The granddaughter is 7 years of age. The grandfather is 75 already. This is a dialog between 7 and 75, while they were walking in a park with a dog.

75: Do you know what is a life?

07: Life can move.

75: So, you and I have life. We are walking, now. Whether a dog has life?

07: Yes, the dog has life also. It has four legs and the dog can run.

75: If the stone on the roadside has life?

07: No, stone has no life. It can’t move by itself.


75: What are those light spots twinkling over the shrub?

07: They are fireflies.

75: If a firefly has life?

07: Yes, you see, they are flying. And flying is moving.

75: Everything that can move has life, isn’t it?

07: Yes.

75: You have a paper-fan in your hand, if a fan has life?

07: No, a fan has no life.

75: But, you see it is moving.

07: It was shaken with my hand. And I have life.

75: That means a life can cause a none-life thing moving.

07: Yes.

75: If the duck in the lake has life?

07: Yes, it can swim. And swimming is a kind of moving.

75: Did you see that waves are moving up and down?

07: Yes, I saw that waves were moving.

75: Since you said that life can move, if waves have life?

07: No, waves have no life. They were blown by the wind.

75: Since the life can cause a none-life thing moving, if wind has life?

07: No, wind has no life. You can’t see it.

75: So, to be a life, it must be seen.

07: Yah!

75: Can you see a tree?

07: Of course, I can see a tree. It is quite big.

75: If a tree has life?

07: Yes, a tree has life.

75: However, a tree has no legs. It can’t move.

07: Its leaves are shaking.

75: But, shaking is not a real moving. The trunk of the tree can’t walk from place to place. How can you say that the tree has life?

07: The tree has life inside.

75: So, there exist two kinds of life: The outside life and inside life. What is the fundamental characteristic of both inside-life and out-side life?

07: En, En, let me think it over.

75: Good. Maybe you can get it. I am listening to you.

07: En, En, let me think. Let me think over and over.

75: Maybe you could ask your teacher: “What is life?” She might be able to say: “That is a good question. Let me think it over as well.” Maybe both of you will get the same answer.

07: What is your thinking of life?

75: A good question. You keep my answer in heart, to see if your teacher will say the same story.

07: OK. Now tell me what is your perception of life?


**** **** **** **** ****

(You clever readers, what is your perception of life? Don’t go further reading before you can answer that question.)

**** **** **** **** ****


75: First, life can grow. You eat foods and drinks, and than you poo poop and pee-pee out your waste. Thus, you grow up bigger and bigger. That is called as metabolism.

07: Anything else for life besides of metabolism?

75: Life can self multiply. That is called reproduction. A hen lays eggs. And eggs after hatching turn out chicken. And chicken can grow up to become more hens and cocks.

07: Anything else for life besides reproduction?

75: Life can do variation, adaption and mutation.

07: What is variation?

75: You see no leaves are of the same size and same shape. That is life’s characteristic called variation.

07: What is adaption?

75: Life forms can fit in the ocean, such as fishes, crabs and even whales. Life can live on the land, such as horses, cows trees and grasses. Life can fit to the air, such as birds and dragonflies, etc. That is called as adaption of life.

07: What is mutation?

75: Life form can make its off spring alike, but a little bit different. This can ensure that some of its descendants could be better to adapt their surroundings and to become the winner in the natural selection.

07: What is the natural selection?

75: It is also a very good question. Today is a little too late. Shall we remain that question to discuss tomorrow? Or, you may also ask your schoolteacher.

07: OK. Is that all for today.

75: Yes, clever girl. That is all for today!