda(h).

    And that is just a scant morsel of all the evidence I have complied. You have my email address I am on mailing list.

    Just ask farang to demonstrate how HINDU INDIA RULED THE WORLD. Easy as P.I.E.: ” proto-Indo-Aryan” migration out of India.

    Listen: DNA now proves “migration out of the M.E. to Europe” circa 9000 BC by “agricultural migrants bringing new technologies.”

    That isn’t “Manu” (Menes/Narmer, the narmer pallette with SHIVA’S BULLS on it) drawn carrying a PLOUGH?

    I read “Aryan” originally meant “to plow/plough”…in other words “Aerate.” “Ptah” the creator/Potter” is depicted carrying a tool for opening irrigation sluice gates.

    I say Ptah is Buddha. And there is image of him at “Saqqara” (Sagara, Hindu king) seated, with Sokar(pronounced “Choiek”) and Amen standing behind him. ChoiekAmun Ptah…. I ask you: is that not ShakAmuni Buddha? A Trimurda?

    And that is a mere morsel of what I know to be accurate and true. “Mleecha:…Lukka. “Luwian” speakers that Hittite king Arnuwanda I warned about their “crude speech and behavior”, that they were not “civilized”….they spoke “Luwian.” Arnuwanda I spoke sanskrit and worshiped Arjuna and Varuna.

    “Luwian” is Levite. And the Hittite’s mortal enemies were the Mittani, Luwian speaking people with a capital at Washukanni” at the mouth of the KHabur (silent K) river. The Habur. People from there were labeled Haberu/Apiru (coast dwellers)… Levites are Hebrew.

    Mittani sent princesses to marry into 18th dynasty Egypt: Amenhotep III’s mother was one, his wife another…and their “Golden Horus” name is Kheperu. Silent K. They are the “Henrew” patriarhcs of the Torah/O.T.

    EASILY PROVEN. How? They stole all the myths and “Torah’ed” them: Torah means “to twist.”

    farang has unraveled them all, one by one. Obviously Oak has too.

    Arnuwanda I wrote a decree about a Great King of Cowards”…..and it fits the “King David” myth to a TEE. Right down to conspiring to kill a Hittite to steal his wife/daughter.

    Open eyes, it is okay. Consider us the opening salvo that reclaims the world-wide Hindu kingdom of Yayati.

    I know who he really is.

  30. Krsanna says:

    The Vatican was built on the Tiber River across from Rome proper, where St. Peter was supposed to have been buried. Older temples already existed in the area that was selected so the Vatican could be built atop St. Peter’s grave. Temples were built in Rome to the Mother Goddess Cybele, who originated in the Anatolia area of Turkey, which traces her back to the very ancient area of Gobekli Tepe. The Etruscans, who did construction for the early church, honored gods from this area. An Etruscan pyramid near the Vatican was discovered in the last decade. Etruscan construction of the Vatican could explain why the architectural style that incorporated symbols from Anatolia, where key Hindu symbols have been found, was built with the Lingam design.

    A Vatican Museum has a room that includes an altar to Cybele: http://mv.vatican.va…MGE_Sala16.html Rome’s priests were not celibate until the 10th century, and Tantric symbols were classic imagery of the ancient world.

    The moral of this story is that it pays to know the history of one’s religion and how it emerged from a more ancient tree that was revered worldwide. Open your mind to what religion and spirituality really are, and how they grew on the vine of human culture.

  31. Sudheer says:

    The above facts are true as per the learned persons kineup.but dont we thiks it may provoke some sort of hate feelings on the otherside.People shold be educated on these and then only others can accept what we say.Any way Thanhs for the great article.

  32. dr ramesh badgujar says:

    just the pronunciations are resembling with each other. I do not think there must be HINDUISM in CHRISTIANITY.

    merely saying KRISHNA is CHRIST or VATIKA is VATIKAN is not proper.
    there are thousands of word which resembles in pronunciation.

