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Funding Anti-Terrorism Programs

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This idea I have adopted from Islam.


In all non-Islam nations, Muslims will be known as zimmies and they will pay a zimmy tax to the government for the burden of their presence in our midst. To establish the amount of the tax, the governments shall take the annual dollar expenditure on anti-terror measures, divide that by the number of Muslim heads in the society, thus arriving at the per capita zimmy tax.


So let it be written; so let it be done.


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But we have to separate and exempt those who know Allah (the most compassionate supreme lord). There is a common problem in making mohhamed a god, just as problems came when jesus was merged with hisw father who sent him.


Followers of mohammed follow his war against christians and jews, lovers of allah are lovers of krsna, jahovia, abbah, elohya, and shoulde be exempt from the zimmie tax. Jews and christians who dont follow the will of the father (the ones jesus says "get away from me" to) should also be considered zimmies because they all are responsible for the terrorism that is killing us all.



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