India is a land of Gods and many religions. Be it many festivals pertaining to that or whatever, but Indians consider themselves to be religious.

A Muslim man hailing from Jaunpur has translated the Hanuman Chalisa into Urdu.

This came right after an Urdu poet Anwar Jalalpuri translated the Bhagvad Gita into Urdu. ”I have translated the Hanuman Chalisa in ‘musaddas’ style which comprises six lines. Like a ‘chuapai’ has four lines, ‘musaddas’ has three ‘shers’ and six lines,” said Abid Alvi who carried out the transition.

He said the translation has a total of 15 “bandhs”, each containing six lines. “I always wanted both communities (Hindus and Muslims) to know each other’s culture.

Therefore, I want that Urdu books are translated into Hindi and vice versa,” he said. “It is because people should know each other. This will strengthen brotherhood, unity and love.

Therefore, I did this work,” he explained. “The idea (to do the translation) came to my mind during Varanasi visit where some foreigners asked people to recite Hanuman Chalisa,” he said.


Alvi said though he was a student of Hindi, it took him three months to translate Hanuman Chalisa into Urdu to do justice to the work and avoid any mistake. On whether he faced any opposition, Alvi said, “When I asked several persons whether there would be any problem in doing it they said Quran preaches to maintain communal harmony at any cost.” He felt that though people read religious books, many do not understand its true meaning. “My father used to make me understand the meaning of each and every word of holy Quran,” he said.

Why translate this?

Because he wants communal harmony between two nations (Pakistan and India). He also says that it would strengthen brotherhood, unity and love.

He also says that he didn’t face any sort of barriers because that’s what the Quran preaches – communal harmony.

What was the inspiration?

While being in Varanasi, there would be many foreigners asking about the Hanuman Chalisa. Thus, the idea came to his mind to translate it.

Next translation?

He plans to translate the Shiva Chalisa next.

Abid Alvi has been a student in Hindi and he says that his father used to teach him the true meaning of every religious book.

Isn’t this amazing? After the Bhagwad Gita, now this! Hail his spirit. Good work, Abid Alvi.