  33. sujatha says:

    wow!!!! amazing. could be true. yes at the beginning there was only one land, one god, & one religion-way of living. so….. it could be true!!!! i’m so thrilled:))))

  34. samynarayana@gmail.com says:

    There is only ine Sudhsha chaitanyam. Every thing else reflection / derivative / part. Twam bhAthi, sarvam anubhAthi (YOU that sudhdha chaitanyam are the real visible, rest are all reflection). VyakthOvyaktha (vyaktham, avyaktham- objectified and objectified) charaaAcharam (Charam, acharm – moving, non-moving), stoothala sookshmam (manifested and unmanifested) are all millions of parts (bAgham) of that bhAthi- bgAghathE bhAthihi edhi – bagavannu. That is why samabhAbAvam and sthitha pragnyam makes real HINDU. When more people gain more knowledge and wisdom, they have to get to this root of all thought processes.

  35. frankief says:

    this is total crap. i’m an italian national of hindu faith and none of the statements in the article are based on history, linguistics, art, etc. anybody can make statements to further their agenda, whatever that may be, but just writing words on paper or on a pc does not make them true. being proud of one’s heritage is good but distorting things is not only disrespectful to readers but profoundly dishonest and manipulative. how does that tally with the principles on sanatan dharma?

  36. shivabliss says:

    Wow this is by far one of the most ridiculous theorys I have ever read there is absolutly no evidence to support any of the above claims India and Hinduism is a great religon but it seems that in the authors love for his country/religon he has formed his opion without any facts to help represent. Christians definetly where not followers of Krishna as he lived many years before and even non-religious sources have proved that jesus was a man that walked the earth. the author really has not done any research on why it is called the Vatican it is because The name “Vatican” predates Christianity and comes from the Latin Mons Vaticanus, meaning Vatican Mount. The territory of Vatican City is part of the Mons Vaticanus, and of the adjacent former Vatican Fields on which St. Peter’s Bascillica was built.

  37. siva73 says:

    discovering and telling the truth is dharma so this is an important information.

  38. Rational says:

    First and foremost, Purushottam Nagesh Oak commonly referred to as P. N. Oak, was not a historian he was a Hindu-centric writer who went around patenting anything and everything as Vedic because he believed Hinduism is the only source of all great things in the world. that Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Hinduism, or that the Catholic Vatican, Kaaba and the Taj Mahal were once Hindu temples to Shiva, He is characterised by serious Historians as a “mythistorian” or more directly as a “Crank”. In his book, Some Missing Chapters of World History, Oak claimed that the first civilisation was developed in India from which all world civilisations grew.

    According to his own account, he completed an M.A. (Agra) and a law degree (LL.B. Mumbai), and was an official in the Ministry for Information, and wrote various journalistic pieces. How can he be called an Historian when he has no qualifications in the field?

    And to top all, religions were created at the tribal stage of human social evolution to help create group behaviors which enhanced the survival potential of the in-group at the expense of out-groups. Truly “old time religions” developed at the end of the last Ice Age, when the tribe was the largest human grouping maintaining any degree of coherence. There were hundreds of Tribes with different beliefs… how can anyone in their right mind claim they were the first and rest came from them?

    For that matter, I’ve seen many Christian sites planting misinformation too in grab of history claiming truth is only with them…Its equally pathetic …

  39. Vidyardhi Nanduri says:

    Sub: VATIKA- Links Sree Rama Temples
    Sree Raghunayaka Temple at Chadalavada,prakasam Dt, Andhrapradesh clearly states that- VATIKA is the abode of Lord Sree Rama where he has sent VANARA Sainya to four corners in search of Sree Seetha.
    The Idols came to Gollapalli -Formerly Known as Yadupuri] near Nuzvid, krishna Dt, AP around 300 years or less. mention is also made in their record to links to Sree Bhadradri Sree Rama Temple. Any one can visit all Temples today.
    Further Research through space-cosmology Vedas interlinks is in progress-OM should help Unity of Consciousness in Science,Religion and Philosophy

  40. Harihara Murthy says:

    We know that Mr Subramanya swamy can be very compelling in his arguments depending on whom he is arguing for. But to take Mr Oak’s statement may be a mite over reaching. That we follow a religion thats got a history far surpassing any other is in itself sufficient. It does not matter what it has similarities with with Christianity and Islam. It’s compelling to believe that “the missing years of Jesus of Nazereth ” were spent in our country in puri, Benares, and Leh and even Lhasa!

