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Science : kind to cows more milk

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There are many quotes in bhagvatam where srila prabhupada talks about how if the cow is treated nicely it produces plentyful milk. Science has recently discovered this.


Extract from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4360947.stm


He continued: "We need to have a certain amount of respect for these animals, and I think most people have more respect for an animal if they feel it's aware of what's going on."


More milk


Being kind to farm animals isn't just a moral duty - according to the CIWF Trust delegates; there is something in it for us, too. Cows, for example, produce significantly more milk if their handlers talk to them gently rather than shouting and pushing them around.


"The handlers don't have to be really mean and hit the cows," said Edmund Pajor of Purdue University, US. "It's just a slap on the rump in the way that many farmers would. But the cows don't like it and it makes a real difference.


"It helps send a message about treating animals in a proper way. A number of dairy farms now have signs up saying 'please don't shout at the cows'."

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