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Shocking news - Kanchi seer arrested.

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You people are so ignorant. I am simply surprised by the lack of your knowledge.


The swamijee occupies the position of Kanchipuram mutt. They are extremely revered by millions of people in India. Only one of them arrested.


Instead of asking me please do a research on the swamiji.




Iy will be beneficial for you ignoramus people to read something about other schools of Vedanta. i am telling this out of hatred, but I simply cannot digest this kind of ignorance.

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i am telling this out of hatred, but I simply cannot digest this kind of ignorance.



oops mistake. correction


i am NOT telling this out of hatred, but I simply cannot digest this kind of ignorance.

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This type of anger is certainly most unbecoming. One person responded to your request and now coming from you, whoever you are, it's 'you people are so ignorant'. Give it a rest. Take the time to educate the people you are calling to action. Realize that people come from very different cultures and that what may be thought of one way by one type of people isn't necessarily thought of the same way by others. In western cultures we have the high ideal of innocence of the accused until proven guilty. We also have the notion that all people are fallible and a persons position in terms of birth, religious affiliation, social position etc. does not make anyone immune to human frailties. Therefore the question raised to you regarding the swami who is being accused is very apropriate from the western mind set.


Don't expect people to protest something without giving them good and ample reason to do so. On a final note - calling people ignorant and insulting them (I guess by 'you people' you mean anyone and everyone who might either read or post on this forum) is not going to help you in your cause of getting them to act in a way that you would like them to.


Your servant,

Audarya-lila dasa

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Perhaps by arresting the honorable leader, the police hope to shame a confession out of the person(s) who did the actual funding of the murderers with Temple monies and who spoke with the murderers using the Temple management cellphone.


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The Seer spoke against forcible conversions.


He spoke against terrorism.


He uplifted dalits and other downtrodden people.


He solved and tried to solve many social and political problems.


Obviously, he was a threat to the mullah-marxist-missionary brigade that thinks Hindu saints can only talk and do nothing. This man proved to be diff. from other hindu saints who do nothing to protect the hindus. And since he was diff. in the sense he was very actively involved in social and political matters, they perceived him to be a threat to their marxist agenda.


And of course, it is easy to arrest and harrass a hindu, because hindus in India are too gutless to retaliate. But let's see if these people can lay a finger on Christian missionaries who openly delacare that they'll smash every last hindu deity, if that's what it takes to destroy hinduism from India. Or let me see if the 'secular guardians' and commie freaks can lay a finger of Mullahs and Imams who openly delcare their loyalty to the Caliphate, despite living in India.


They won't. That's secularism, Indian style. Bash Hindus and appease muslims/Christians, and you are the greatest secularist. EVER.

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the flash news on tv came as a huge shock. it was inconceivable that the head of the kanchi kamakoti peeta could be arrested on a charge of murder - one that could bring the capital punishment or a life sentence.

the media is having a field day. there are channels which project the swami as an intrinsically corrupt man who has always had overt political intentions. there are others which project him as a man who is falsely accused, framed...

it's confusing!

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Punish me if you find me guilty: Shankaracharya


PTI[ TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2004 09:09:11 PM ]

VELLORE: Shankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt, Sri Jayendra Saraswati, was prepared to accept a judicial verdict in a murder case against him but was worried about the way in which police was handling the case, senior BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi said on Tuesday.


Talking to reporters after a 45-minute meeting with the seer at the Vellore Central prison, Joshi said the manner in which the seer was arrested was most "reprehensible".


“If there was something behind the murder of the former mutt official Sankararaman, the law should be allowed to take its own course,” Joshi said. “This is what the Swamiji also told me”


The Shankaracharya also asked the people to remain calm.



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I wonder if the arrest of the Kanchipuram Sankaracharya was politically motivated. Time will tell.


Why is this man consistently addressed as a "Seer"? What's he seeing? Or is this somekind of an official title? To my knowledge the Sanskrt equivalent of "seer" is rishi. Why use this stupid word "seer"? I hope he's not seeing me.

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In response to



You people are so ignorant. I am simply surprised by the lack of your knowledge



I will not definitely even bother to support people with this kind of holier than thou attitude.





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