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Vrajavasi, I am happy to know that you are so involved with the greatness of Srimad Bhagavatham. I've started reading the book myself. It is very time consuming to read in Sanskrit, however I end up spending atleast 1 hour reading 1 chapter in a Skanda. As I dont understand Sanskrit, my mind wanders while reading the Sanskrit verse, however I do read the English translation of the same too. I want to know if it is OK to stick my just the English translation without having to read the Sanskrit verses. This way there will be continuity and also my mind will not wander around. Please advise.

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I would like to send to any one:

The "Family Tree" of all the personalities of the Bhagavatam


You would need a 'large mail-boxed' email address to send it to you:


1) The "Family Tree" of all the personalities of the Bhagavatam Chart--[it is not an index of sorts of Chapter Persons but an actual family tree].


There are 563 Slokas in the Bhagavatam that only delineates family linages (Brahma-Prajapatis-Manus-Soma-Surya Dynasties up until the 11th Century C.E.) approx 2,500 names, wives and including graphics of most avataras, lilas, "time lines" and, most importantly, I especially include 'THE SLOKA NUMBERS' at each item on the chart, et al.


The proto-type is a 10' x 4' Document which I've reduced via Copy Scanners.


So I can send a Adobe PDF Immediately but I need a regular Email mailbox to send it to --it's too lage a doucment for this Audarya mailbox

[i can send a small scanned version as an Excel file too.]


PS: I have already begun to slowly transfers the above prototype unto an Excel sheet so one day it can easily be transferrable.


2) I have also charted the "Brahmanda" from abirds eye view showing the Sisumara constelations-Antariksa Clouds-trilokas, the 8 layers of the anda, etc all done to proper proportions with dimensions shown (Meru & Jambhuvipa are not viewable here) as discribed in the fifth canto [and, most importantly, I especially include 'THE SLOKA NUMBERS' at each item on this chart also] ---its a 17" x 11" 'MSWord doc' Graphic.


jaya Radhavrindavanachandra ki jai,





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Very good thread.

Vishnu Shastranaam,Bhagvad Gita, Bhagvatam should be recited daily by a vaishnava irrespective of any sampradaya.This is my opinion.

I hope all of u would have read "Bhagvatam Mahatmya" from Padma Purana.Specially the Seven day discourse chapter by Sankadi paramhansa to Narada Muni where all the great rishis were present.Sukdev Goswami also came there. When it was completed Lord Krishna with Prahalad maharaj,Bali,Uddhava,Arjun also appeared.The place where all the great rishis,paramhansha, great devotees, & Lord Krishna himself is present,just by remembering it tears comes in the eyes.What will be the divinity of that place?? Its beyond words.

Truly any devotee who is reciting Bhagvatam is respectable whatever may be his sampradaya.

Pls fogive me for any spelling errors......


Dandvat Pranaam,

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