    We have failed miserably to bring together the people of Hinduism together as one as is evidenced from the rape, pillage, murder and ostracism that happens in our own “hindu” rashtra, India. We do not need a treatise howsoever learned about the origins of christianity and other religions. we are so intolerant of minor religions in our own country! what right do we have to arrogate that power to ourselves?

    we have created a divide between the oppressed and the neo oppressed and the haves and the have nots. Time now to have a dispassionate look at our own caste system. Delink reservation from caste and make it economic related. lets clean our house first before we delve into the discussion about where who or what came from. It’s no more than a pointless & useless discussion with no value to us as a nation.

  41. A.H.Srinivas says:

    The Author is a famous person. and provides always authoritative information. He has provided excellent information.

  42. Ragini says:

    Woow this is really something, out of expectation, recent article on hindunism in Afghanistan and now vatican, so much hindunism got wiped away, so sad. As mentioned in Shivpuran that whole earth is surrounded with shivlingum.

  43. Vicky says:

    A good study. There is no demeaning of any spiritual paths taken by different
    humans living in all over the world. It is only how SD over a period of time from LordKrsna’s days. As quoted by some body earlier . Read about ‘Bhakti Yoga’
    in Bhagavat gita , It is available in most of worlds language some clue you may get !!!!!!!!!!

  44. Somanath Sastry says:

    I heard personally Mr P N Oak in Hyderabad more than about 40 years ago when he visited to give a lecture on his theories through Institute for Rewrtiting Indian History. I do not know what happened to that Institute now.

    I fondly recollect the historical truths now again. People may say what is the use in all this. Well, it brings the feeling that all on this earth were originally from same area and universal brotherhood is not impossible. Vasudhaika kutumbakam can be achieved by bringing all religions together and making feel that all the religions have same one origin.
    God bless us all.

  45. Krsanna says:

    Well-documented discoveries at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey since 1995 have changed the textbooks about ancient history of the world. A Hindu priest’s pigtail on a sculpture was found in a settlement 10,000 to 9,000 years old near Gobekli Tepe is amazing.


    Common threads run through the oldest religions of the world that reflect a worldwide unity in ancient culture, which includes Hindus, Native Americans and the Mediterranean with the Great Pyramid. In our roots, we share common origins that are surfacing with technological advances. DNA is one of the tools that shows the closely knit bonds that humans share.

    Judaism and Christianity are relatively new religions when compared with worldwide cultural roots, which we now proven far older than previously believed. In my book, I compare imagery for Kali with figures at Gobekli Tepe and Mexico’s oldest pyramid complex.

    The common roots of the world’s most ancient cultures expressed in a variety of venues deserve more attention.

  46. Yogendra says:

    St. Peter’s Square as pictured above was designed and built between 1656 and 1657 CE–a mere 350 years ago. The design was by the great baroque architect and sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini working for Pope Alexander VII. It is most unlikely and highly improbable that Saivism had anything to do with it. The original St. Peter’s was a traditional Roman basilica–a huge rectangular building with colonnades within. It had a large cloistered garden in front. It was demolished in 1505 CE to make way for a more modern church that took 120 years to complete.

    The Vatican Hill and the Vatican Field derive their name from the Latin word vates which means prophet or prophetess. It is related to modern English word “fate.” Vaticanus meant a place where prophecy was done. Romans looked to nature for signs from the Gods.

    Despite the ravages of invasions and the burning of the library of Alexandria, Greco-Roman civilization is very well documented. What remains of the literature, history, science, and philosophy of that civilization is readily available through the 520 volumes of the Loeb Classical Library. Later this year a digital version of the whole library will be available. Each volume has the original ancient language with an English translation on the facing pages. Vast numbers of ancient documents are preserved in the libraries of Europe and the Americas. Most are discoverable through published catalogs. So, if you want to try to find Hinduisim in Greco-Roman civilization the research tools are readily available.

    Bharatiya history, like the article above, is poorly documented. It is curiously lacking in dates. Dates and events are the language of history. Oak’s theories are based on some likeness of sound between words in different languages and some wishful thinking. He treads into civilizations he does not understand and claims them for Hinduism–sort of like the British in India with the same ignorance and arrogance.

  47. Swapan Purkayastha says:

    Our history during Chanakya and Alexander tells that ” He came to India and saw people from his land Greece and Athens were already staying in India to study and did research along with the Indian Yogis” This was in 350BC. Also the philosophy in Bible and Quran are similar to Indian philosophy. Also the description of Heaven, hell and GOD is similar in Bible, Quran and Srimad Bhagvat. So we can very easily conclude that knowledge was carried to the West and East from India.

