In 1938 the Nazis sent an expedition to Tibet in search of occult treasures. During this trek, the lead scientist, Ernst Schäfer stole an iron deity depicting a man in seated posture. On the deity’s chest was the sacred swastika and in his hand he held an unknown object.

No one knows who the carved man is or what he is holding in his hand. Some say it is a deity of Vaisravana, a Buddhist deity of wealth, and the object in his hand a bag of money or the “wish-fulfilling” gem. The statue is just under 10 inches tall and weighs almost 23 pounds.

By analyzing the composition of the deity (mostly iron with a large presence of nickle), scientists have determined that this meteor was part of a shower that hit along the Siberian-Mongolian border between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago.

The deity was carved from a solid iron meteorite – the only known carving of a human figure from an object from space.


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