May our lives be full of yagyas…

maa pra gaama patho vayam maa yajnaadindra sominah |
maantah sthurno araatayah ||

(Rig Veda 10.57.1, Atharva Veda 13.1.59)

Rishi – Friend, good friend; Deva – Almighty; Meter – Gayatri

Word meaning: Indra – Oh God!; Vayam- we; path ma pragam – should leave the good path; somina -blessed with riches; vayam yagyat- we should not leave yagya; Arataya adanbhava na anta ma sthu – should not reside within us.

Purport – Oh God! Almighty! We do not ask for wealth. We appeal that we should always walk on the good path, we should never leave it. Whatever riches we get by walking on the good path are the real wealth. The wealth obtained from any method is not real wealth, it is does not have the blessing of God, it is not capable. Whatever wealth I obtain by following the good path, oh Lord! I should never deviate from yagya. I should enjoy the wealth by worshiping you and helping others. It is a theft to consume all the wealth whatever I have obtained from you and your sources. We should not commit this sin for the sake of our selfish interest. We should never forget yagya, sacrificing the soul and charity. Enjoying wealth without performing yagya is equal to taking poison. Hence the other prayer is that we should never leave yagya. This is not a prayer to destroy our enemies. We appeal that enemies should not reside within us. we do not have an enemy within us how can we have enemies outside. The enmity or ignorance should not come into our mind even for a moment. Yagya is impossible with ignorance therefore ignorance is the only enemy. This internal enemy is the real enemy, Oh (Lord! Please save us from this enemy. Then we are not bothered about any other enemy.