  48. Rational says:

    The point is, if we can make our country the strongest in the line then everything will be “Krishna Neeti” otherwise “Christianity”..as simple as that..

  49. Tang Chi Khay says:

    Now, Hinduism has taken the avatar of a needy, petty and pedantic incarnation, ever watchful of slight resemblances or concidences to prove to “others’ that we are worthy of their respect. This is a perfect manifestation of an unconfident civilisation, ever leeching to latch on to more “successful” ones. A hindu benefits from the sweet fruits of hinduism and a non-hindu has to be contented with the dry twigs and withered leaves… I say, “leave them alone and don’t meddle into their business like a gossiping housewife” and educate our own people for “Christ” sake… or Krishna-neeti’s sake.. God!

  50. Iven Govender says:

    Hi Everbody. I am a PROUD South Afican Hindu from South Africa. This is an extremely controversial topic but also very important and interesting at the same time for us to understand the truth”.All of you are making very valid comments and it is obvious many of you have taken the time to do research. I am eager to continue reading all your inputs(because this is one of the ways to learn everday)

    What I would like to know is “Why has god made us in so many different races and placed us in different parts of the earth(I am sure there is avey valid reason”.

    Thanks, Iven Govender

  51. RATAN SINGH says:

    We know the oldest religion on the earth is Vedic aryan sanskriti and all other faiths, religions and civilizations followed suite. So, I agree with Mr. Oak, his research work might sound well to establish the possibilities of his claim. Yes, it may be point to feel proud of being Hindu, but the others if got confused or separated and followed other faiths, they are indeed our own people. Being from other beliefs does not make them a subject of hatred. Still they are lovable. But the fact remains a fact.

  52. S.Mohan says:

    Suresh is wrong to say this is unnecessary.

    Christians always take chance to insult our faith and create negative impression by telling half truth and lies. Anyone who reads Dan Brown’s books could figure they hijacked many things from our religion. Indeed , reincarnation was spoken in the New Testament but removed in AD 359 by Roman Emperor Constantin to make it ” easy ” for people to seek reform in one life. Truth is always painful , the reality is Christianity was a creation of White men. it is far from the original as promoted by Jesus.

  53. Yalavarthy Anup Kumar says:

    These are NOT unnecessary things.
    These are history.
    Remaining as you quoted are true,

  54. Yalavarthy Anup Kumar says:

    Sorry to say, this is not unnecessary

  55. Appalled says:

    I can’t believe some one came up with such nonsense.

  56. Radhamadhav Das says:


    Mr. Oak and the likes think they are helping Hindus, but they are simply spoiling their reputation. If you want to be taken seriously, back your claims with proper science and sources. I might as well say that ‘Satan’ comes from ‘Sanatan-dharma’ 🙂 You see, it’s just speculation, that’s all.

    Oh, and by the way, the science of the origin of words is called etymology my friend. And this science says:
    Vatican dictionary.gif 1550s, from Latin mons Vaticanus, Roman hill on which Papal palace stands. Said to be an Etruscan loan-word, not related to vates “sooth-sayer.”

    Asato ma sat gamah!

  57. ajnaathan says:

    I feel more systematic research and/or study needs to be made which will satisfy the questioning minds of today. There seems to be a great amount of truth in the opinion that almost all “big” religions have one common origin and the vedic texts reflect the most ancient version of this primordial religion — whatever it was.

  58. Swapan Purkayastha says:

    GOD as envisaged by Yogis, is in the Nature. Naturally it is in Variety. So also the beliefs. The Bible and GITA say that GOD is in us. We are also in Diversity and each one is Unique. Still GOD’s creation is a Family “Vasudevam Kutumbam”. Only we should not impose our belief on others or else we will find this creation in Museums and History texts.

