When any person criticizes a dear one the person who notices this feels jealous and hates it. The dear ones say that one should reply to this criticism. This means that you should respond to the person who is talking against you. Is this necessary? Because you are not same as the other person is describing you. So why should you respond. If a person speaks the truth then let him say and if somebody wants to prove that false is true then let him go ahead, how does it make a difference. Because false has no entity in this world.

Criticism, hatred and jealousy make no difference, a gentleman knows about this. It is certain that if somebody intentionally criticizes, then the person is trying to hide the good qualities of other person and hiding his own bad qualities and highlights the bad qualities of other person. A person involved in criticism likes to see through the other person but does not want to look inside himself. This dull-headed person thinks that criticizing others will hide his bad qualities but this unfortunate person doesn’t understand that others qualities will also attract his qualities towards them and leave him with zero qualities just like the tree without leaves and flowers. The flawless stage is one that if anybody says anything against us then how does it matter because the saintly person knows very well that praising others will not increase the good qualities and criticizing others will not increase the bad qualities. The increase and decrease of qualities is due to our deeds. If we are good, our deeds are good then nobody can stop our fate. Whatever we are getting is part of our fate. If anybody praises us or criticizes us then accept everything and do not feel proud of praises. The main basis of progress is not having the feeling of hatred on hearing criticism, but being stable with calm behavior.

If anybody says anything about our bad qualities and nature, and if we are like that then there is nothing wrong about it, we are like that as the other person is saying and if we are not like that then it is also better because it does not make any difference to us. The reasons being that the qualities do not appreciate or depreciate due to praising or criticism by the other person.

The person does all the tasks in the world for the sake of his happiness. When the person sees that his ego is not being satisfied due to his qualities and his progress then he criticizes others and satisfies his ego and considers himself to be great. He takes the help of lies and false in order to criticizing other. If he listens to the criticism of other person whom he himself hates then he enjoys even more. He enjoys criticizing others. He believes that criticizing others will give peace to the soul and in that illusion he involves in criticism. The layers of hatred keep mounting on the mind, when the person criticizes others then he is allowing that layer to dominate his brain and one day comes when his mind is polluted with such feeling just like the carbon layer on the machine. At that stage he does not like anything except self praising and criticizing others. Even if somebody is talking about some unknown person he will not have respect towards that third person because ego and pride come in his way before he tries to know about that person. He is always under suspicion before relying on others but when it is the matter of criticism or hatred then all the ill feelings and values start coming out. Therefore it is true that criticism spreads faster than the speed of light while others praises have a snail’s pace.

It is very difficult for a person to praise other person. When he listens to the criticism, then he has no difficulty in discussing the topics. If any person praises a third person then this person does not take interest. He is not as happy as he would be in case of criticizing the third person. He starts blaming and finding faults in that person without using his wisdom. Internally the person is full of bad qualities, bad feelings and thoughts. Therefore bad qualities influence the person. When the feelings of hatred and criticism arise within us then it is not easy to get rid of it. It is possible only when he protects himself from criticism or hating any person or he does not develop enmity and hatred with the other person even if he hates or criticizes him. It is possible only when the person is blessed from the saint, Guru and God and he accomplishes his duties.

In this respect Sage Dayanand says – gentlemen and progressive people should accept the good qualities and throw off the bad qualities. Our revered Swami Ji Maharaj always advises to have clean thoughts and to think good for others and about hi good qualities.

The poison, hatred and enmity inside the person can be removed only with this. A fool who knows his foolishness and understands his bad qualities he can slowly get rid of his bad qualities but when a fool considers himself to be intelligent, then he cannot be cured. A person who wastes his time in criticizing others, is pitiable, he is ignorant. The people who listen to this innocent person and become sad and disturbed are even more ignorant. They are ignorant as they start suspecting others and feel proud when others follow him. If the opposite happens they get disturbed, sad, unhappy and anxious, there is no bigger fool than him.

A gentleman and dedicated person knows very well that actions are pronounced when compared to words, therefore he is engrossed in good deeds and carries on his deeds. He thinks of good results and accepts it immediately; nobody has got the share of others fate and neither he would ever get. The person sows and reaps the results according to his deeds. Somebody becomes the medium for the actions and hence somebody is the medium for the results as well. A person believing in the principle of actions and results, is well aware that whatever he is getting in this world is the result of his actions and God is watching everything. Then what is the reason to worry? People come closer to you only to fulfill their selfish interests, this is fine because if a person acts opposite on the non-fulfillment of his interests then it doesn’t matter. Hence pious souls never get deviated on listening to others criticism, praise or hatred. Similarly when they listen others criticizing, hating him he does not develop feeling of hatred, enmity towards that person.

