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  1. You have a lot of mistaken assumptions Hareesh. First Parvati is not the source of fertility and marriage. That's Lakshmi. Parvati is Durga, Kali, Chamundi, etc. Most of these aspects ARE NOT MARRIED. Durga is invoked to protect the family and children thru the wife's shakti. Not because she is the source of fertility. Lakshmi is Saraswati. Saraswati emerged from her as consort to Brahma after he emerged from Narayana (Transcendental Vishnu). And you are sorely mistaken if you believe Vishnu is ever subject to maya. Another Shaivite myth propagated by divisionists with a poor understanding. There is One Divine Source and ALL dieties are faces of this One Unity. All Gods are One, All Goddesses are One. Since the swamis gained a lot of power and most of them are Shaivites they started switching things. In the old texts most of the time when you read the word swami it is actually suppose to be guru. And most guru's were actually householders in the ancient texts. Many swamis have severe struggles with corruption and pride. Take a look at the Western Catholic church. But I digress...... However, I do understand your issue with this mantra. I come from another Vishnu lineage not associated at all with ISKON and barely known in the West. I was told this was a Lakshmi mantra as well despite the mention of Shiva and Gauri........
  2. _____ Would you mind writing me at my personal email? I have a question about what you just wrote. You can use my ID: janardana109 at gmail. Thanks!
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