  59. Rahul Banerji says:

    I know about the Hindu roots of Vatican since last 23 years, ever since I bought P.N. Oak’s book – World Vedic Heritage and many other books thereafter. P.N. Oak served with Netaji S.C. Bose in the Azad Hind Fauj. He was much maligned by Indira Gandhi and her pro-islam, pro-xtian factions particularly after he wrote – Taj Mahal – A temple palace. The most important work he did was in the field of etymology, semantics and word roots to demonstrate that all civilizations are linked and cannot grow in isolation and independently of each other, which is a fallacy followed by the white man. Human Civilization is not a 45 degree ascendent graph line which the white man has led everyone to believe, but one with many crests and troughs, sudden peaks and valleys, sheer drops and periods of absolute inactivity!!! Going back to etymology and word roots anyone with common sense and little education will see that fundamental religion specific words in Christianity have Hindu roots. Case in point are ‘genesis’ and Janashish and janani which are Sanskrit as well as later Arabic or ‘baptism’ to Sanskrit ‘bashpitam’. Similarly in Islam, ‘Ansari’ to Sanskrit ‘anusari’ or follower or ‘Sheikh’ to Sanskrit ‘sikhya, shikshya or shishya’ and latter day ‘Sikh’. I mean there are literally thousands of examples of foundation or building block words which have been borrowed from ancient India. The white monkeys and the sand monkeys can deny it to their own peril that their history and civizational roots are not borrowed but part and parcel of the brown monkeys’, as are the black, red and yellow monkeys’ history!!!!!!!

  60. Dr Sundar says:

    Well the subject is a very very absorbing, and makes Hindus proud, as the oldest religion on earth,
    as many have written it may be too late to even start a discussion on the similarities, of a by gone era, and history, which we proudly last,350 BC is a lot of time back wards,
    there are are enough of hindu pride, around the world,
    Like Bodhi Dharman the Hindu prince ( Damo) who created the shoalin temple in china, and Kung Fu ,
    the Massive hindu temples of Angkorwat in Vietnam,Cambodia,

    the maritime exploits of Hindu settlements by King Raja Raja Cholan, ruling, todays, malaysia, thailand and parts of Indonesia, and the whole of the east asia,

    In Thailand, most of the words are of sanskrit or Tamil origin, their recitals in temples or sanskrit or chaste Tamil,

    have we maintained a relationship to nurture and trace back our roots, not really,

    we forget our own next street temple, do we go to a temple regularly to pray, no, Hinduism has been tolerant, very tolerant and lenient , no wonder Hinduism is losing its greatness in the modern world,

    the christians go to a church every Sunday,
    the Muslims Pray 5 times a day, visit a mosque daily, reminding them of their roots,

    where is a rule in Hinduism, or strict adherence ???

    our Hindu priests are busy fighting amongst themselves, well nature takes its own course, who are we to fight, for a 350 BC Lineage even if it is true,

    lets start concentrating on today, so we don’t lose our total identity and history, and 10000 years of greatness, due to indiscipline amongst ourselves,

    will the great saints and modern-day sadhus make some rule for the Hindus to follow, rather strictly ,lest we forget our greatness !!!!!!

  61. Kalish Ramayah says:

    This finding has much truth.
    The two religion and many more are distorted copies off Hinduism… well
    it has been lingering in my head for years and used to spk off it to close frenz who accept my definations. This article now supports my head linger.

    Its juz that ppl off other religions juz wont accept the fact off it for reasons only known to them.
    You cam take as much as you want from an ocean, but rivers have limitations in all aspects…including closure.

  62. Anon says:

    Xtians are now installing brass made “Dwija Sthamba” in front of their churches in India. This is just to lure the remaining Hindu followers towards Christianity. Have you ever seen the flag hoisting ceremony done by Xtians during their festivals ?

  63. ramone says:

    This great article brings to light so many things even to those of us who have chosen to stay in darkness about the truth and, of course, to those who are in constant denial of the truth as well. I particularly liked the comments of Farang, Krsanna, Dr. Sundar and Rahul Banerjee. They offer valuable bits and pieces of the truth. Here’s what I have to add…

    Clearly its not just the words or sounds or names (including Abraham & Sara which could very well have originated from Brahma & Saraswati or ‘Chris’t itself which is similar sounding to ‘Krish’na or Amen vs. Aum), its far greater than all this. Do we want to believe that some Hindus went to Vatican or Mecca to plant Shiva Lingas there and bias the actual truth about origin of religions? (History is replete with undeniable evidence to the contrary about who the aggressors or mischief-makers are.)

    The actual truth is emerging slowly but surely…which is that using “might is right” the real truth about Sanatana Dharma & Hinduism – the mother of all worldly & religious orders – has been being systematically wiped out by the West and its allies. Which religions believe in acting by their swords or guns in the name of “might is right” or play the numbers game of superiority or invade / amass to distort and destroy – surely, not Hinduism.

