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Sarva Mangala Mangalye

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What is ...

one of the most famous (IMO) verses from the Chandi ?

the verse that many people have heard and chanted without knowing

that it is in the Chandi?


It is one of the most beloved verses that praises the Goddess and is

taken from the eleventh chapter of the Chandi.


And it is


"sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike

sharanye tryambake gauri naaraayani namostute"


Swamiji has translated the meaning as


sarva mangala mangalye - To auspiciousness of all auspiciousness

shiva -to the Good

sarvarrtha saadhike - to the accomplisher of all objectives

sharanye - to the Source of Refuge

tryambake - to the mother of the three worlds.

Gauri - to the Goddess who is Rays of Light

Naaraayani - Exposer of Consciousness

Namostute- We bow to you.

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people i know iskcon does manipulate things but i never knew that now it wud start addressing hymns of parvati to lakshmi

whatever u guys have been saying is just out of ur own assumptions n presumptions!!

sarvamangala mangalye is the hymn addressed by every hindu dyuring every possible marriage ceremony because parvati is the goddess of fertility and marriage!!!

and tryambake means three eyed n not watever u guys posted n parvati is the one..lakshmi doesnt have 3 eyes


gauri is golden or white!! and there is a story how parvaati got the name!! gauri is one of the nine durgas


for godsake durga is none but parvati


for those who were mentioning durga as a mixture of all the saktis..tht is utter crap...

durga is [parvati...parvati got the name durga because she killed a demon called durgasura


the chandi and all u were mentioning have nothing to do with durga..they r all incarnations of her but the original durga is parvati

the navadurgas or nine durgas are

shailaputri or daughter of mountain, parvati

brahmacharini,kushmanda ,chandraghanta,skandamata,katyayani,kalaratri,siddhidatri and mahagauri!! all of which have a story ..u can google n check!!


mahalakshmi,mahasarasvati n mahakaali are not the lakshmi ,sarasvati or parvati....they r different,,,each have a for,m...mahalakshmi is the one who killed mahishasura,,,,mahasarasvati emerged frm the body of parvati to kill shumbha n nishumbha,,mahakali is the one who saved the world frm two demons madhu n kaitabh by waking up vishnu who was under a deep ignorant slunber influenced by yogamaya

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You have a lot of mistaken assumptions Hareesh.

First Parvati is not the source of fertility and marriage. That's Lakshmi.

Parvati is Durga, Kali, Chamundi, etc. Most of these aspects ARE NOT MARRIED. Durga is invoked to protect the family and children thru the wife's shakti. Not because she is the source of fertility.


Lakshmi is Saraswati. Saraswati emerged from her as consort to Brahma after he emerged from Narayana (Transcendental Vishnu).

And you are sorely mistaken if you believe Vishnu is ever subject to maya. Another Shaivite myth propagated by divisionists with a poor understanding. There is One Divine Source and ALL dieties are faces of this One Unity.

All Gods are One, All Goddesses are One. Since the swamis gained a lot of power and most of them are Shaivites they started switching things. In the old texts most of the time when you read the word swami it is actually suppose to be guru. And most guru's were actually householders in the ancient texts. Many swamis have severe struggles with corruption and pride. Take a look at the Western Catholic church. But I digress......


However, I do understand your issue with this mantra. I come from another Vishnu lineage not associated at all with ISKON and barely known in the West. I was told this was a Lakshmi mantra as well despite the mention of Shiva and Gauri........

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One who killed Madhu and Kaithaba was Vishnu facilitated by the exit of Mahakali from the body of Vishnu, thereby waking him up. Mahishasura was killed by Bhadrakali created from the tejas of the trinity and the various devas and sages. In Chapter 5 of Devi Mahatmye, the devas go to the himalayas to invoke Parvathi [Kosa]. Koushiki arose from the body of Parvathi leaving behind Kali. Kali assumes a beautiful Kalika form to entice Chanda and Munda to go and report her presence in the Himalayas. Dhoomralochana gets burnt by Kalika, when she says Hummm. Chanda and Munda are killed by the terrifying form of Kali. Kali carries the heads of Chanda and Munda to show Koushiki [also called Chandika]. Rakthabeeja is killed by the joint effort of various shaktis and kali [Chandika says 'Chamunde, vishteernam vadanam kuru']. Shumba is killed by Chandika while Nishumba is killed by the merged form of all the shaktis which is Parvathi. In Chapter 12, it is clearly mentioned that in times of prosperity, the goddess appears as Lakshmi and in bad times as Alakshmi. It is clearly Kali who is talking in Chapter 12 and not Lakshmi or Saraswathi.

The entire Devi Mahatmye is to do with Kali in various forms. It is Kali that I worship when I read the Devi Mahatmye. To my mind, Lakshmi, Alakshmi and Saraswathi are transient manifestations of Goddess kali at times of prosperity or otherwise.

Sarva mangala mangalye........... is in praise of Kali who is the supreme goddess representing Mahamaya, Mahamoha, Mahamedha and Mahasmrithi. She is Prakriti and whose worship dispels avidya.

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Sarva Mangala mangalye........ is in the 11th chapter of Devi Mahatmye. In the same chapter, there is a reference to how Lakshmi and Alakshmi are invoked by the Goddess in times of prosperity and bad times. The latter two are transient manifestations of the Goddess Kali. In fact the entire Devi mahatmye is a prayer to Kali or Chande or whatever. Mahakali emerges from Vishnu to enable him to kill Madhu and Kaithaba. Bhadrakali is the one who kills Mahishasura. In the fifth chapter, when the Devas pray to Devi, Parvathi [Kosa] leaves her body as Kausiketi and Kali in her dark form stays back. Kali then assumes Kalika form [beautiful form] to entice Chanda and Munda. Dhoomralochana is killed by Kalika. Chanda and Munda are kiled by Kali in her frightening form. Raktabheeja is essentially killed by Kali although it was really a team effort of various shaktis. Shumba is killed by Chandika. Nishumba by Durga [the single form of all the devis]. There is no question of Lakshmi or Saraswathi engaging in the warlike activities. Kali is the one who we worship with recitation of Devi Mahatmye.

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Hi to one and all,

What difference does it make in knowing which Goddess (Lakshmi, Saraswati or Kali) it refers to when we say "Sarva mangala Maangaliye" esp when they all are one? Instead of spending time in fighting about who is represented, perhaps we need to ponder on what is the message being given in Saptasathi.


It is my humble belief, that the Devi Mahatmyam is speaking of the war between the asuras and the devas in us. She is the force and the wind beneath our wings who helps us fight these asuras in us. When I say asuras, I mean the "Asta ragas such as kama, krodha, moha etc and avidya.

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