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Lord Ramachandra Prays To Lord Siva?

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Radhe Krishna,


To me it is not material as to whether lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva or Lord shiva worshipped Lord Rama. Whom u r worshipping.


I am worshipping Lord Krishna and that is the beginning and that is the end. These type of controversial issues and engaging urself in those - i am sorry if i am wrong - deviates ur concentration of ur bhakthi. These, i humbly feel would do no good either for a shiva bhaktha or for a rama bhaktha.


Radhe krishna


Wow--- a sensble Quote at last!!!!

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It was written in the Ramayana that Lord Rama along with Lord Hanuman prayed to Lord Shiv through the form of a Shivalinga. If Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiv then why don't the devotees of ISKCON ??



From what I've heard it's because Krishna is the only one true god.

But in the Ramayan Ram and Shiv are like best friends when ram made the shiv linga he called that place Rameshweram.:)

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Guest Radharamana Das

I was told by a Bonefide Ramanadi Vaishnava Sat Guru that God has different forms.   Whether Lord Rama, Krishna or Shiva.  He also said that Siva Purana is NOT tamastic.  IF a Christian told you that all the Gods in Hinduism are not the real gods then that would be offensive. Similarly, if a Vaishnava says to a Shaivite that Visnu is superior to Shiva (or Vise Versa),  then that is an offense.


Hare Krishna Hare Rama Om Namah Shivaya

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