    Until recently, the West didn’t even recognize Hinduism as a major world religion – is this humility or arrogance? There has always been a concerted effort to marginalize our dharma in spite of so much that it has meant to the world – whether it be the original giver of knowledge (Vedas) or religion (Hinduism) or language (Sanskrit & Tamil too).

    Those who are harsh on P.N. Oak or other truth-seekers are the ones who can’t face the truth. Until the whole truth emerges, there will be people who out of their habitually wrong ways or money or might who continue to pervert & forcibly dissuade even good stewards of our dharma.

    But the truth will be out no matter what – Satyameva Jayathe! Meanwhile, lets work on our weaknesses & faults and try to be better stewards of the eternal Sanatana Dharma.

  64. madhu says:

    I have never read anything more ridiculous than this. There is no logic in his claims

  65. Bernie says:

    The sanscrit language has defenitely flown into Latin, Greek and all other Indo German languages. Atma for example might be the root of german “atmen” (breathing) and it could well be that Vatican has a similar origin from Sanskrit, vat-is-is (seer or prophet). Assuming having had a Hindu Temple located there is a possibility (as the Romans were liberal to many Cults and Religions) and an Indian community could also have lived there (traders), but should not be stressed by similarities and derivations of the evolution of languages.

  66. Archisamaan says:

    True, just writing words on aperdoes notmake them TRUE. well, you can help me by telling that Why there is a picture similar to indian Lord Krshna @ St. Paull’s cathedral, London, you may visit this place being settlesd in Italy and enlighten me per return. Incidently I’ve already read PNOAK who was banned in this Great country””India” by late Indiara Gandhi

  67. G Shah says:

    P N Oak deserves a Bharat Ratna for his scholarship. He did so much original research without any formal training. What is the use of formal education, it only provides degrees, no understanding or acceptance of our heritage.

  68. G Shah says:

    P N Oak deserves a Bharat Ratna for his scholarship. He did so much original research without any formal training. What is the use of formal education, it only provides degrees, no understanding or acceptance of our heritage.

    Its time the government realises this injustice.

  69. A Ron says:

    Did you know there were many other Gods before Jesus who could walk on water and who also raised from the dead ! whoa right !? If you can’t find the correlation here, you probably wont find the correlation with this theory either.

  70. vishwanath c says:

    Yes, you are right.

  71. Nvidia says:

    What an absolute waste of time!! Let’s just say everything stated in the article was true, so what?? Anyways, from the comments above it’s very clear that most of us have missed the point that our religions try to make to us. And then we blame religion. 🙁

  72. AshwinWB says:

    Yes! There are plenty of such plagirarizations…Stephen Knapp in his book ‘Vedic Influence on world religions’ has mentioned most of those….We should simply focus on serving our Dharma….
    Hare Krishna

  73. Dreamtime says:

    I’m an American Gnostic who grew up in a Christian family and I hope that you won’t consider it an intrusion for me to post to this thread.
    I’ve long thought that Gnosticism has its roots in Hinduism and numerous religious scholars think that Christianity and Gnostic Judaism grew out of Gnosticism. I’ve been looking for possible evidence to link Judaism to Hinduism and P. N. Oak has provided a number of thoughts on that subject.
    In my religious quest I researched religions going back in ancient history as far as I could to find religious philosophies compatible with what I considered the intuition that directed me. This intuition is what I think that C G Jung refers to as the Collective Unconscious. Of course I found the mystical shamanistic religions from hundreds of thousands of years ago, but of the still practiced religions I found meaningful philosophies in Hinduism and the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines. Hinduism; which some authors say is 25,000 to 30,000 years old is the oldest true monotheism that I’m aware of with the 300 million plus gods of that religion emanating as manifestations of the one Anima mundi [world soul]. The Anima mundi has its roots in the undifferenced Self of the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines which some authors date as being 50,000 years old. Per A. E. Gough’s translation of some of the Upanishads in his book; The Philosophy of the Upanishads and Ancient Indian Metaphysics, the concept of the Maya also has its roots in the Dreamtime. I see the Anima mundi as maintaining its monotheistic integrity by the Atman [individual soul-inner self] of individual beings existing in a state that is indistinguishable from the Anima mundi.
    P N Oak in his discussion of the Star of David; on page 495 of his book World Vedic Heritage A History of Histories volume I, presents some compelling evidence of a connection between Hinduism and Judaism. This together with his etymological and other evidence I find convincing, if not contradicted. This unique Star of David symbol with similar names appearing in these two religions and being used by the other Abrahamic religions is evidence that is hard to ignore.

