Happiness cannot be attained by snatching others happiness. It does not mean to be dependent and take the support of anybody. Happiness vibrates the soul; ordinary happiness can be attained with fulfillment of subjects related to the sensory organs. Those who are engrossed in resolutions and alternatives they do not get rid of sensory and mental subjects. Hence they do not have the feeling of happiness. Happiness cannot be attained unless the conditions of the mind focus to the inner self. Happiness does not increases with selfishness and greed; it increases with a large heart. When we get rid of the attachment of wife and wealth then only Brahma is left in the soul.

In normal sense contention, comfort, cheerfulness and gladness are called happiness but real happiness is different from this. You can be glad when others are sad. A terrorist is happy when he kills his target. The happiness attained from impure resources destroys morality and character. It means happiness cannot be attained by taking away others happiness. It is not dependent on others or based on others support. It does not harm others or obstruct others. Happiness vibrates the soul. Ordinary happiness can be attained with fulfillment of subjects related to the sensory organs. Those who are unable to come out of the trap of subjects of sensory and mental happiness, those who are entangled in subjects of resolution and alternatives, they fail to get happiness. Till the conditions of the mind do not focus on inner self and do not stop the external interest, happiness cannot be attained.

Happiness is not related to things of perishable nature. A true happiness does not depend upon swing of favorable and unfavorable conditions. It is seated on equality and unbiased things. Equality also lies in gain-loss, happiness-unhappiness, criticism- praise, fame-defame and life and birth.

Happiness cannot be attained on the path of no-control. The person living for material comforts cannot get happiness. Happiness always gives peace of mind.

One has to follow the path of sacrifice and control in order to get happiness. Happiness and unhappiness are found on one path. Happiness can be attained by continuous efforts and arousing the wisdom. Remaining close with the soul gives happiness.

Permanent wisdom obtained from Gita gives happiness. The person doing his duties and does not expect results attains happiness. The person who wins himself is braver than those who are victorious over lakhs of warriors.

Happiness is the stage attained from the duties fulfilled by soul. Relieving oneself from controversies and reducing the unhappiness gives salvation of the soul. This gives physical, mental and verbal happiness. For some union of soul with the supreme soul is happiness. What is happiness? Understanding it and living it are two different subjects. Reading holy books enlightens the person with supreme soul, to understand the life energy, sensory organs, mind etc. also enlightens the person, which is necessary to increase the happiness? Leading a disciplined life, following rules, resisting passions and continuous study of the books to improve the intelligence, can attain it.

The person who performs yagyas and studies Vedas and understands God’s entity attains real happiness. God reveals himself in front of that person, he reveals his identity. God is the source of happiness, he showers his blessings on such devotee, who leads a disciplined life and attains knowledge through devotions towards God, attains strength and experiences happiness. Brahma is almighty but still so kind and fulfills all the demands of devotee. Happiness does not lie in the material comforts.