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  1. In Sapta-sathi, 9 demons are killed by Devi. It is my belief that these asuras are none other than things we had to kill in our selves. I do belief the names of these asuras are the clues and also the order in which they were killed also have a purpose ie which ones we should tackle first in order to attain liberation. I am searching for these meanings. I read in one of the postings that Madhu Kaitabha means Honey bees, hard working bees with only one focus ie working to save honey. It does not seem bad at first. But when work takes over, then the search for liberation is lost. In one of the translations, Madhu and Kaitabha are refered to as "Too little" and "Too much". In other words when you put both together, we have discontentment, which keeps you circling in the materialistic world. If any one knows the meanings of the names of these asuras, please reply. Thank you.
  2. Hi to one and all, What difference does it make in knowing which Goddess (Lakshmi, Saraswati or Kali) it refers to when we say "Sarva mangala Maangaliye" esp when they all are one? Instead of spending time in fighting about who is represented, perhaps we need to ponder on what is the message being given in Saptasathi. It is my humble belief, that the Devi Mahatmyam is speaking of the war between the asuras and the devas in us. She is the force and the wind beneath our wings who helps us fight these asuras in us. When I say asuras, I mean the "Asta ragas such as kama, krodha, moha etc and avidya.
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