    Creation is a work in progress

  74. Tusta Ji says:

    Please someone show me where in any purana, upanishad etc is the word `Hinduism` mentioned what is an Hindu as every `Hindu` i meet has a different God and philosophy, to me it sounds hodge bodge and bhogus, Please read Bhagavad Gita as it is by HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and stop making assumptions that `Hinduism` is a religion, Is Krishna (GOD) an Hindu?

  75. m.a. says:

    For me it is important not to question about Lord Shiva. Other wishes may come and go. Faith is important.

  76. sandeep Batra says:

    I believe religion is nothing but a mythological phylosophy tought by ELDERS ….Instead of burrowing into the facts of religious origion , spread the religion of humanity and love …GOD IS ONE…the same GOD appears as Jesus for Christians , Allah for Muslims & Krishna for Hindus…..

  77. One Dollar God says:

    Ha ha off course not. Vatican based on Roman Pagan God and Sun Worshipper (Constantine the Great) None of them Knew Shiva the Stupid Cow God lol

  78. akilandesvari says:

    obviously all are true what u said in these story…. but some of the persons wont belive this kind of things without proper evidence… even the tamil people. but the thing is truth never fails whether the humans belive or not….

  79. diego says:

    The past is gone, there is only present. The present is in our heart. Paramatma resides inside all of us. Separation between peoples and religions is maya. Digging into all this, regardless whether they are true or not, is in fact futile. Sanatana-dharma will always find a way. It can not be destroyed simply because it is eternal. God reveals himself according to time, space and circumstances, but one can only understand God by looking inside. We are being instructed from within our hearts. Following the instructions through leads to sac-cid-ananda – the eternal abode of wisdom and bliss, our original consciousness. This is the ultimate goal of all temples, religions, lingams, churches, mosques, chants, hymns, prayers, …

  80. Dr. Savitri says:


  81. Marko says:

    I somehow trough some chance happened across this article, so I’m going to give my few cents on this.

    -Vatican Church Compound Shaped as a Shiva Linga
    The shapes are have only vaguely similar features. (Except the lass one, that one dosent look alike at all.)
    But that whole argument assumes intent when there is no reason to assume so. There are some building blocks that make out a swastika, and that dosent mean theres a nazi who designed it.

    Also the name vatikan most likely comes from the region it was built on,Mons Vaticanus. Vaticanus itself was an Etruscan settlement that lived 800BC.

    -P.N. Oak’s Theories on Vedic Roots of World Religions
    Well this is quite a queer thing to state. Christianity and Islam without a doubt come from the first abrahamic religion, Judeism. How do we know this? The old testament, IS the Judeic holy book. Muslims did the same thing, it is just a continuation of christianity.

    -Amen comes from Aum
    Amen does not have the same meaning as Om, it is not even close. Amen is said as a conformation for what was said before. “And so it is.”
    I have to say that language is a very fluid thing, and that it could have changed meaning and tone. But you cannot claim to know the answer when you really dont. Even if it came from the word Aum, that would not have any meaning, because if people adopted the word, they had changed it and made it something of their own, completely destroying ties to the original word.

    For my final word, I’ll just tell you this. If you’re still reading good on you, I hope you have a great day. I would urge you to think for yourself and seek proof for the things you believe in. Most of these things I either knew from before or from a google search. And the difference between believing in what the wiki says and what this says, is that the wiki has actual citations, with links. You can check the original work yourself, and see if its credible. And don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, because do you really want to live with a lie?

    This is from a former christian from the balkans.

  82. Hasan says:

    Dear Dr PK
    I would like to refute here on the word Amen. In your research you just ignored the Egyptian God of Air Amon, which is also known by name Amun and Amen. And that was millennialis before Christianity. Christians and Muslims have taken this name from Pagans who were worshipping Him.
    So take note and would like to hear from you on this perspective.