The person criticizing, hating and feeling jealous of others is always under the fear that the person whom I. am criticizing or hating can criticize me and start haling me. The person filled with hatred can never have the feelings of purity and love. When the person leads his life in criticizing, hating and backbiting then he develops certain weaknesses within himself. His mind is always disturbed and angry. In this way the person involved in criticism, hatred and jealousy is always surrounded with problems. He does not get sound sleep. Hatred, jealousy, pride, terror, fear cause serious stomach and brain related disease, which are incurable.

Walt Whitman said — “Have you learned lessons from only those persons, who praise you, who are humble in front of you and are always helpful in your deeds, probably those persons are more helpful in taking you ahead who criticize you boldly and are involved in it.” Mahatma Kabir says –

nindaka niyare raki-e angana kuti chavaya
bina sabuna pani bina nirmala kare subhaya

A gentleman has one ideal – he remains happy and busy. He is contended. He knows that whatever we have done here, nobody can stop its results. We will definitely get it and we can in no way get the -suits for the actions, which we have not done. Nobody is bad for anybody or good. Nobody is a friend or an enemy. Whatever is there it is due to the fate of the person.

Else a person is good for others today cannot become bad, and a good person cannot be good to everybody. Then a bad person cannot be ¥ bad for everybody. Therefore there is nothing like good or bad friend. Everything is the result of actions. Do not spoil your valuable time in criticizing or praising others. Just think of God.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Therefore it is sheer waste of time to forget your duties and think about something. Veda says:

– which means, the human should remember his actions not for the sake of the world but for himself. The actions remain forever. There is nobody who will be with you forever. A person who forgets his deeds and remembers the world and feels happy for his achievements and hates, feels jealous or becomes enemy of others is a fool. If anybody says that the crow has taken your ear, sensibility lies in that we should see our ear not the crow, because if we see the crow then we will not get the ear and there is every possibility that we break our legs. A person talks very high, he talks of progress, happiness, and peace of mind. But everything is meaningless till we understand the face and the mind separates from hatred jealousy, and criticism. Till such time permanent happiness, peace of mind is nothing more than dream. The path of introspection begins from our self. It is not far till it has not been affected with salvation, thirst, enmity, angry, luxury, pride and ego. How we can we get salvation with these feelings persisting within us, till such time that our soul is tied up with these things, it will weep and cry. The soul cannot progress till we leave the narrow-mindedness, pomp and show, superstitions, criticism, hatred, jealousy and other bad feelings. We should remove the darkness of illusions, hatred, and ignorance and make the heart a temple. We should install a pious idol within our heart. Idol means pure and clean thoughts. The sun like rays coming out of your heart should enlighten others because we might wander in the whole world but if we want to find truth then we have to come back on ourselves.

The knowledge is useless without knowing the truth. Nothing is possible without discipline and self-introspection. How can we understand the soul without understanding these things. The first thing is to forget ourselves, follow what others feel and keep your soul clean. Self discipline is possible and we can think of forgetting ourselves when we take out time to listen to our inner self and try to recognize the God’s indications, because the external darkness cannot be re-moved without internal light, that attempt is useless. But whenever the person neglects these things he deviates from the good path. Then the path of introspection gets blocked. The human is filled with bad qualities when he is ignorant and falls into the trap of attachments. Lusts for sex, anger, jealousy, greed, criticism, hatred are due to ignorance, they are the results of lack of self-discipline. Ignorance and other bad qualities are like the forest fuel, which cannot be controlled with the strong breeze, the forest fire cannot be controlled, and similarly a person without decency and discipline is low. A person who is always worried, lust provoke him, sex, anger, criticism, hatred, jealousy make a person depressed and disturbed. As the fire is not satisfied with fuel and oceans are not satisfied with river similarly a person full of different knowledge (jack of all trades), aspirations, expectations, lust and pride can never be satisfied despite having the talent of all three people. A person should avoid lust, greed, hatred, jealousy and criticizing others and collecting unwanted things in order to lead a happy and contended life and make his strengthen his path of understanding.

Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa says, You leave the boat, open the dam, the wind of God is always ready to take you.” But we are always busy in our own selfish interests and entangling ourselves with a new chain.

Swami Ramkrishna Paramahamsa says We should develop love, compassion, and freedom and get rid of jealousy, hatred and enmity for the welfare of mankind. This is our prayer to the almighty.