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Town Without Pitney

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He was only fifteen when he hit big. "It hurts to be in love" was my favorite, and "man who shot liberty vallance" had some very heart wrenching melodies. As far as true classic fifties-early sixties performers, hes right up there with another travellin wilbury, Roy Orbison. Maybe him and george and roy can do a little harp work.


I met gene at the LA temple, we were both guests at a sunday feast. He was very shy and not drawing attention to himself. He was from a generation well before my jefferson airplane era, but because he was so young, we were not very age-separated.


haribol, ys, mahaksadasa


thanks for rememberin, gHari, and thanks again for your website.

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Also thanks for the memories, Mahaksadasa.

When I was a child back in the seventies I can remember sneeking into the room with the record player and eagerly listening to Gene Pitney, Tom Jones and Kris Kristoffersen albums.

The memories are faint now, but Pitney's passing reminded me of a time in the late seventies when I took some Elvis records to sell at a school fundraiser.

When I got home that day, I heard the news that Elvis had just died.

Even though my teens were spent in the eighties, I was pretty much attached to anything 60's or 70's and strangely enough this interest eventually drew me to the Hare Krsna movement.

The first time I ever saw the devotees all dressed in saffron was when I first ventured to the big smoke(Melbourne) by myself. They gave me the book Chant and Be Happy. It was the first time I had ever seen a picture of Srila Prabhupada. I can still remember thinking, "wow look at him, whatever he has got, I want a bit of that."

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