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Alternative versions of the Gita

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There are hundreds of translations of the Bhagavada-gita. But from what angle are they written? Like the mountain viewed from an infinite number of angles and distances will inspire many diverse descriptions so it is with the Gita.


Various scholars and speculators give their view as seen through their own conditioned minds. So too those from different schools such as the impersonalists and personalists speak from what they perceive. They give very different conclusions.


What is there to be gained by studying them all together as though they are saying the same thing? They are not. All one we will achieve is a more philosophical sounding state of confusion.


At some point you have to choose which school's siddhanta you want to learn and focus there. I only want to learn from those in Caitanya Mahaprabhu's line so I will only hear from those sources.


This is my choice. Others may choose differently. I do not however feel I will be limited in anyway and miss out on something. Quite the opposite. The speculator misses out on any form of Absolute realization due to relying on his own conditioned mind. The impersonalist is only interested in Krsna's aura and so misses His eternal form and rasa with Him. Only Sri Caitanya offers the complete Godhead and as much as we can handle. No limits that aren't self imposed.



Now Srila Prabhupada and B.R. Sridhara Maharaja both have given us Gita. Such a feast. I will gather crumbs from each as I am able without any fear of contradicitons whatsoever because I believe they are both broadcasting on the same wave length, the Caitanya Mahaprabhu Bhakti Channel.


I am satisfied. No need to change the channel or try to listen to all the channels at once.

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