  83. Sourabh says:

    Any Hindu writer or Hindu followers can challenge zakir Naik he says Islam is the first and the only true religion

  84. Sourabh says:

    आकाशात् पतितं तोयं यथा गच्छति सागरम् सर्व देव नमस्कारः केशवं प्रतिगच्छति

    (AkAshAt patitam tOyam yathA gacchati sAgaram sarva dEva namaskArah kEshavam pratigacchati)

    Translated from Sanskrit – “As all raindrops falling from the sky ultimately meet their end in the ocean, prayers offered to all (forms of) gods ultimately reach the one Lord”

  85. Ignacio says:

    Is interesting that is not mentioned here the origin of the word Hindu and Hinduism, that comes from the name of the Sind river.
    A more proper name could be Bharathism.
    Is compelling to see the similarities between words.
    Like Abraham with Brahma.
    But in the case od Christ and Krishna the fall apart very much in their meaning.
    Christ means the annointed savior.
    His doctrine means to have a personal relationship with Himand follow His commandments of Love and to remember Him and celebrate theceternal life He gift us in gratitude, and eat His flesh and drink His blood as true medice and food to divinize our human fallen nature. The main teaching is mercy not sacrifice.
    That is very different from Vedic teachings.
    Is not a phylosofical movement nor a moral and cultural code.
    No technics but true fellowship: love one onother.

  86. Amitabh Shah says:

    I hope one day the whole world will rise over petty vote bank politics and admit to the findings of Shri PN Oak that Taj Mahal Kabba and Vatican were all Shiva temples.Why would otherwise the Saudi Goverment ban hindus for even visiting Kabba?Why has the Indian goverment locked the lower chambers of Taj Mahal?

  87. The Seeker says:

    If taking in mind that Hindyism or Vedas is the oldest existing reliegion at the moment, this maybe true. In his article lacks to mention of the two oldest reliegions that existed before, egyptian and the Olympians. Both of the religions have been destroyed by Roman Empire and / or Christyanity or Islam.

    Actualy both of them coexited in peace, in regret of Christianity and Islam… why? probably because they did not care whos is the origin of the belief!

  88. Ramachandran says:

    Yes I also support Mr. Oak”s claim. Even Atma is referred as Adam, jeeva is referred as eve pippala tree mentioned in Upanishads referred as apple tree, isha is referred as yedhu even muchmore

  89. Steve Spielman says:

    Very interesting. I’m surprised that I haven’t been exposed to this particular facet of the human gem before. My first real questioning of western religious indoctrination and educational brain washing was reading Vine Deloria Jr’s works and moving on to Emanual Velikosky. I have learned, over time, that our time (mankind’s) here on earth is extremely dynamic. There will always be more questions than answers. We can not expect to know everything. That would be, to be God. The idea is beyond our comprehension and for us mere humans should be horrifying. It’s like the question – Are we the only life in the universe? either answer yes or no – both are incredible. Is there a God? Again, either answer is followed by great personal responsibility for ourselves, each other and this place we call home.

  90. Boby says:

    All christians are not same. Catholic christians are not real christians. Bible always against the idols, catholic people are worshiping idols.So it is against bible.Moses First command is “you should not worship any idols (ten commands Exodus 20:3-5) So Sivalinka is not for christians. The word christian is from “christ” means saviour. This word not came from krishna.

  91. bobby says:

    Each and Everything derived from JEWS.

  92. bobby says:

    Zionism is the mother of all religion.

  93. AlphaOmegaOne says:

    It is indeed a shiva temple, so was qaba in mecca. Islam is basically advaita, all religion stems form hinduism. All greek philosophers studied in Kerala, jesus studied with apollonius of thyne, but apollonius fame was credited to jesus by the church. Rothschild and his cronies fucked up india and injected poison into hinduism to subvert and split the indian people. Time for indians to stand up again and be proud of their heritage. All culture stems from india, from there they spread and GAVE knowledge to the lesser developed peoples across the globe. which is why we find their traces in all great civilisations. Architects from india built the pyramids, see their footprints of the golden ratio and more. I can go on and on.

  94. Graham says:

    What comes to mind is that in my house I have several souvenirs from trips to India, including a Shiva LInga (very small ) it does not mean I have a Hindu temple on the premises.
    I would suppose there was definitely communication between India and the west during the period, how direct or indirect I can only guess?
    This desire to connect the ‘branches’ of faith is interesting but what is needed is to seek the ‘Trunk’ of faith from where it all springs!

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